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January 03, 2005


Hey Dave Mustaine, SriLankans are also predominantly butt-ugly as Indians.

I agree with Dave Mustaine and Alessandro Papini. I wanna add that there are only three nations or countries on earth who are predominantly
butt-ugly... ...wow.. BRAVO !!!

These sister nations are - india, srilanka and bangladesh.

The last two commentators,

Ha Ha ha ... he ...he.. looooooooool
Sometimes, the truth is so funny.

Yeah DAVE MUSTAINE , you are brave and brutally honest when you said
"the nation of idolators". No doubt, God has made the nation of idolotry - indians and srilankans, predominantly butt-ugly and the ugliest on earth.

How dare you say that anyone is butt ugly. and how dare u say patans are not good looking, u dnt no shit if u think that, and unless u go throught every single living person on this damn planet then say what u think of a race. u priks! and i think latin women are prety but plz, there faces are not all that, they got fantastic figures. but showing ur booty or breasts does not make u pretty. priks

I think that the ugliest people on earth are americans and the english. THATS MY OPINION IM NOT SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF ANYONE ELSE. There features are boring and plain and there not exotic. i dnt mean the latin people in america, i mean the "proper" americans

i no i said in the first mesage how dare u say anyones ugly but only becasue ur cussing indians and srilankans, and no im not either, im afghani

best looking - middle east )iran, afghan, pakistan) arabs, latinos, philapinos,

ugliest - english, germans, most europeans, americans,

how the hell can america call bollywood fake, the fakest they are is make up. the whole of hollywood has plastic surgery, fake tans, breast enlargment, and make up so who the hell is faker, and why the hell do people make a big deal if asians wana be fairer, white people spend their whole life geting tans!!!! wtf????

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Hey Laila,
I assure everyone here that Pathans are pretty and cute. No way they are not good-lookin. But my question to you is Who said Pathans are not good-lookin ? Who are you referring to ? This forum is huge and I dont have time to read all the comments but if you are referring to 'turkish fiesta' and Dave Mustaine , then you are mistaken. They never said that pathans aren't pretty or anything like that. They simply meant pathans are not one of the best becuz there are other nations better lookin than pathans. For example, I know that the Venezuelians are better lookin than pathans, that does not mean that I'm saying pathans are not goodlookin. I understand that americans and english like the germans arent good-lookin. But they are not the ugliest people on earth as you put it. Indians and Srilankans indeed are the ugliest people on earth. Aint nothing wrong saying the truth or expressing freedom of speech.

thats fine, i respect peoples views i just got angry casue im patan and i sure no im not ugly. but if u think that then i respect ur decision but i personaly like ethnic looks, its harsh to say some one is ugly but u could say not to my taste. i just think this forum has very strong harsh views. but fair enough if people think that. But plz trust me on one thing. A lot of the countries that are mentioned, i have seen very unatractive people from there, but i do admit that they hav stunning people too. so to conclude, every race has its fair share and beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. other wise this world would be sooo borring

Most Europeans are the ugliest people ? !!! and your name is Maria ? !!! !!
Hellooo... loooool... something seriously wrong with you. You must be a moron who calls most europeans, all americans, germans, english the ugliest while you use their very name 'Maria' !! WOW.. you just prove that you indians are not only the ugliest but some dumbass morons as well. I am not european, german, english, americans who u called the ugliest. I am French Canadian and everybody knows that italians, greeks, spanish , east europeans are good-lookin. For any indian, to say most europeans are the ugliest while using their very name, is amazingly stupid.

Hello Laila again,
On your second line, when you said "but if you think that", I'm not sure what
you mean. I think what ? I never said patans arent pretty. Here I say this to all patans, even if a blind person look at a patan, would find her/him goodlookin. This forum is huge. I dont feel like reading all the comments, still I am confident that no one has said that patans are not pretty. I can see that attitude towards india, srilanka people. But no one said that patans are ugly. People here dont think that. So I dont understand why you got so angry. I think you are over-reacting to nothing. By the way, Laila( cloudless clear night sky) is one of the most beautiful female names.

Dave Mustane...you can't possibly believe Indians are dumb, right, because they make up a significant portion of professionals in the U.S and Canada. Every Indian you meet is either a doctor, engineer, health care professional, or in business related areas. Please don't try and deny it, EVERYONE knows it.
Dave Mustan, you are such a hypocrite, in your first post, you said "First of all, I'd like to say that the most beautiful woman in the world to me is Mother Teressa. Doesn't matter how she looked outside(in physical appearance) but she is a true beautiful woman", yet your judging a whole race based on their looks and your perception of beauty. How incredibly stupid is that? You just contradicted your own ignorant self...and you also said that "God has made the nation of idolators ugly", if you've worked in India, as a missionary , then you should know, that India is not mainly made up of Hindus, its is also Muslims, Christians ( not those converted by recent missionaries), Jains, Sikhs, Buddist, and Jews. I find it shocking that former missionary like yourself is capable of writing such horrible , demeaning comments.

I also find it strange how, commenters were getting upset with Indian commenters when they expressed their views about being compared to Pakistani's, making it seem like they were blowing it out of porportion and jealous, yet as i scroll down, i have read about six comment from commenters who flat out wrote demeaning comments about Indians. What do you people expect, if someone said something degrading about you, or the race you belong to, you would not sit idly back and remain silent.

It's easy to say horrible things about a particular person, race or ethnicity when your own identity is not revealed. In other words, most of the commenters have not indicated what race they belong to and hence, when they say these horrible things, and don't have to worry about any form of retaliation in the form of sterotypes and degrading comments about their particular race/ ethnicity.
Its very easy to sit their and find faults and bash others, but just know in the end, that NO ONE is perfect. Everyone has flaws. There is no such thing as the "most beautiful" anything. ( person, race, country, etc.). It's all a matter of ones own perception.

People who have written things like " indians and srilankans, predominantly butt-ugly and the ugliest on earth" , "Indians are ugly" are incredibly ignorant and uneducated. Get your priorties straight, there are bigger things in this world to worry about.
P.S, I'm Indian, and proud of it.

To Hmm ,

This here, people only expressing their views and opinions. You should
respect that. Aint nothin' wrong about freedom of speech. Earlier in this forum some people(indians) were talking terrible silly stuffs about the entire caucasian white race. I being white, respect their right to express their own views. I sure do not agree with them but I never complained why they post such comments and I didnt even bother to respond their posts. Cuz everyone has a right to express his/her view and to respond to any comment. Therefore, when some people said some stereotype of srilanka-india people, you may not agree but you cannot blame them or anyone for writing their opinion. Feel free to post endless stereotypes of europeans and north-americans, we wouldnt bother.

I never never said that I believe indians are stupid. I was only referring to
that particular commenter. Someone who bash the europeans with a european name 'MARIA', is not intelligent, is she? Even a latina and north american with the name 'Maria' would not bash europeans for the simple fact that they originates from europe. So I was never complaining why she was bashing europeans, its her right to respond or express her view but I was only pointing out that she used such a typical european name 'Maria'. By doing that she doesnt create an intelligent impression of indians. So it was she who made indians look thick or silly by her own action, I never think indians are dumb. In fact, I really think indians are talented people generally speaking. So are the pakestannes, srilankans, bangladeshi's etc. They are indeed exceptionally good at mathematics and programming. But dont tell us here "Every Indian you meet is either a doctor, engineer, health care professional, or in business related areas." That is such a bull because when I didnt have a car, all indians I met during that period were cab-drivers. Please don't try and deny it, EVERYONE knows it.

About "The Nation of idolotry", who other than you says that india is not mainly made up of hindus? Of course there are minorities in every countries. Syria and Iran has minorities like christians,jews, sebains, zoroastrians etc. Would you say they are not made up of muslims? Everybody knows how orthodox Islamic Syria and Iran are as everyone knows how hendu India is with all its minorities like Muslims, Jews, Christians, Jains, Buddist etc. Its really interesting to me that you are trying to deny it. Becuz I was in a village there at a time when the hendus openly burned more than 50 muslim families simply for they were muslims and were chanting "This is hindustan(land of hindus)". They didnt seem to deny it at all. These were all local hendu people, not some armed militia or any kind of political hindu groups. Yes my moslem friends, generally hendu people are extremely hostile towards Muslims, more than the Jews are. I tell you this, your hendu religion is all lies. Its not only pure idolotry but also terribly odious. Why terribly odious ? Just one example, hendus drink cow's urine respecting cow as their God. I aint joking. Some of them also bath with cow's urine. I have witnessed them both drinking and bathing with it. Folks not familiar, may find it hard to believe, cant blame ya but trust me its very true. Another religion came out of india is probably the greatest cult created ever, that is sikhsm. No cult dares to mix up or combine any monotheistic religion(Judaism, christianity,Islam) with idolotry ! Sikhism takes or PLAGIARIZE elements of both Islam and hinduism(idolotry) and combines them together in sikhsm !!! No wonder this terrible cult came out of india - land of ugly hypocrites.

Last point, its incredibly preposterous to say that I judge people based on their looks !!! I've never judged anyone in my life (certainly not any race) based on looks!! Hell no. I said that mideasterns, north afriacans , Iranians are pretty. Does that mean I judge their actions, behaviour or whatever based on their looks? It was only a compliment. The same way I expressed my view that most indians seem ugly. But I also like indian food. Do I like their food becuz the cook might look ugly ? I also say that indians are talented, do I mean that its because they are ugly ? Of course not, I never implied anything like those. So, obviously there was nothing hypocritical in my comment. However, now I wanna differ ... I am gonna present now this reality about indians on the table. No matter how you look outside(in physical appearance), wherever abroad you go, you are and always will be despised. Some mideasterns,persians despise you, treat you so bad. The europeans.. I dont even wanna say nothin. The chineese, japaneese dont like you and treats you terribly. The Thai in their own language use a psuado " KHEK " to refer to you. Are these all a coincident? Its never for your looks. There are ugly everywhere. But I tell you why you guys are despised in many parts of the world. Because your mind and soul is terrible. Much uglier than your physical appearance. Your soul and mind is the lowest of the low. Your society belongs to the lowest class or catagory.

The soul + mind of srilankans and bangladesh's are no less worse than indians

I respect ur opinions, everyone is entitled to their opnions. but i find coments to indians very offensive, the man i love is indian and he is not at all like the things u described indians as, im sure u hav good reasons for ur views but i just want to say that not all indians are like that. and the comment about cab drivers, i find offensive, because no one has the same opportunities in life so some people end up with more than others.for example, they didnt have the same chance of having a good education like others so end up doing these jobs. thank u for the coment on my name :)

im confused, maria doesnt say she is indian/

Dear Dave
Your entire post was offensive. Your literally telling me that i was compeletely off base in writing my comment, yet there you go writing crap about Indian people. Where do you get off saying bogus stuff like "Indians are despised everywhere". Your defending your reason for posting a comment because you took offense to some commenter who is Indian who wrote an offensive comment about Causians, Yet you, HYPOCRITE, do the exact same thing, you wrote disgusting things about Indians. Is your brain malfunctioning?

In reference to the Indians you met who were cab drivers, let me ask you this, how many of these cab drivers were Second generation Indians? Most of the Indians you find working in stores, gas stations and driving cars are 1st generation Indians who came to the U.S and Canada later in their life to offer their children better lives. Their children are the professionals, because they worked hard to get them there. When was the last time you asked the cab driver, what kind of degree he has, because chances are he went to college in India and has a degree the U.S and Cananda are not willing to take notice.

In reference to the commenter with the name "maria"...do you realize that Name Maria is used widely by many people this day and age, names hardly reflect one particular gene pool, I have met black people, and have a Chinese friend with the name Maria...so what's your point. Just because you have a name, that may have orignated from some country, does not obligate you in anyway to show some kind of alligence to them. Haha, "even a latina or a Eurpoean with that name 'Maria' would not bash europeans for the simple fact that they originates from europe". What the hell does that mean? Did you get your Ph.D in human pyschology, because you claim to know a lot about the Psyche of people from different countries.

You said Maria was not creating an "inteligent impression of Indians", well your not exactly the poster child for the real French Candian. Based soely on the comments you left, I would have to jump to the conclusion that Candians are ignorant, uneduacted fools. You don't exactly create a great impression of YOUR people.

Now, when i responded to your comment about Idolatoy, i was trying to point out how incredibly boorish your comment was. Indian is not ONLY made up of HINDU's ( thats how its spelled not "hendu"). I was not trying to deny that India has Hinudu's, eveyrone knows that. You insinuated that the only reason i could completely find your comment outrageous is if i were Hindu. I'm Christian and Indian, don't even begin to preach to me about siding with Hindus, because you assumed I was Hindu.The second largest religion in India is Islam, followed by the minority religion; Christianity, Judiams, Jainism, Sikhism.
And your comment about being present in a village when Hindus burned Muslims? This sort of stuff happens in parts of the world, in history , Christians killed thousands upon thousands of people during the crusades in order to get the word of God across...so now, are we to assume that Christians are horrible, killers who can't accept other religions?
HAHAHA, your funny. You think Hindus drink what? Sorry, I've never heard that before. Maybe these were isloated incidents. But don't try an impose your standards, what you believe to correct on someone else's culture. Because we could draw up a long list of "odious" things people do from all over the world that may be considered unpleasent such as drinking blood, to eating snails.

Throughout your entire comment you continue to demean Indians. Heres a direct quote from you comment "land of ugly hypocrites" and here is another quote a few lines down "Last point, its incredibly preposterous to say that I judge people based on their looks !!! I've never judged anyone in my life (certainly not any race)", Isn't that funny, you just completely contradicted yourself...AGAIN. Do you even know what YOUR saying? Maybe you should proof read you comments before you post it. And your trying to convince me that your not being racist by you like Indian food? How is that even relevant to this topic? Does anyone go into a restaurant and for a second even consider looks?, yet your using this to support your claim that your not in anyway judging Indians as unattractive.
I'd like to see your reaction, if someone opened up a message board where they continually bashed French Canadians. Would that make you feel good?

So now you've traveled the world, and tallied up comments from every country on how they don't like Indians and how even the Thai people have a name for us. Well guess what Dave, people all over the world have degrading names for everyone! Including white people, black people, hispanics, Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Do you know that the Chinese and Japnense dislike each other a great deal? Do you know that Koreans can't stand Chinese people. They have really great names for each other. Do you know how much animosity there is in the world towards Muslims yeah they have some great names for them as well. Do you know how much the American people dislike the French? Does this mean that any of their claims are valid? of course NOT.

Dave, you present yourself as the most ignorant, self-righteous, uneducated jackass on this forum, and I will try really hard not respond to your comments anymore, because i don't want to continue to validate you ridiculous comments with a response.
You know the saying "what goes around comes around, just keep that in mind, when someone decides to judge you based on their perception of French Canadian.
I'm going to show you how NOT ugly Indian people are. May god bless you, hope in time you change your views, but i respect your opinion and know that not everyone will like everyone, and I wish you the best.

laila..what a stunning name! that is a an indian name right? because the daughters of the then indian muslim moghuls were predominantly called laila! love your name!

ok..laila..i like your points..but at times you contradict yourself very badly and you cant seem to read!!..who said patans or whatever they are called are not good looking. someone merely said they are not the msot beautiful in the world!!! i am assuming(no offense) but that you are ill educated. you say 'how dare you call people ugly..etc etc.. but in turn you say that we americans and english people are ugly!

anyways..on to my points.

i really think that middle eastern and iranis and pakistanis are the most beautiful in the world. hell have you seen some of their women!! my jaw has dropped on a number of occassions when i have come across these women.

i have travelled nearly every country in the middle east..except super religios saudi. i have seen the most beautiful women in my life there. in middle east..though bad in temrs of geographical descriptions..i also include egyptian and moroccans in that same category.

in pakistan..islamabad and lahore and kashmir. truely..their beauty is to a point where i rub my eyes in disbelief. some are not very pretty(as in every country) ..ha..but on the whole they have some real beautiful girls.

irani girls. i dont even need to dwell on the matter...because any of you that have met a persian girl will know what i will say!!

not meaning to be rude..but i totally agree with the comments about bangali people. these poor unfortunate souls. to them..if a bangali is remotely anything lighter than dark brown.. they automatically look/become 'pakistani'. poor guys. the number of bangalis i have met whislt in london especially, that try to persuade me that they have 'pakistani' in them is gross. i mean..its like me saying 'im ugandan!!' and im 10000% white!!! pink cheeks to go with it!!

they are probally the most unattractive race on the planet..along with south indians.

but south indians are stunning when it comes to personality and hosptilaity. these people are the most kindest people on the earth..no lie.

arabs are very very rude.

iranis are pleasant to some extent.

pakistanis are somewhat better..but have some very bad attitude problems, esp with non pakistanis.

latina women..nice..but they only stay nice until about 40..then its all downhill from there.

also arabic women dont age very well either.

to me..i find these coutries to have the most stunning women.

emery..you said above 'indians and pakistans dont even come close to mid easts'

you seem like a traveller like myslef. believe you me..dont put indians and pakistanis in the same category. i was ignorant just like you for over 25 years..assuming they are one of the same kind. but hell have i seen the differences. its like the differences between english and italian people..trust me!

i have reserched much of persia and asia..due to work reasons. pakistanis..well many of them.. have western(meaning mid east/turkey/irani) origins..originally..not indian/eastern as most of us assume!! they were a race bred to be muslim..and it is an area of 'original islam'..meaning that part of then 'india' was quickly invaded by strong middle eastern tribes soon after islam was founded. they settled and began intensifying islam within that region of india(now pakistan).
when they separated,,the then leader of this muslim region(not sure of his name) founded pakistan.

many, especially bangladeshis believe that the country was bred to be racist. the people, they say, are all surprisingly light skinned. they say that is was set up to break away from 'normal' indians.
they were, as many persian writings show, practically a different race living in that country.

that is why..now i dont put them in that same band. they look(most of them) worlds apart. i like their look because its unique. like someone said above, they blend persian/arabian/kurdish and asian. its different.

but even so..pakistanis..as lovely as they are..do look odd sometimes! especially those in the south of pakistan!! ha ha!
its odd how so many people interpret things differently. and how areas of world..thought right next to each other are worlds apart!!

by the way..this woman is ash is totally unattractive. not even pretty..let alon beautiful!!

thanks for that clive. i really was oblivious to that information on pakistan. i didnt even know they were part of india to begin with!!

to me..beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

some say pakistani/mod easts/latina and persian women are the best.

others might think its us plain old english!!

its totally down to the individual!!

hi, i just want to apoligise if i contradicted my self about calling people ugly. to be honest, i dnt find americans, english to be ugly, i said it out of anger. and i am not ill educated, i am doing my final year of uni this year, i may not be the brightest but i do mix my words up. and some one did say a comment on patans,

(the pathans
are never known for their looks ... lol.. they are not even considered beautiful because they look below Iranian standard. Local people would get seriously offended if you compare them with pathans. Also, the fact that only indians) by dave mustane and also there was a few more comments so im not making this up.
thank u clive, ;)

hi, i just want to apoligise if i contradicted my self about calling people ugly. to be honest, i dnt find americans, english to be ugly, i said it out of anger. and i am not ill educated, i am doing my final year of uni this year, i may not be the brightest but i do mix my words up. and some one did say a comment on patans,

(the pathans
are never known for their looks ... lol.. they are not even considered beautiful because they look below Iranian standard. Local people would get seriously offended if you compare them with pathans. Also, the fact that only indians) by dave mustane and also there was a few more comments so im not making this up.
thank u clive, ;)

hi, i just want to apoligise if i contradicted my self about calling people ugly. to be honest, i dnt find americans, english to be ugly, i said it out of anger. and i am not ill educated, i am doing my final year of uni this year, i may not be the brightest but i do mix my words up. and some one did say a comment on patans,

(the pathans
are never known for their looks ... lol.. they are not even considered beautiful because they look below Iranian standard. Local people would get seriously offended if you compare them with pathans. Also, the fact that only indians) by dave mustane and also there was a few more comments so im not making this up.
thank u clive, ;)

Ok, Clive Kidmarn, what exactly are you doing calling the other persona hypocrite, when you yourself are one? First you act like you are totally horrified by the person saying all Americans are ugly, then you say South Indians are ugly. Huh? Did you bother to even re-read what you wrote?

I don't see how you can possibly judge a whole race by a random people you met. Many of you seem to think that Indians are only dark, ugly, etc. When in fact, Indians come in a variety of different physical traits. Fair, dark, etc.

I think the person who said that all Indians are either doctors, engineers, etc really meant to say that MOST Indians ARE. I mean I'm sure she knows that the guy running a resturant isn't an engineer or something. =)

So, it's wrong to judge a whole group of people just by a few persons. If you think that's the right way, then I suppose it's right for me to say that all Muslim women have manly features.

Okay I have to set the record straight. The most ugliest people in the world are AFRICANS! not Indians. Have you seen some of these people?

Now what , everyone is in love with the TERRIORISTs? The world hates Pakistani's/ Arabs and their barbaric relgion. They go around cutting of heads of tourists and killing their women for showing an eyelash.
You people are boasting their beauty, but you wouldn't dare to marry one, because you know you'd look like a traitor the rest of the world siding with terrorists. Heres some free advice, just do their hairy women, have your way with the freaks, just don't take them on a plane. It's natural instinct for them to consider blowing up a plane.

You couldn't pay me all the money in the world to look twice at a paki/arab/ muslim.
I'm white and I would much rather date an Indian woman than one of these terrorist women you claim to be beautiful. Your a bunch of sick, demented people with nothing better to do than support the most hated race/religion in the world, the ARABS/Muslims.

ha ha ha!! what a crazed outburst!!!

firstly...countries like pakistan and all arab regions-bar saudi are infact liberal. it was infact the taliban in afghanistan and the strict policing of kuwait that do/did all those babaric tings. you know little of these countries..clearly!!!

i have visited all arab countries except saudi. i have visited pakistan too. i didnt see anything except AWFUL POLICING not RELIGIOUS BABARITY. have you even visited these countries? you know little. in lebanon..women..as in pakistan do not even wear headscarves if they do not wish too.

your a complete nutter dude. i am christian but have always been fascinated by religions. i am constantly reading and researching on them. i have even read the koran in english. i have never read anywhere about all the babarity the taliban and other societies condone and that it 9is acceptable.

you are a brainwashed dude. read what the american government wants you too read. infact islam is very similar to christianity. they offer us alot of respect in their book. we are too them, a fellow religion- not an opponent. jesus is their prophet.

it is idiot control freaks, muslim by birth but not real muslims..that make a joke out of islam. the world knows this..but still tarnishes all muslims(arabs and now pakistanis especially) with the saame brush.

so..you would rather date an ash rai than a mirim george(egyptian)

a bisha bapsu(indian) than a iman ali(pakistani)

ha ha ha...what taste you have.

your a total idiot. very very low educated.

this is a joke..firstly..your an indian. how the hell can you say all muslims have manly features!!! ha ha ha!! i mean..compare women in pakistan and mid east to yours!! the manly looking muslims are usually banglais.

this is a joke. i was referring to lailas comments when i was talking about contradiction. i was pointing out her mistakes!! i never once said..dont insult people..bla bla bla!! im up for open slanging matches..i was correcting her!! fool. so why not re read what i wrote eh?
i am nt horrified that she called us ugly!! poor soul..she not the only one in the world to think that!! so let her. if she still thinks that now..let her. i was correcting her contradiction.

thank you laila..point taken.

steve..maria could be a latina or arabic name. it is a common muslim name..as well as latin american. i dont think that girl was indian..i think she may have been european..because the endless number of english people i have met that reckon all europeans are ugly is actually quite amusing!!! germans too..they think that everyone in america is ugly and fake.

its like indians insult sri lankans(their ancestrial breed)..so do whites on whites!!! dont be shocked..i have learnt to get over it.

well well well.

this site is still on the prowl.

well im one of the original posters! my name is stephny!!!!!!!

gosh..people really are so sad.

some measely comments on a couple of countries were made..and its a full scale war here!!

so..as i said..i went to pakistan and worked there for a short while. that country is full of beautiful women. the only reason people dont think so..is because its a highly underrated country, unspoken of, and at times unheard of.

but wow are some of their women just down right, darn right, annoyingly beautiful.

now..i never said they are better than middle eastern women. as someone pointed out rather well, you cant compare up to 10 countries with one small country with a population of about a few hundred miilion.

each country has its fair share of beautiful women. each have its serious seriously seriously uglayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy women (this includes the mid east and pakistan)

but some are just blessed more than others.

pakistan, iran, middle east, latin america and one or two euro countries are some of those.

the sad thing is..that i have noticed is that many a time, that the world looks down on pakistanis. but then its funyy.when they are looked down upon (usually by the mid east) they assume their association with india. thats is why indians cant stand pakistanis. whenever pakistansi are insulted..their insult is something indian. and indians cant stand that..i am waiting now..for someone called this is a joke and whatever to come back with racist jibes!!!!!

but these mid easts forget to realise..that it is them infact, that created these beautiful women and men. so be proud of them, not down on them. because they are little more than an indian tear away.

but really..everyone..im goign back to pakistan in about 5 months to meet some of the friends i made there. i will take pics and post them on this site if its site up and running. you will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty.

but they arent the most beautiful in the world. not even mid east. not even egyptian.

but venezuelan women are. i have just come back from a 2 week trip there.


and get a life::: whoa whoa whoa kid!!

why are you making pakistanis look like thats the best they can offer?

that woman looks like a man!! i see where your coming from about the whole natural thing. she porbally has that whole 'naturally pretty' thing going on.

but she looks like a turkish woman!!! a not so nice turkish woman.

how about you post these women: excuse my spelling:

mehreen raheel

saira khan? or saira something

iman ali

amana hax

these women are really quite average looking. pakistani media is quite strict and rarely allows its women to venture out. they are very basic compared to many pakistani girls.

i went to this show that my manager dr tawfiq took me too. like a fashion show. i loved their male models! wow!! so thats why im kind of clued on to the whole model thing.

im so sad!!!

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!

what is up with you people!! have you seen abu dhabi tv? have you seen any other arabic channel? have you seen the state of their 'beauties'? they make dame edna look like miss world!!

pakistani people? um..name me a single pakistani woman..then i might tell you..coz they are unheard of!!apart from benzar bhutto..who was not bad compared to margaret thatcher!!

flipping hella..you lot have no taste! arabic!! god help you all.

the countries with the most beautiful women are:


i mean..women from arab lands wear sooooooooo much make up..you dont know what they look like. they are world renowned for their man like features! and fuck they need some help from dior/mac/ysl in learning to apply make up!

how coukd you leave out beauties from spain, italy, mexico, argentina??? switzerland has some the msot STUNNING women in the world. beautiful bodies. skin, hair. amazing features. compared to butch arab women!!

australia has the most beautiful women..have u seen their bodies???????????? have you seen their pretty faces? clearly not!!!

man you lot lack taste.

as for indians. in the west..we now crave something exoctic. indians provide us wqith this. dark skin and something different. but they are not goodlooking.

i cant comment on pakistanis..never seen one in my life..except banzar and imran khan..whp fair play..is a handsome man.
their president is an indian migrant..so that doesnt even count.

i was born in qatar. my father served as an enginer to the govt of the time. i lived there for 7 years before going to oman. i have seen arab women and men. in the flesh..for years on end.

now i live in switzerland for my studies. guys..get on out here!! their women..trust me are to die for!! esp in zurich and geneva!!!

for me,shes not beautiful!!!she make herself damn. . . . tnx!!!

cliver kidmarn: You sound like you are 10 years old. You also sound like you are muslim yourself. I have said it before, and I will say it again: many Muslim women have manly features.

How do you know the Indian actress Bipasha Basu? She's only popular in India...good job of faking to be a non-Muslim. Not.

The American gov't wants the people to accept Islam?? GIVE ME A BREAK. Everyone hates Islam, meaning everyone who's a non-Islamic. It's probably the most direspected religion there is.

You can go on and on singing those women's praises, but the truth is that Muslim people are most known for their terrorists...the people who caused 9/11. And you are telling me the American gov't wants us to believe they r even close to being the same as Americans???

Think before writing, buddy

Dear Stephany
I agree with you comment on pakistani's claiming an association with India only when they're looked down upon by everyone else, and then turn around and not want anything to do with Indians the next minute.

Hey cliver man

In a heartbeat, I would date bipahsa and Ash over the ugly women you named. Bipasha is a tall drink of mocha! bring it on!

To Laila,

CLOUDLESS CLEAR NIGHT SKY ... wow.. amazing... its the most beautiful female name I know so far. I dont know which way I should pronounce it though. Layla (arabic), Laleh (farsi) , Laila (your way) or whatever .. but that name is sure lovely. No wonder its such a typical common mid-eastern, north african, persian, turkish, kurdish , azeri name.

Anyways, I find something very confusing about you. Anyone here can misunderstand any other. So please correct me if I am mistaken. The term 'Pathan' is what pakestainnes and indians refer to in both those countries for a minority group who originated from a different land afganstan. But Afgans from afghanestan never call them 'Pathans'. In fact, very very few people of afganstan even know or heard of this term 'Pathan'. To verify what I know, I asked all my friends born and raised there n afghanestan about this term 'Pathans'. Only two of them who are knowledgeable on their neighboring nations, said that people related to afganstan in pakestan are named 'patans' by local people. But the rest when asked, heard the term first time in their life. When I added that its something what people in india and pakistan say, what could that be ? Most of em couldnt answer. One girl said that probably it is a sort of tree or plant there. Another dude said that it is a breed of goat there with long straight goatee. I dont know how he came up with that idea but thats when I realised they had no clue that it meant their brethrens in india and pakestan.

Now here, you say all along that you a pathan but you also said that you are afghani. I'm confused becuz afgans only say they are afgani(not pathans). Are you from pakistan or india by any chance ?

Oh by the way, I had worked and lived in Iran almost for 2 years. There are many afgans there (refugees and for other reasons). To me they are sure pretty but most Iranians consider their looks below iranian standard. They praise the lebanees girls , sometimes egyptians for their beauty but not particularly to afgans. So when someone mentioned this fact earlier, no need to get mad at him. I personally find afgans to be very pretty. But I also believe that venezuelians, lebanees, iranians, tunisians, some hungerians are generally more goodlookin.

ha ha ha..this is a joke:

the reason i know bispa is because...a british friend of mine, a media worker for MTV and CHANNEL U helped with the conduction for a video for an up and coming indian singer in britain..not sure what his name is..something along the lines of jay or something. now..i heard it had done extremely well in london and throughout europe. he posted me a dvd of the music video..and explained what the video was about and what role he had played. the song was called stolen, and the main girl featured in the video was this bispa..and he informed me she was some indian actress.

hope that clears it up..my ignorance huh? well..what makes you think all msulims would know indian actresses?? um...

i am not muslim thanks very much, never intend on being one. but i admire the history behind their religion..hence i enjoy talking about the religion. but i also love dwelling on judaism and buddhism..am i now both of these too?

you silly little girl. you seem to know nothing. you rant on about shit..literally. you really need to re re re re read my posts and then begin to question my purpose in life..as you do.

fool..the entire world..including indians..know for a fact muslims are now being violated because of media infiltrates and goverments. muslims have been tarnished...because of some stupid ignorant fools. that is my point.

now..how on earth that makes me muslim..is beyond me.

and 'those' women are still beautiful..be they msulim or not. what the hell..talk more and more crap each time you post.

now i am not to find..beautiful women..and they are known for their beauty..not beautiful..because they are muslim, hence must be terrorists.

grow up little girl. seriously.

also..you braindead five year old..where in any of my posts did i say 'american govt wants everyone to accept islam'

you clearly cannot read. please annotate all my posts and extract that for me..because i said 'read what the american govt wanst you too read'

um..where in that does it say 'american govt wants us to accept islam'?

i was actually pointing out to 'dude' that he has infact been brainwashed by the media and by the govts into thinking what he thinks now.

hmmm..really sounds too me, that i was saying the government wants everyone to embrace islam..quite the opposite.

also..chris..i have read up on 'pathans'

no laila is infact right in saying it the way she does. people in iran, aghanistan and pakistan(central asia) refer to pathans as pushtuns. this is the correct term for them.

however in india..the dialect of course being different..they refer to them as 'pathans'.

however...due to the influx of afghans into india..they too now refer themselves as 'pathans'. through time, this was taken back to afghan (esp southern regions of afghan) and now it is another word for 'pushtun'. she is not indian! however to say the least, pakistanis do not like to refer to patans as such..but pushtuns. some do..but alot dont. same in iran.

indian segment of pathans (a very minor majority..and correctly pointed out by turkish fiesta..not original indians) a different to those in pak, iran and afghanistan. their tribes are different.

to 'originating' pushtuns, in pak, afghan, and iran..they see each other as 'their own'. however in india..they are not classed as pushtuns..more a lower class of pushtuns.

that is why many pushtuns refer to indian pushtuns as pathans too.

laila..where in afghanistan are you from? if you are from the south..i have got my theory right? if you are from northern afghanistan, then perhaps it is completly wrong!!!

hey guys.
just to clear a few things up, sory for being confusing. i am from the south of afghanistan, khandahar, we are pashtuns. we are not the afghans that look chinese, i am always mistaken for an iranian or pakistani. But i am also a patan, patans from pakistan are orginaly southern afghans and to be honest, sory to sound ignorant but i never new of patans in india, i only refered to my self as patan cause of wat a few people mentioned about them, i hope that clears it up, so im a southern afghan who look very different to northern afghans and I speak pashtu which a lot of pakistani people speak too. northern afghans, the tajiks speak dari, (similiar to farsi) and refer to them selves as persion. but southern afghans refer to them selfs as asian.
there has been a history of conflict between the two, although i have nothing againts them, i hope that helps!!!

clive, u got it spot on!!

It makes me wonder, Clive, if "silly" is the only word u know. Also it makes me think that infact YOU are the 5 yr old here. Have a good day. Read a dictionary.

Thanks to both Laila and Clive.

I didnt know that Pashtuns in afganstan now refer themselves as 'Pathans' too. Thats why I was confused. Thank you both to clear my confusion. I'm glad to learn from laila and clive. Forums like this is good,people learn from eachother. I also agree with clive " for a fact muslims are now being violated because of media infiltrates and goverments. muslims have been tarnished...because of some stupid ignorant fools. ". They want to brainwash the whole world to their propagandism,lies and deception against muslims. Those ignorant morons (one of em here as 'dude') will always speak ill of Islam and its people no matter what...whatsoever , specially to the orthodox ones (arab,persians) . But those fools are further off the truth because I had lived in Jordan, Lebanon and Iran. They are really really really nice people, love those moslems. No I am not moslem, never intend to be one, I am Greek Orthodox. But I study the other two monotheistic faiths(Islam,Judaism) and their people. Something I dont understand.. despite all the negative stereotypes of muslims in the world today, the conversion rate from non-muslim to islam is way higher than any other faiths ! Specially in europe and russia. This reality makes Islam the fastest growing faith in the world. If this rate of coneversion continues, islam will become the dominant religion on earth in near future. Just done some research, not my own opinion.

There are far greater things in the world to worry about such as natural disastors, world hunger and terriorism. Grow up people and get a life, instead of harboring on stupid things like the origin of races. You have one life, live it to the fullest,embarce everyone and every culture. and forget about differences in people. Your life will be much more fulfilling if you do...just remember we will all die one day, so make life fun, learn from all cultures and what they have to offer and embraces differces instead of pointing out flaws and what you may perceive to be strange or weird about it. Learn about it, and make an attempt to understand it before you judge it.

this is a joke: the only time i use words such as 'silly' is because it is to help portray my message across for people such as yourself. simple use of the english language.

so..you really had nothing to say..about your crazed post on 'you said americans this and that'.

and just to clarify things i am 29 years old. oh and also..you are going to pick up on the fact i said 'i was ignorant about pakistan for many years..25 of them' assuming i am 25. the reason i said that is because you are gradually building your intelligence from the age of 4..so minus 4 from 29..and voila.
it is just that//all you do is pick at peoples posts..as yopu have nothing better to say or do. and you get it wrong each and every time.

laila..you are correct in what you were saying about afghans and the pushtun thing. however..you are wrong in saying that pushtuns in pakistan are originally from south afghanistan...which i shall now help to rectify.

there is this online journal..called 'centralasiacycleopedia'. it has some very very interesting facts on the 3 countries plus more.

pushtuns in pakistan, are actually originally from persia. if you meet any pakistani pushtun..many of their names have the letter 'e' in them. for example..yusef instead of yusif. amena instead of amina. this is a very common persian trait.
the names belal, sahera, hemza, rasheda, sebah, are very common names in pushtun pakistan-again with disticnt persian properties.

pushtuns of pakistani origin are from the wide band of areas, streaching as far as kashmir. cities called pashwar, quetta and swat are also pushtun homelands. a province called balochistan..a massive city in pakistan is a persian pushtun society..by origin..but that may have changed now.
when the arabs began their mission of islam, they spread both east and west from saudi arabia. north east entailed countries such as lebanon, syria and so on. and almost directly to their left..it was iran, afghan and indian pakistan. pakistan, it southern city of karachi..is the closest touching south to saudi arabia and yemen. the gulf sea. however..in those times, the muslims travelled by donkey and by foot. the harder the journey to spread the mission..the more rewarding it would be.

so in they went to persia, afghanistan and pak india. these countries were largley dominated by these arabs. but in particular in iran and indo pak(becaue of idol worshipping india..which was heavily detested by muslims). after sometime..many persians began settling in indo pak, due to the migration factors of the time. some short time after..thousands had settled in pakistan(esp in nwfp).

now..although they were many afghans also settling there..at that time it was predominantly persians. southern afghans are a more unique type of pushtun. some might say, the 'original' pushtuns.

but nowadays..people are from all over the place in pakistan. they may have mnay that are southern afghans by origin.
in kashmir and lahore and nwfp..native pakistanis sit. the ones that are the originally part of pak when it split. they didnt cross borders to go from india to pakistan.

southern pak..is where some might say, is the 'migrants town'. some 50% plus in karachi and sindh are now actually eastern immigrants. this includes a massive scale of bangladeshis, indians and other such countries. they will look very different to 'natives'. their skin tends to be alot darker, their features on the whole are very different. indian muslims from calcutta, west bengal, hydabrad all reside their.

many pakistanis hate the fact that they belong to their country..they say it was purpose built for them to leave indians. they do not, however mind afghans(pakistani many, by traits) or other western counterparts residing in pak.
that is why, many people assume paks are similar to indians..because of migrants. however..the further north and west you travel..is when you begin to see the 'natives'.

laila..you said people mistake you for pakistani? do you have pakistani in you? or are you pure afghan? because its very common for afgans to have pak in them, and vice versa.

hey..your not ignorant to think india doesnt have pathans. you wouldnt assume such a cast would actually be in india. its a western, central breed. but as i said, they are not indians..but migrants, again the way migrants are not actually 'pakistani' but originally from elsewhere.

To Clive Kidmarn,

I got only one word for ya :-

Pathan, pATHAN, paThan, patHan, pAthAn patha..n, pa..tttth..an .... ... .. .

Buddy, seriously, who's spending dayz and nights to get a PHD on pathans or pushtuns. I mean other than 1 or 2 , who in this forum are dying to know or even care how pathans and pakistan-india people descended ? Now dont post a huge comment all about patans or pakistani or indians to educate me. Because I am not interested at all , I dont give neither a bee's nor an elephant's ass about afgan,india,pakistan. Though I wish I had that amount of extra time in life like yours to worry about some stupid stuffs. By the way, please tell me what your ethnicity is .

Yes mr.Clive, to clarify again, you make me think that you spend dayz and nights to get a PHD on pathans or pushtuns and indians, pakistani people.

I thought this was a forum on whether people thought aishwarya was attractive or not? What the heck happened. You people, including Clive, really,man, get a LIFE.

people hav der own beauty, so y compare with other? know wat? shes pretty, together with angelina and with the likes. but come to think of it,lots of men are attracted to them and were sure of that, but ya think f ul b given a chance 2 know em persnally and be with them for half of ur life or a yr u wont get turn off?ofcourse they also have their bad syd can it be idiot, bad habits or watever so dont fight over their beauties. beauty(physical) is just a percent/ part of a 100% total beauty.

ha ha ha. well...i like educating the masses. what the hell is your problem? some people enjoy reading it..others..just dont. it was for laila that i posted it.

but i will carry on posting stuff..well..in my opinion its better than discussing beauty all the time. but then again..ill educates like yourself dont enjoy such reads.

im white american..but with ancestors from the latin quarter..

her beauty is weak..because its fake.

beauty is natural..but i dont believe in that mutton dressed as lamb thing..beauty is never judged from the inside..only from the outside.

I want to apologize for comming off as such a prick and a loser. I apologize on the behalf of all white people with descendents from the Latin quarter. I have nothing better to do with my life than educate the "masses" about irrelvant, useless information about poopoo's who orignated from Afganistan.
Again excuse my idiotic nature.

Aishwarya Rai is gorgeous, i take back everything I've said

ha ha ha..again what a looser. either 'dude' 'mushroom man' or 'this is a joke'
all clearly indians...with a problem with people who do not find their women attractive.

what grossly ill educates you are.

this s 4 clive kidmarn, its the prob w/ u americans u just depend on the physical d reason behind u have a on and of relationship. Y? because ur not compatible with others ur just looking for someone to display and say yes i have a pretty and beautiful girl. Try to consider everything of her and ul find out if shes the most beautiful gurl just give a try!

Guys in my opinion Aishwariya Rai with all the layers of make-up, contacts and with those gorgeous indian outfits looks pretty on screen but she aint the most beautiful woman. She cant be a global beauty with all that fakeness and the thing that pisses me off about her is that why the hell she has to lie the whole world about her eyes and her features .shez Indian shez dark in reality so why she tries too hard to be an AMerican.why cant she accept that.in all her interviews she like "Oh Im light-skinned I can pass for German/Italian/French..she is obessesed with her ownself. The wax of AIshwariya Rai doesn't even look like her what the hell she aint got blue eyes or blonde/brunette hair.I mean why is she tryin to be someone shez not.

Clive Kidmarn: U have totally crossed the line of major foolishness. Did u just figure out the fact that I was Indian? Nice job! Not

When did I ever say that I find Aishwarya Rai gorgeous? Not even once. I dont find her that pretty, and I wont say that just cus she's Indian and so am I. But I do have a problem when u are here saying Indians are ugly. Abd manly women, basically he-she's Muslim women are being comapared to our women.

DON'T. They are way out our league, all they can do is listen to their men's and just rot in their houses. Indian women are educated and wise to think for themselves. You have insulted us by comparing us to Muslims.

Oh and we are the "ill educates" here? Go tell that to ur fellow white working at the McDonald's, not us. We are far from being that buddy.

this is a joke dude chill it seems like ur obessesed with your people. So what u want us to do whom shall we compare your women with goats/sheep/cows...and why therez such a hoo haa over moslem women .Why do u hate em so much arent there MOslems in India too. Dude first of all why do u guys spend million of dollars on your stupid "bollywood movies" why cant u help the poor people in India with all that money which u guys just waste on crappy movies what do u think that there aren't any illerate people in India. Go visit your country first and than you'll know. What about your women in India how they are been treated. Women are being raped and tortured by their husbands.So my point is that first get your facts straight and how about Indians and Pakistanis who come here for a better future what kinda jobs they do...

Looking in a women by physical appearance is just for a short time, you wont be loving them if your not compatible with everything. Real beauty is within. Rai is very beautiful compare with others accept it or not, real or fake if you people dont consider the beauty inside why not accept the fact that rai is very beautiful either shes fake or real.

OK buddy when did I ever mention that ALL Indians do high class jobs like doctors and engineering? I didnt. Dont just invent ur own words. You think u r very funny saying the whole sheeps, etc thing right? U r not. It just shows how much of an ignorant u r. If all people were compared to an animal, I know exactly who I would compare u to.

U act like America doesnt spend a lot watching Hollywood movies. Bollywood is to Indians what Hollywood is to Americans.

I couldn't care less if there were Muslims in India, I dont care for them.

So next time get ur facts straight, getalife

Get a life? R u sure u r not talking about YOURSELF?

lest ur stupidity becomes even more obvious!

Nobody can say what country has the most beautiful people bc EVERY country produces great beauties and they're lovely in different ways that can't be compared to each other.

And as for American being ugly. Please it's so taboo to even mention America when speaking of the most beautiful women bc it strikes jealousy bc it's been known for centuries the American type blonde haired beauties have been considered idealistically beautiful and u girls all hate it.

Exotic is sexy it's not necessarily more beauitful. And the only reason anyone would say they're plain or boring is because they've been the poster girls for beauty so long it's no longer uncommon. If that's boring so what, makes them no less beautiful.

The ideal of beauty is just large eyes, clear skin, delicate smaller chin and jawline, full lips and healthy long hair. youth and health in a woman.Every ethnicity has their version of it.

It's an insult to call miss RAi most beautiful bc they're are girls just as pretty and prettier all over the world they're leaving out. And most of them aren't famous.

I think they're also confusing rarity and beauty. Say they'res a beautiful asian girl. One has blue eyes and the other dark brown. The blue eyed girl would stand out more but probably wouldn't be actually more beautiful. Just more rare. That's all exotic means.

She is pretty but not the most beautiful I think.

Greetings people. I am an attractive Venezuelan female. As a woman, I think all women are created to be princess and each of them is beautiful on her own ways. I dont judge which girl is prettier than any other. However, I could certainly judge men though. I havent seen most of this planet ... only seen the americas,europe and west asia. Based on my travelling experience so far, I really believe that among countries of those three regions, Syria has the most handsome guys in it. Then some Italians, then many others like Spain, east europeans, Latinos, Lebaneese, Iranians etc...etc. With all its different kinds of looks of the Syrian society, there are some fragments whose men look the most gorgeous to me. Just my opinion. Bye for now. Ciao.

hey, is this forum closed ?

Vanessa, regarding your question, Is this forum closed? No, it isn’t. I’ve just started to approve comments on my weblog before they are posted. Almost always, I approve them unchanged. I didn’t want to do this, but this subject was getting some weird comments that bothered me. Not because they were weird, but because they were too profane, too demeaning, and too far off the subject. I’m about to get your comments posted—sorry for the delay and any confusion.

[P.S. on October 4--reserving the right to change my mind, now comments are back to being posted immediately. That's my preference: who wants to be a censor? I just hope that the spammers and super-trashy commenters stay away.]

Guys, Beauty is fleeting..and when beauty is present, it comes in different forms, there is no one template of beauty. There are so many different combinations that are beautiful...just open your eyes.

Hey Veera,
I have never been to west asia and I think there are very few Syrians abroad unlike plenty of Iranians and Lebanese are here in europe. Anyhow, my bestest friend is Syrian and in her wedding ceremony, I had met flawless handsome Syrian guys. Some looked different type and were not pretty but others were drop-dead gorgeous. Never had seen that sort of goodlookin guys before...

west asia..iran, pakistan and so on..have absolutely stunning women.

south east asia..bangladesh, sri lanka and india..has the worst looking people i have seen in my life.

even better breeds..are middle eastern people(so veera..you are right about syrians)

but for goodness sake. indian people are ugly. full stop. this ash is indian. therefore she is ugly.

can you people not see why she is 'considered' pretty. because she looks anything BUT indian. hence..that is why people like her. she is new and unheard of..and does not have the looks that india has to offer on a general scale.

the only decent looking people in that country(i work for the salvation army..so have seen alot of india) are north indians..whom i think are sikhs. they are the best india has to offer. and rajistan..the city right near pakistan.

arabs, pakistanis, persianis, afganistanis, and all other 'stanis'and all other bladibladis...they are all the same.

indians, bangladeshis, sri lankans, bladibladis are the same.

now how on earth can you compare a bangladeshi to say, a persian or pakistani girl.

its like comparing a white girl to a chinese girl. you cant rate their beauties to each other..because their beauty is different.

central asians(middl east, persia and the STANS(pak, afgahn, uzbeki) are different from south asians (indis, banglis)

its silly to compare.

now to compare a bangladeshi to an indian would be fair. but to a persian or pakistani..would be plain stupid.

you lot lack basic knowledge of the world. go get a map..and see where these countries belong before competing these countries up against each other.

I thought "west asia" mean middle-east(including Iran), Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus. Probably I am wrong. Folks, correct me if I am mistaken.

hi guys...you should check out the rajasthanis from india...they're hott...(the rajput caste)...very good looking...o and ash is not all that...i've seen much better...bipasha basu is verry pretty
hot body + pretty face= hot girl lol...(her eyes do look cross eyed...but she still looks good) i guess you gotta have some type of flaw...no one's perfect right? even adriana lima...shes damn hott but when she opens her mouth...her teeth just look so messed up...poor thing...but she's still beautiful (o she also doesnt have a big ass...another flaw lol) o yea btw im indian

I think bipasa basu probably better lookin than ash or vice versa to some other, whatever... I think 'Cameron Jacobs' and 'Ria' both are right that rajistan and north indians are better lookin than other indians. But Ria, simply becuz rajistan people may look better than other indians, doesnt mean they would look hot to other nations !!! They are hot for you indians lol. To 'cameron', I totally agree with you that most indians, srilankans, bangladesh are one of the ugliest in the world. But you should not compare those countries to other parts of the world, specially to west asia(middle-east,Iran,Egypt,Turkey). I mean, to tell you honestly, after having seen the average people of coptic Egyptians, north africans, Lebanese, Iranians, Jordanian girls ... I would not give a second look to indian celebrities like bipasa basu or ash whome the indians praise so much . But its better not to even think to compare those fellows to west asians.

west asia, is classed as the middle east and surrounding nations. here is a map that might help clarify what west asian is.


the countries highlighted in the lighter colours are west asia. they are also all labelled at the side.

although pakistan/afghan/iran are slightly further away from the central eastern countries...they still come under the 'west/central' asia category.

hey get a life..do you still come across this thread?? because i clicked on some of your articles and i like the look of these pakistani women. hot hot hot.

she is sure beautiful.

and this girl too


this one as well


the one above looks like a very natural pose. she looks very pretty naturally.


this lady again looks very very naturally pretty.

to be honest..though i had heard and seen pakistani women to be very very pretty..i had only ever seen a couple of pakistanis in my life. stephny!!! said that these models/actresses are meant to be really standard looking in comparison to pakistani girls(religious reasons????) for them not being in media.

BOYS..i feel a trip across the continent coming along ; )

mama mia!!!!! pakistani girls are real fly!!!! woot woot!!!! the one at the top is jus pure beautiful. iman ali. nice name too. very arabic.

the other bottom two are pretty too..but more kind of 'take home to your mother' pretty.

the other girl is flyhigh!!!!

man..pakistani girls, where you all hiding!!!! come out come out wherever you are!!

these women have something indian models could not offer. i am pleasantly surprised. really and truly.

I clicked on the links of the Pakistani women, the first three are very pretty, but the last one is definately not " naturally pretty", because if she was indeed naturally pretty, she wouldn't be wearing lipstick, blush, eyeliner and mascara. The other girls are very pretty too, but they're also wearing plenty of make up...but still they look good in the pictures.
Mr. Libya, what excatly can these women offer that Indian models cannot? I'm just curious?

U guys act like u have seen ALL Indian people. India has the 2nd largest population in the world, u see some 5 of them, or less, and u think u have the right to generalize? I think not.

North Indians generally are prettier than South Indians, but to some it may be just cus Northies are usually fairer than their Southern couterparts. Aishwarya is South Indian, but doesnt look the part because she obviously has some Aryan blood.

Aishwarya is far better than those manly Paki women posted. Yuck. What are their pics doing on an Indian website anyway. What an insult.

Well ... I dont know whether it is really an indian website or not as the commenter above said so. But I can see that most comments here are about india-pakestan. However, I got a question nothing to do with india-pakestan though. I often here from my buddies that this 'beau latasha' chick is the most beautiful woman on the planet. For some unknown strange reason, those people cant provide me her pic. So my question here to everyone who claim that 'beau latasha' is the hottest babe in the universe, please tell me how you came up with that idea ... where have you seen her ? In television? At some european fashion show? In the moon? If any of those can send me her pic, I will pay him $1.11 (1 dollar and 11 cents) through paypal. He.. he .. lol.

firstly..the website appears to be a pakistani site..which features international faces. please correct your manner of insults before you have the truth.

well..iys down to opinion. i think that pakistani women are better looking (must be the arabian in them)he he he......

firstly..the website appears to be a pakistani site..which features international faces. please correct your manner of insults before you have the truth.

well..iys down to opinion. i think that pakistani women are better looking (must be the arabian in them)he he he......

I think this "HinesSight" website is north-american, not indian or pakistani. But most commenters here probably are of indian and pakestani origin though. I think 'proud to be from libya' is right that pakestani women are better looking than indians. However, I know many pakistanis who look no different than indians. Also I have many pakestani friends who look somewhat similar to afgans and some gulf arabia people. Hence, they look much better and different than indians and those indian look-alike pakistanis. I think thats why pakestanis are known to be better lookin than indians. Despite their different looks, somehow I notice that the society, culture, mind etc.. etc of indian and pakistani people are very very similar, almost the same. Anyways, to the commenter above Kal El - 'this is a joke', you claim that people who says most indians are one of the ugliest , must have seen <= 5 indians. Dude.. nobody has to see every indian alive to make that opinion. I have never heard yet in my life from any non-indian to complement indians for their looks. In fact, people who had been to many parts of india, told me that most indians are one of the ugliest on earth . To me, that is not some breaking news. Now I understand, as you said, that people of some parts of india(northern or other ..) looks better than the rest. May be thats why the uglier of you dont understand this stereotype becuz you find the less uglier of your society pretty for yourself. I dont blame other nations who would think of most indians(despite slight differnt looks of different indians) as ugly. I've never been to india but I've met or seen many of em here in the U.S. I believe there are some elements of truth in this stereotype or opinions, that most indians are one of the ugliest along with srilankans and bangladesh.

This is a joke if there are better lookin woman in India than Rai than why is she called the most beautiful face in India. I guess Rai is the best you guys can offer but your Rai is fake and there are zillions of women out there who are better lookin than Rai but I guess they have better things to do in life unlike rai who is so caught up with her looks.

sorry..lorant..i was referring to the website where i posted the pics of pakistani women from. this is a joke..assumed it was an indian site..and was wondering why there pics where there.

i have only seen a few posts by pakistanis on this site..as with indians. this site is predominantly western.

i complety agree with you lorant..pakistanis are a known better looking race..
to be honest..i find theey look very very different from indians. perhaps that is my personal opinion.

lorant..maybe the 'indian' look alike pakistanis are infact what 'mohajis' are. you know, immigrants.

because i have asked an algerian friend of mine, and he insists that the 'ugly' pakistanis are mohijis. he is a geographical analyist. and he studied the divide on ethnic groups in that region. he says that the 'natives' are infact very non indian.

to me..none of these pakistani women look indian,they look well, pakistani.

but what the hell..i havent seen many before..only a handful. but they all looked very non indian to me.

You people need to get a a life!

Brian... I thought you were screening comments before they were to be posted? This board is still off subject. Some of these comments are really absurd...and I am personally very very offeneded. I know you believe in free speech, but don't you see what's happening here? It almost seems like the same 5-6 commenters are coming ( with new names) on this site, because I'm pretty sure that no new commenter would actually sit down and read through the 100+ comments on this board and actually attempt to write a response to them. It almost seems like they want it to look like many commenters are somehow just popping up with the same exact views out of now where? I'd like to know how they just happend to find this website, which is clearly titled Aishwarya and regarding her attractiveness ...atleast when you get through reading the first 10-20 comments , it is...so I'm almost certain that no one would bother to read allll the comments on here, unless they've been commenting all along on the other unoffical topic "Indians are ugly". I don't see how there could be a message board like this? How can you just let this continue...when you see whats happening? I am extremely unhappy with You and this message board. Personally I'm unhappy with you, because you have the power to put an end to this, not necessarily the twisted views of the commenters, but you have control over what can be posted put out there.

Whats with this shel fellow ? Crying out loud to Brian, begging for the end to this forum... miserable indeed. Hey maan ... everybody here got a life and besides everything in that life, they post comments every now and then. It is you who really need help stop being such a pathetic CRY BABY and get a life, then get on with that life.

Hey Libyan guy, thanks for clearing the confusion but no need to say sorry cuz I wasnt referring to you anyways. I was responding to Kal El and 'this is a joke' commenter. Although I'm not sure, I think you might have misunderstood me a little bit. I am nowhere against your personal opinion. I'm 101% with your opinion. I've never said that the pics you had posted, look indian. Also I never mentioned anything like all pakestanes look similar to indians. I clearly said that I have pakestani friends who look very different than indians, that they look somewhat similar to afgans and some gulf arabia folks. I also done told I know some pakestanis who look very much indian. Thats what I meant to say. But I'm not an expert, so I didnt know which ones are natives and who are immigrants of that country. Take care buddy, bye for now, mar salama (he..he... excuze me for the spelling or accent, arabic is not my langauge) .

oh shell shell shell. who are their right minds would sit there and change names to prove a point.

i am a newbie..and managed to read this entire thread. all you do is scroll down..doesnt take more than 15-20 mins if you can read.

lorant..wasalam. mashallah..you are very good with your knowledge on arabic and similiar countries.

no, dont get me wrong..i know what you were saying about some pakistanis that resemble indians. but what i was saying was that they are not actually 'pakistani'. they are immigrants.
for example. i live in libya. but with me, there are thousands of algerians, sudanese, kuwaitis etc...
now they have been there for years. before i was born. they class themselves as 'libyian' and nothing else. but their roots are from elsewhere. but they would never say they anything BUT from libya.

that was the same about pakistani indians. they are probally the ones that look indian.

coz natives are decendants of us arabs..hence that is why they look like they from arabian gulf. we invaded those parts of then india to spread islam.

hence that is why (native) pakistanis are good looking!!!! must be the arabian in them!! ha ha ha.

these women all look very 'pakistani' hence that is why they are good looking.
that was my point 'this is a joke'

tell me what looks manly about them. they are all beautiful. sorry..but all of them look better than your ash rai.

whats so manly about them. to me, they all look naturally light skinned, and nothing about their faces looks 'fake'.
but thats what bollywood is about right? light skin and trying to look beautiful. but these girls have that.

so whats the problem here 'this is a joke'.

also..quick question. i posted that map on west asia..and you see, pakistan comes right to the north west of india.
u said..the girls in north india are better looking. well..surely that means pakistani girls are even better???

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

what u say lorant?

also shell..when i mean naturally pretty..i mean..that u can tell they have beauty and with or with out make up they are pretty. u can tell if a girl is naturally pretty..even if she has full make up on.

hi my name is isabella and i am from denmark.

there is a strong pakistani society here..and they are very very beautiful people.

i dont know if you have heard of the band outlandish? it was set up in denmark? consists of a pakistani, morrocan and hourdras. all mid east/west asian.

a few years back they did a small concert..and most the people that turned up were mid east or west asian. they were the best looking people in denmark. i am amazed by their beauty.
pakistani and arabic men even have 'pretty' faces..which is weird..you rarely find that in men.

i want to date men from that region now. i am going to get my friends to introduce me to either arabs/persians or pakistanis.
they are so sexy and so hunky and at the same time so pretty.
and their women are perfect.

arabs/persians/pakistanis/west asians all the way!!!

what is it with pakistani and arab people????

like why do people think them and arabs are goodlooking???? i think they are so unattractive. all of them have white faces and horrible hair growth on these white faces. its not nice. the boys have girl faces. and the girls have manly faces.

i live in london(im mauritius) and find that people from bangladesh crave to be pakistani. they, as someone rightly mentioned above, claim pakistani heritage somewhere or somehow. i hardly know of any bengalis that have not pulled this trick before. when clearly they are as much pakistani as i am pakistani. its like they embarrassed about where they from, what they look like. and want to look or be from pakistan.

why do you lot do this?? i never understand it. clearly you are not pakistani..but still you insist of being pakistani somehow.

pakistani people are racist...like their arab counterparts. they are also very arrogant..the most arrogant race in asia. wanting to look like them?? whats so good about light skin??? why would anyone want to be them??

pakistanis...every single one of them...i can promise you this..is very very racist to everyone but themselves and the 'original' islamic nations.
a pakistani..might be very very good friends with you. they may actually be genuine. but when they are at home..their racism is evident beyond belief. be it a family member bashing bengalis or themselves. they mean no harm..but hec they are a racist lot..with arabs in front line with racism flag.

hec..pakistanis are so bad..that non original pakistani citizens(say who have migrated from india to pakistan)..they class as second class.
afghans and so on..are seen as their own, because they originate from the same tribes. but anyone from their east..are looked down upon.

pakistanis have a bad bad attitude problem. not a single one out there is not racist. many hang with 'inferior' races to boost their egos.

they are second class arabs. in their heads..they know they are better looking. from a better culture. from a higher status with funky backgrounds. its a boost for them.

so poor bengalis try to live up to that.

its sad really. to me bengalis are much much nicer people. that i can promise you. very welcoming and very lovely people.

pakistanis on the other hand..now if you know 20, guranteed 2-3 will somehow, make people feel inferior..

arabs are no better. they are even worse.

people tell me arabs look down upon pakistanis. some say its because many resemble arabs..that they thunk these pakistanis are trying to be arab(which is silly). others say its because they, after the rest of the middle east..in terms of looks, are the closet match. but most others say its because they beg on the streets of the gulf, even though they are well off. arabs find this offensive.

whatever the reason they all have similar traits. sad but true.

to me, you lot might put arabs, be they from jordon or iraq at the top of your list for beauty, and find pakistanis are good match too.

but to me, its about personality. and all of you that think bengalis, sri lankans and indians are ugly..so what if they not as good looking..they sure like hell have better personalities and are not rude and horrid people.

to me, this makes bengalis, sri lankans and indians the best looking people in the world.

Like I said before, just seeing 5 some people doesnt give u the right to generalize. U find these Arab women pretty, okay fine, but what are u putting down Indians for? Just to prove something? The only thing u've proved is that you are a bunch of nutheads. How would u like it if I put ur race down? That's what I thought.

Julia Roberts did call Aish the most beautiful woman, I dont see your little arab women getting such attention..oh wait, are most even allowed to come ot of their house? Besides the point, but anyway, no one ever said that Aish is the best India has to offer. She's just what America wants to see =)

Alas, ignorant people like u cant get over your egos and realize that u havent seen all people of India. U probably even have the mindset that all Indians are dark and short. I do nothing but pity such people, if u really feel like you are some expert on such things, then go find PROPER INFORMATION. Not some of your own 2 cent trash.

Hey Muhammed Olambias

Right on! I agree with you 100%.

Middle Easterners and Pakis are all UGLY UGLLLLLLLLY UGGGLLLLLLLLLY UGGGLLLLLLLLY terriorists! and if i haven't stressed that enough, here it is again for you jerks.... MIDDLE EASTENERS and PAKI'S are the ugliest human beings on earth. You want to see beautiful...go to South America.
UGLLLLLLLLLY...and again...Arabs and Paki's are a bunch of snot nosed, egocentric, agressive hookah smoking, head chopping Jerks!
Ohh and thats my opinion shared by plenty of people! So go ahead and try to somehow make me think otherwise...but everyone on the earth hates ARABS and PAKI'S and trust me...that will never change. Serves you people right, thinking your so much better in than every other race in the world...it was inevitable that the rest of the world despises and hates you. Haha!
and... Lorant and Proud to be from Libya, you two are ARAB twat kissing sissy's. Do the world a favor and find a cave to live in beside a submissive, fully veiled Arab woman who hasn't shaved her face, and her body in 20 years. She'll keep you warm during the cold desert nights. Ciao losers!

Hey 'dude' - the dancing moron of the day, I am too busy with work now(working on a software project), I'll be very occupied for couple of dayz or week. But I'll be back soon with sharp response to your pathetic comment.

to "this is a joke" Indians should take ESL classes coz Julia Roberts said that Rai is unassumingly beautiful she never said that Rai is the most beautiful woman hahaha....Rai and ugly Indians wishes for suchAAAAAAAA thing...



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