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January 03, 2005


I have met Ash in person.......she is stunning and has a heart of gold......God bless her.

-S.S., NY, NY

Aishwarya Rai, is more than beautiful, she is someone I would love to take home to my mother. A fan of Indian movies, currently attending Hobart college in Geneva, NY.

her beauty is not the most.because she did not deserve the most.

Looks like raubil is just a tiny bit jealous over Rai's God like beauty.......it's ok....us mere mortals can't compare, don't feel bad raubil

hi my name is nasim im from iran but i love aishwaria rai alot there isnt any doubt about her beauty she isnt beauty she is one angel queen we cant say one person for her we cant describe her beauty

Please can I have her email.I would want to marry her.
Am a petroleum Engineer and I work for an oil company and am prepared to marry her.Thank you.

she is beautiful, no doubt...but there are many kinds of beauty. and i dont think she can be judged as a 'person with a heart of gold' by just one meeting or one episode of 60 minutes...which looked highly rehearsed to me. i think she a very clever fake. clever yes...but fake nonetheless.

yeah she is fit but the worlds best. The fittest in the world, u ave to be havin a laff!

hi , everyone ! i also think that she is soo cute and she is really perfect ! i really admire her, cuz she is a good actrice and a good danser. and her clother wowwwwwwwwww i wanna dress just like her haha all those collers makes her look everytime really beautiful !

I think Aishwarya is a beautiful woman and I think that it is great that she is representing India. I hope she becomes an oscar winner!

well i think she is pretty, but shes not the most beautiful women in the world. She has good looks but the look she has is not always considered beautiful. What about the sexy look? Or the clasyy look? The Most Beautiful Woman in the world should be able to show EVERY SINGLE look that is ever considered pretty. Dont get me wrong, im not saying shes ugly, frankly, i think she looks stunning in the picture up at the top of this site. But I promise you, there are prettier women in this world.

She is beautiful - also look at Young Photos of singer Freda Payne

I think "Sarah's" comment about Aishwaria Rai is the only fake thing. She is the most beautiful women ever and most stunning celebrity without a doubt. Having seen far too many sEXy, Classic beauties from all over the world Aishwaria Rai far exceeds ALL women I have seen, and far more beauty, charm, SEXINESS, Classic, Exotic, delicate, strong, Elegant, beauty than anyone. I have traveled far too much and have seen women from all walks of life and nationalities, Plastic surgeried and NON plastic surgeried and even women who try to look like MIss Rai thanks to Plastic surgery and Yes, she is beyond good looking and Far, far prettier than anyone. THere are very few women prettier than her and I haven't come across anyone yet despite all the pretty women I have come across.

This is reguards to the Anonymous post who believes the most beautiful women must be the most beautiful in all looks. Don't make a judgement call on one or two pictures. There are thousands of pictures of Aishwerya all over the internet. Some are incredibly classy and some are very sexy. Look at some of those pictures. Her classy look is far beyond most as well as here sexy look. She has so many different looks and she is gorgeous in every one. Before you make a comment, do your research.

She is prety,and not the most beautiful,the most beutiful must satisty all the qualities of beauty and must be accepted by every man,to me she is averagely ok.The most beatiful never exist,only GOD can tell.

I think ais is the most & most beautiful lady of the world. she is so charming beauty and realy attractive. she has all the quality too.

aishwaria is Hot!!! no doubt! to all those people out there who think different - YOUR JUST JEALOUS!!!

i think she is really pretty but i wudnt say she's da prettiest gal on planet cuz evry gal r pretty in thier own way. plus u cnt say she's da prettiest in da wurld cuz u aint seen al galz on planet SO u cnt say she iz da PRETTIEST in da wurld. dnt criticize against islam! lv me

loll @ all comments about her being pretty. yes no doubt she is pretty but not drop dead gorgeous! not the most beautiful person in the world or even one of them. YOU CANT REALLY DEFINE BEAUTY SO THEN HOW CAN U PUT A PICTURE TO IT? I MEAN BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. what one might think is beautiful, stunning or gorgeous, the other might think the opposite. she may be pretty but shes dumb referring to the david letterman interview she had. lol what a bimbo! anyhow now she one the laurel hair dye commerical. IF YOU WERE TO PICK ANY ORDINARY GAL AND SLAP ON SOME MAKE UP AND DYE HER HAIR AND DRESS HER IN NICE CLOTHES, ANYONE CAN LOOK THAT PRETTY! PS ASH HAS HUGE ASS GAPS BETWEEN HER TEETH THAT SHE GETS FIXED PRIOR TO HER MOVIES. SHES NOT FLAWLESS! LOLLLLLLLLLLL

I think that Cathrine Zeta-Jones is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has classic beauty, sexiness and uniqueness combined in one. I have not seen a more stunning and sexy woman. There's not been a woman with such magnetism since probably Kathrine Hepburn. Very few women posses such amazing wonderfulness. Aishwarya Rai is very pretty but she lacks that raw sexuality. She lacks that fiesty attitude. She is merely a kitten, while Miss Zeta Jones is a tiger.

I think AR she is most butiful woman. I like very much. Her skin is natural buti.


I think this actress Aish Rai, is one of the many shallow actresses in the indian cinema. It is sad n clear how the indian culture is obsessed with her mearly because of her face caked with light colored make-up, and light colored eyes, which look like contacts by the way. Not to mention, the fact that she teases the movie viewers, so that they think she is such a "good girl" Gimmi a break. Yea the girl is pretty, but please, to say she is the most beautiful woman. Lets be honest.She seems fake, and rehearsed, aside from not having any honarable acting skills, I've seen real true beauty. Angelina Jolie! She isn't fake, and she rarely wears make-up, not like aish who cakes it on. And Angelina is trying to make a difference in the world truly. Not just shake her ass in front of the screen, and than proudly say that she is a "good girl". I know u freaks out there won't agree with me, but thats because your in your own little dream world, like aish. I'm not jealous, I'm just humored.

After reading all the comments about Aishwarya Rai, I came to the conclusion that she is an over-all good, tasty looking piece of candy. However, candy is deceptive. Covered in shine and sparkles, dipped in chocolate,and displayed on lovely settings. Who wouldn't fall for the trick. And we realize, candy is a treat not to be abused or obbsessive about. Point, I believe that people are giving this woman more credit than she might deserve, and she herself seems a bit obbsessed with herself. Yes, she is lovely, but I saw the letterman interview, and was really let down much more than before. Hello? How many question did she not know how to answer? Airhead. I agree with David-critic about her shallowness, and I also agree with Ams about her fakeness. She seems to really depend on her looks instead of talent as an actress. So many woman could claim the title she "thinks" she has, but they are the truly modest, and intelligent woman who don't need to do interviews based soley on their looks to prove something to themselves. I being a very beautiful woman find it a shame that she represented indian woman in such a childish, ignorant, and wanna-be culture of woman. Fat one

i think that ruff is soooooooooo right anyway i think that camron is sooooooooooo fit lol but what is the point if you think that everyone is pretty does it matter what colour or race you are so you should be proud of what you are JUST TO REMIND YOU CAMRON IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is really preety but i dont think that one person can be named most beautiful since they havent seen every woman in the world.

Hahaha. You guys just drool over her. I can always talk to her. I'm her cousin! Hahahha

she is extremely beut iful

She is beautiful, but i dont think she'll ever get an oscar. Caz her acting sucks.
You can't judge if she's the most beautiful, caz i've never seen pictures of her without make-up.
I think Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci are the most beautifull. ANd yes i've seen pics of them!!!!

Aishwarya is beautiful, true, however, I feel that the most beautiful woman in the world is Oksana Federova, Miss Universe 2002. That girl is beyond words breathtaking and has a golden heart as well.

Well well Let us see
Ash is beautiful no doubt, she is elegant, charismatic and most of all she is witting and cunning. these two factors will come in handy in hollywood since its all a gossip and mocking oriented society.
Another Issue is "will she make love scenes in hollywood?" i think this will create a lot of nonsense back home, the idea of hollywood is body selling, this is what earns the money.

I would not lie, she is made to love and adore, she has extremely beautiful eyes, but all that is external and transient. the question is "is she REAL like she claims to be or ACT (she is an actor after all)" after all, no one is in the entertainment industry.

I think that everyone has his own type of beauty, Aish is damn beautiful but i can not see her as sexy
because Angelina Jolie is WAY beyond sexy.

Aish will have to face alot of challange with very famous star like sharon stone, julia Roberts etc, because and i think she need to blend into society.

she is completely overrated as the most beautiful woman on the planet, i agree completely with david, she really is obseesed with herself, would give narciuss a run for his money , besides who can claim to be the most beautiful woman in the world when ANGELINA JOLIE , JULIA ROBERTS , NICOLE KIDMAN , KATE WINSLET , CATHERINE ZETA JONES , BEYONCE ....are still alive in this world.claiming to have 17,000 websides dedicated to her could be such a lie , i mean she could have created them herself its no big deal when you have money.

yes i've been looking forward to see beutiful woman in the world and today i've sein her oh i must say she is like the star beutiful as the star is.

Yes Ash is beautiful. Beauty is not only the physical appearence. Go girl, make it big.

hi friends i dont want to liston any think about her.she is preety and so beautifull girl in this world.i have not seen like her in this world.

she is beautiful and clever!!!

ha ha ha ha you guys..come on...she cannot be the most beautiful woman in the world because she has had surgery done!!i was searching for my cuz arts project on cultural stuff and we came across her and some b4 and after shots and boy has she had it done!! dont get me wrong, she is a very attracive and pretty girl but with alot of help. her skin colour(yes its possible as mj has shown!), nose and shape of the eyes have changed- but in a clever way so that it blinds the watchful eye!! i cant comment on her as an actress as im native american so have never seen indian films- but she definately not the most beautiful. by far the most beautiful women ever ever ever ever are latino girls. WOW. they oozzzzz natural beauty- they are gods most perfect creation- just go down to good old puerto rico and within a split second u will agree. and no im not talking about j lo!! and as for asian beauty, pakistani girls are the winners in that league.they are extremly beautiful and very very natural- i did a year in the foreign offices of pakistan and the women there are very stunning!! they have this combination of asian and afghani/arabian looks. so latin girls are the most beautiful and after that in the asian league pakistani girls definately win hands down!! a rai isnt even on that scale..her plastic surgeon and mac and maybelline are!!!!

I completely agree with comments Monirul Islam made. Truer words have never been spoken. The only true beauty is Angelina Jolie, and that's not me by the way, I wish. This Indian girl is probably short and very average looking in real life. Nothing striking about her. Angelina on the other hand is uncomparable to any other woman. She is supremely beautiful in every way. There is no one who can say she is not absolutely STUNNING!!! There is no denying it. Viva Angelina!!!

Sorry, I just made the a comment above and have to say that I agree with David - Film Critic not Monirul Islam. Terrible mistake on my part. Still must say, Aishwaria is very average looking, pretty yes. There are millions pretty girls out there. Angelina Jolie is stunning in every way. There is something about her that no woman on TV has had since Marylin Monroe. She's special, strong, beautiful woman. I love her!!!

Salamz Everyone. Only look at her eyes you got the answer of your heart. i think i'll marry her if i'll be able too.

i agree with angelina..i mean what the fuck is she..she looks like a duck!!! she is no way natural..unlike angelina in tomb raider..no make up and still amazing!!! cant ever beat that. these bollywood women are plastered with the stuff..any girl can be beautiful with that amount of make up!! and penelope cruz...vanilla sky..again no make up hardly..and she shits over that duck!!! im a bloke and could look like the most beautiful women in the world with loadsa loadsa make up!! they have this obsession of wanting to look anything but indian..how shallow is that!!! and yes i agree with stephy..she has had the works done and latynio girls r my angel babies..worlds finest...and i dnt no much about pakistani women but there is this girl in my college n i have heard she is pakistani..and boy is she god damn flaming beautiful..way better than that duck!!!and its alllllllllllll natural..alesha her name is from the good old queens. we think ur amazing. oh and arabica and persian women are way more beautiful than these bollywood things.they only win miss world coz they fix it n so did that irish gal las time...her dad was best pals with the judge!! plz shoot the ppl who made her the most beautiful woman in world..im embarrassed for her and india if thats the best they can offer.

sorry dudes to burst ur bubble that she is not the most beautiful woman in the world...queen rania of jordon and jemima khan r!!! they au la la naturale!!!not fake and artificial like her

she aint all that..because she aint i see girls evryhwere in new jersey better looking than that-without the airbrushing and make up. and y the hec r these indians attempting to conquer the americas..they just a joke out here..really..we dnt wanna c some bunch of tarts and wannabe action hereos running around trees pretending to sing songs when they lip synching to other ppl songs- u dnt c that i our musicals- moulin rouge, west side story..need i go on?? claimin 2 b decent-i mean if they can b perved on and lusted and scantily clad dressed then they aint decent!! or good or whatever. but seriously..we dnt want this kind of stuff in the west..we got hollywood no need 4 bollywood. and can some1 plzzzzzzz explain where they got bollywood 4m??come on man-this is a laughable offence!!!go away and take ur fake women who cant act and aint beautiful back with u!!!

reply to danny boi:
First of all dont HATE on another race!! Just as people said before that u cannot judge ash to be the most beautiful woman in the world b/c no1 has seen all the women in the world, you cannot judge all indian women to be like ash! Have u seen other indian actresses and models? they'll leave ur mouth hangin ok..ash is real pretty..wow she got a lip job done n mayb her jaw bone altered a lil bit..but cmon who hasnt? Pam Anderson is like worshipped in the US..and shes ALL fake! Dont get me wrong...Pam is gorgeous..but shes fake. Atleast ash didnt get a boob job and a lot of other shit done to her face and body. Which country has won miss universe and miss world comp. for the past few years? India! we got the brains, beauty, and class. And bollywood is just the indian version of hollywood...its really not a big deal..we all give and take from eachother...just like how america uses the word "cashmere" from Kashmir and cmon u know americans love chandelier earrings, kurtas, and henna tattoos..now where do u think all that came from? I believe the only beautiful people are us ordinary people...I'm sure that half of us would look better than any actress or model if we put as much makeup on as they did and if we had our hair done everyday!! I know I would ;)

sorry...i meant reply to american pie

Wow, you people who think we should take our beauties back to india have really learned a lot in the fight for equality in the US. I thought we were all past that. Apparently, Oprah wouldn't have put Aishwarya on the show if she didn't think she was at least gorgeous, which she is. A lot of women in india are naturally beautiful and I see them all the time wherever I go. I mean, there is a spectrum of beauties to not so beautiful in EVERY race and believe me, you know it's true. So don't tell indian people that they aren't beautiful especially cuz you can't find any yourself. You are just probably close minded and you hate way too much

Everyone on this planet is beautiful..it's the mater of who's looking...for me Aish is wonderful..I wanna kiss her hand and say that her kind is rare.

uhhhhhhhhhhhh..........hmmmmmm........actually..i have seen lots of indian actresses and they are all fake!!!they are caked with make up!!! and actually..no1 in america worships pamela..who told u that??have u ever even been to the states?? exactly!!she is just a joked about sex object!!!thats all.we worship the likes of angelina jolie and so on...!!!! and american pie was right...these indian women are so false..we would need a chisle to take off the amount of make up they wear!!it is not an insult to INDIANS..i think u guys r gr8..like every other race in the world
...but i think ur cinematic enterprise is a huge joke and is the same old..make up..belly wobbling and so on..and as for miss world and universe..that says nothing..purely because its a known fact that these things are 99% rigged!!! please..the moment u can find me a actress of urs without the make up..and still look WOW AND I MEAN WOW i will take my hat off to u. she has had way more done than just abit of lip and jaw..its the whole friggin face!!! and as for OPRAH..well... ozzy osbourne is always on that thing..and have u seen him?? so dont tell me that just coz she been on oprah she beautiful..it means nothing. oprah once considered mariah carey one of the most beautiful women ever..and that is a joke. so plz dont go shallow on us n think jus coz she been giving a about 5mins airplay in the states that she is beautiful..coz it will only ever be 5mins. no offence. but thats how it is out here. the closet foreigners to crack the states are the brits, aussies and black afro, spanish. and kashmir is pakistani not indian..so we never took!!well not off u only the pakistanis!!!ha ha!!!no offence to pakistanis!! and in reply to stephy..the most natural beautiful women in asia are pakistani without a doubt. i mean form i have seen..they are amazing!!! ppl wuld say that indian and pakistani are the same..well technically no..beacause everywhere u go in different areas of a country ppl look different..and the pakistan side has a different look. so thats my opinion. i heard pakistani cinema is an even bigger joke..but hey..at least they not to ashamed to admit it!!! go pakistan..we got ur backs over kashmir u afghan fighters we love u!! and keep producing beautiful women!! love simon!!! another american pie...but not racist..just dont like fake women!!!

i dunno about pakistani women..i think arabian are the most stunning stunning stunning ever-have u seen their hugggggggggeeeeeee black eyesa and perfectly formed eyebrows..they are amazing i wish i was like them they would make india run for thier rupees any day!!! pakistan is a tiny country that doesnt mediacise its women that much so its hard to say they the best tho they do resmble arabian women more so than indian-must be their eyes and so on im sure they are if they anything like women i have seen on these random cable channels!!! ha!! im just a sad white girl.. bored..but india is ok i guess. they are by no way the most beautiful..but they are ok,they look good. but hey it is true india has one of the highest unit make up sales in the world just goes to show then.

oh and i totally agree that monica bellucci is the most stunning woman after angelina in terms of celebrity!! she is soo hot!!! and they both so natural which i admire more than beautiful with even a hint of surgery beacuse its still never naturally beautiful.

Aishwarya is a beautiful woman but she is NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, her looks are common like Angelina Jolie or Adriana Lima. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD IS model Beau-Latasha.



this message goes out 2 "american pie"..... well first of all lemme make it clear dat i was born n raised in new york, so dun tell me bout da media... i prolly know more than u... second of all ur message shows how much knowledge u have wen u said dat kashmir belongs 2 pakistan...maybe if u had half a brain u would realize dat it doesn't, n it prolly neva will....n third of all let me state that indian people are absolutely gorgeous... n yes i admit dat we do wear makeup, but really, who doesn't? angelina jolie DOES wear makeup... whoeva said dat she doesn't obviously has no brains, like u...n also atleast our media isn't filled wid cheap, slutty whores... u noe like da ones dat people like u sweat... n as for ur information, pakistan was formed from india,so basically everything dat they have, including the girls, is originated from india... so dun b rantin n ravin bout pakistan.. u dun noe half da shyt dat goes on there....o yes n as for the other person who made dat comment about latino chicks being hotter than indian women needs to open their eyes n looks at da faces and personality instead of the body and the "easiness"

p.s.- 2 all of those who talk about ash bein fake o wateva, i realli realli realli wanna see pix of yall...(especially american pie) lez see how much "real" beauty iz captured within u...hahaha sukaaaaaaaaaaazzzz

ooooooohhhhhh hmmmmmmmm cant take a comment hey!!! well heres one for u to suck on...latina women are pure original beauty unlike indians. and as for pakistani women they are way prettier than indian women. as stated by simonmonmon in diff parts of a country ppl look diff and they look better than the indian side...pure and simple!!!!! ha ha suck on that!!! and actually...im pure native american not indian american like u so i know way more about my country!!! and as for kashmir...that country is dominated by muslims so y side with hindus indians?? no making sense no?? latin girls rock this world true !!!! get over it hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i agree dudes indian gals just dont cut it sorry!!!its not personal or anything i just have never found them beautiful. attractive indeed but not beautiful.also maybe pakistani women are prettier but thats beacuse they are next to iran and afghanistan and thus have a blend of persian and asian looks.its nothing to do with indians claiming that.that is like the british saying everything austrailia has is because of them!and french women are by far prettier than german women.so it just does show that even though these areas or countries are RIGHT next ti each other doesnt automatically mean they look the same. thats all. its not being rude or racist its how it is.sorry. beau latasha and adriana are the worlds most beautiful women. she is ok i guess but not by far the best. so plz all you indians out here its not racist to say that!!or rude.just personal opinions.and it looks to me that more people agree that she is very pretty but not beau.and stop all this kashmir stuff its not right. we will see where that country ends up..odds are that as johnny said they are a muslim country mainly so they might well go with pakistan.but who knows.may the best man win!!!but lets not fight. LUCY.


hi ppl.me stephny again.i did a stint in the pakistani foreign office for a few months and in that time i managed to see alot of the country. for 2 weeks after i went to india, visiting mumbai and a couple of other places. and to be quite frank with you pakistani women are prettier.not that indian women are not pretty because some are but i travelled alot of pakistan and i have visited india more than once and draw from it that pakistani girls are alot better looking.maybe as lucy says people on that side are just better looking or whatever but i could put money on it that pakistan could produce many more beautiful women than india they just dont beacuse they live in a islamic country where its hard to do so.and they also live under military government and the ones that appear in their media are not even the best, they are pretty standard compared to the girls i met in unis and colleges at work and just seen in the streets!but im mot meaning to be rude its just my opinion.and latin american girls are dangerously beautiful without a shadow of a doubt so dont hate on them.i have been to brazil, puerto rico and so on and i have travelled the world belive me and their beauty is unmatched.they not easy hmmmm, im just talking about normal girls walking on the streets with their moms and dads for heavens sake!! look at the end of the day you yourself(hmm) have said that that chick a rai has had surgery done-so doesnt that just go to show that the best india has offered isnt even natural??

im a bengali american living in britain at the moment doing my studies. and i can too say that pakistani women are overall the most beautiful women ever in asia. ive seen them back home in america and here and i agree with stephny, lucy and american pie johno that they definately more beautiful than indian women. they just very shadowed in the surfaces of fundamentalist families, both in london and america and pakistan. i will take my hat off to anyone who can find the best indian woman to live up to the best pakistan can offer. you see ive got nothing to gain from saying this, as im not pakistani nor are the other people who have said so previously. indian, bengali and other asianic women have so far failed to match these women. this goes out to hmmmm- im not saying indian women arent beautiful beacuse they indeed are stunning but pakistani women have more beauty on a more general scale when compared to that of indian women and etc..they cant compete on a public scale because believe it or not- their cultutres do infact differ quite alot from yours as well their religion so it is alot more difficult to place them in the public eye they also dont have monies to reach the success india has. it is very very ignorant of you to assume that just because they belonged to india once over hakf a century ago that they do owe everything to you lot? so does that include us bengalis to?? you see, we were once part of you, but in terms of looks we are completely different-our features are different. we were also once part of pakistan but are even more different looking than them than we are too you. we and indians tend to have a darker skin tone and more flat features(bengalis)!!they are definately the best looking amongst the asians. the only problem with these women is that they exert a form of natural beauty-many in my uni and around london not even wearing a hint of make up and still looking beautiful- and this gives them a painfull air of arrogance which in turn can sometimes make them look extremely unattractive and many girls are threatened by them. they thus become recluses and perhaps severe nationalists which makes them even more unattractive.but look beauty is only skin deep!! ash rai is very pretty but as you said, she not 100%natural so its not beauty its more cosmetic beauty.. and sorry if this has offended you.but im not the only one saying this. majidur rehmaan from the westcoast reporting from london uk!!!over and out!!


ash rai aint beautiful she so overated!!! type in her name on google click on images and go thru them all and their are seriously minging old ones of her and even as miss world she was a ming!!! when she smiles she like a duck so i really do agree with american pie!!! she aint beautiful beauty is what your born with not what dr plastic surgeon to the stars gave you!!! its as black and white as that. no ifs and buts about it!!!! a girl is only classed as beautiful when if someone saw either no mnake up on her face or told her to take it off and she still beautiful or at the very very least very very pretty then she is most beautiful!!
this woman looks like she aint even see herself without it!! make up covers up flaws, gives colour that isnt there and enhances eyes etc to something they not. as well as surgery to top it off!!! come on you sad sad people. the only beautiful women are the ones who are born with it not given it later!!! so yeah...a girl might be turn out prettier with plastic surgery than one that hasnt but it doesnt mean she more beautiful because naturally she was more beautiful!!! eye candy is nice but u dont wanna be waking up to it in the morn with no make up on!! i dont car if she had the 'smallest' lip job done its still FUCKING FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

and beau latasha is the most beautiful woman ever. and its pure natural!!! check out lamborghini adverts and coca cola in europe!!! all im saying boys is she is a beyond belief perfect. perfect face perfect body!! and her eyes...oh la la la!!

oh yeah and another thing... this goes out to hmmm.. seeing everyone else hating on you...its true what they alll saying..you see im from iran and no for a fact that pakistani women are more beautiful than indian women!!!its common knowledge!!so go away with your comments on they originated from india big deal!! they also took most the beauty with them to!! as jemima khan put it only the other month...pakistani women and men are some of the most beautiful creatures walking!!! so up yours!!!

OooOoOps...srry if i offendend ne1...i was jus tryinnnn to make a point dat all indian women dont look like ash! u gotta c women from other parts of da region too...n who sed dat ash is the best dat india can offer? plzzz dats not tru...ppl may think dat jus cuz shes comin into da western mainstream n cuz shes one of da first indians to anyway...since everyone has there opinion bout who they think are da most beautiful in da world...id like to say dat "mixed" are...i noe cuz i have family n friends dat are...i have da cutest neice n shes half indian n half white n shes gonna be one hottie wen she grows up...n i noe n have met ppl dat r like half black n halfwhite, halfspanish n half south asiian, half spanish n half black, half filipino n half spanish..da list goes on...mixes jus possess a uniqueness to them dat no1 else has...all i gotta say is keep producing them mixed beautiful babies....o n to REALIST...who cares wut jemima khan says...shes jus sayin dat to plz her pakistani husband (if she sed dat before da divorce)...n shes not even good lookin she looks like a freakin man..well her children do look good haha see its all about da mixes

I believe she is not the most beautiful girl on earth, but the most beautiful girl seen on the screen

She is beautiful but not as beautiful as my wife

mixes do work indeed but thats just because its the comination of differing looks. actually i to agree with majid ur who said that pakistani are the most beautiful. you see hmmm, im indian myself and do believe that pakistani women are amongst some of the most prettiest. i feel indians cant match that. do i sound like a sell out?? well i guess its truth so i cant really deny it. mixed ppl are beautiful but they all are..so hey..but in terms of pure race...latina girls and pkaistanis win my vote anyday!!!! even my mother who dislikes pakisatnis for racial reasons- i know- i hate it when she does that- she says that even wen they 1nce belonged to us..that area..meaning lohore, karachi multan and bla bla bla bla were more attractive than the rest of the indians so wen they parted form us it stayed that way!!! oh well..but yeash ash is good..but sorry adamu she not the most beau on screen..check out pakistani actress aliah yayah and u will be BOWLED over..and its so unbeliveable that she apparently refuses make up because of some bad ass skin problem which is caused by reaction to stuff like make up!!so thats natural beauty. but yes hmm--mixed ppl r very nice. but jemima khan is not a manm she extremely elegant and beautiful and again very natural. and she was not rong to say that they are beautiful hmm beacuse they r and im an indian who says this. im not a sell out just some1 who admires real natural beauty like pakistani, latina and persian women have...

and also another thing hmmm...learn to appreciate that there are more beautiful women in this world other than indians because so far u seem to criticise anyone saying that pakistani or latina women are also beautiful..its wrong and nationalist. these conutries owe us some of the most exquiste beauties ever so whats the harm in saying so. lets wait for a pakistani do come on this site and beg to differ with you the way you have put them to the ground. its not nice!! so take it lightly. we to meaning india hacve some amazing girls but its high time we accept that they not the best!! i as well as many other ppl who arent even pakistani or latina well they dont seem to be are to saying that they are amazing so who are we to say they not??? im not meaning to be rude to dont get offended plz.. i just feel that its not just about us indians.

OKAY! THATS BULLSHIT! Whoever asked about where henna came from, and chandelier earings, thats crap. Henna is well known to have originated from egypt, and the earings are comman in arab culture. PLEAZZ. Also, American media might have a lot of "whores," but atleast they aren't acting like their all innocent, pretending to be virgins. I think Indian movies are a joke as all get out. It was so embarressing, that one indian acter was in a movie with Heather Graham, and at the promotional showing, there was indian dancers hoping around like they were on acid. Also, paki girls are cute but that culture is bred to be racist. I have had to many friends from that country, americanized or not, and they are racist towrds americans, along with indians. Even though they live in this country, they talk mass shit about america, but kiss our ass to ur face. And I would like to mention, I can't stand people who talk in slang when they type(hmmmmm)you sound like a retard, and uneducated.
So back to the question at hand, is she the most beautiful. Clearly no, everyone knows abot the surgery, and the loads of make up in each photo. I thnk her being on oprah proves nothing, but the boredom of americans, and they want something excotic to look at.
And to say american idolize pam anderson. gross, she is only known as a whore, who every guy want s to bang. We look up to real meat like angelina, and rania of jordan, and kate winslet. This girls have the real package, not plastic.


this is a message to jolie!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!1 how right u r!!!! i love ur honesty!!some1 finally on my level. yes im arab-from iran and jordon and henna originated from morocco and egypt not india!!! you so right about this ash chick to!! and i love queen rania!! she so so so fine!! pakisatni girls are extremely beautiful and in a non offensive way to indians alot more attractive as they more unique blend of asain, persia and arab. but they are very rascist but i think to be wholely honest with u they pick it up from us arabs which is embarrasing to say!! esp after this bull of the towers. india i have come to notice are becoming more and more inclined to the arab way of thinking- of being rascist dunno y as they not even a muslim country and the main reasons paki and arabs are so bad to the usa are because of a huge culture and religious clash. but hey i dnt want to comment on this kinda stuff!! but all u ppl who say indians are hot and pakis arent u way wrong and arabian girls are even more beautiful. but i c no reason for indians to be rascist the west aint done nothing wrong to them!!

and also- fake is never beautiful.even if its only make up!! you see, at least in american films, they in many scenes etc dnt wear make up. for eg-jolie in tomb raider!! and i will laugh in the face of anyone that says that at least in most the film she wearing hardly any if not no make up!! kate winslet in titanic. penelope cruz in vanilla sky and sahara. what about a few shows back of americas next top model. that chick with the huge blue eyes and she had her hair cut short?? dnt know her name-but she won againgst that mercedes girl?? her-i mean talk about mind blowing off the street natural beauty!! u c in my opinion- and im a guy that is saying this- although indian women may look OK in films they are so plastered with make up and its actually quite irritating to the point that u dnt want to look at their faces!! and they are such WHORES hmm its unbelievable!!so whoever told you they not is seriously deluded!! we may find hot chicks nice to look at by really we appreciate the natural finer things in life and indian women h=just cant do that beacuse they artificial. and its so hypocritical that ppl like u slag off the US girls but fail to realsie that india is also full of them!! and they have got this vile obsession of trying to look more light- ie a more paksitani or arabian colour!! i mean for fucks sake!! what is it with that!! u only have to look at old photos or just their necks to see the huge colour difference. the indian media is fake, flawed, bad acting, weird and just plain pathetic. i mean all they do is constantly rip off american films- i know the US does it to with say japanese films and so on- but only 10% of the time. or then they just run around in hardly any clothes, singing about love and so on and then get killed or something!! how how how embarrasing. and oh they laso got this thing with not letting go of old loose ends by constantly making films about this thing with pakisatan in which the indians always come up top!! how how how how how sad!! and even more sad is the fact that these ators and actresses cant even act let alone sing!! they get these other people to sing and they mime over it!! talk about talentless!!!!!! so the backbone of my long essay is- indians cant act, are a bunch of hypocrites and are so petty over looks and that is so shallow. and they cant let go off this silly dumb butt thing with their neighbouring country!!! just grow up indian film industry!!

and when i mean the west aint done nothing wrong to india- i mean in the sense in a muslims eyes, the US is wrong over iraq and us treated pakistan badly over agfhanistan but thats there opinion not mine!! the only prob i have with america is not americans i love my country this is wher i was born and raised but just with the government. i feel its worng how they go about things in this country and others and even americans that are native think this to.

and i know im back again jus one more thing- the pic up top of this frigging indian chick- the one in the purple dress- click on it and her boobs are fake!!! u c the amount of breast its showing in that pic her nipples should of shown- but they dont because they either cosmetically fake of computerised. im not a pervert just notice when ppl or something is fake!!

yeah paki girls are definately the most beautiful within that region- but indian girls are fitter!!make sense? ok boys and girls let me explain- indian women are more sexually attractive...meaning that they are better to look at from a male perspective.karma sutra and all that?indian women are divine sexual beings.. but sexual attractiveness is only temporary, its beauty that lasts. but back to the topic- this woman isnt the most beautiful. she cant be because its not real beauty. its sex. thats what she is. bangable. i would wanna bang her.so would my mates. but say a pakistani girl i would wanna wine and dine and love and admire her!same with latina girls. as for this person hmm in some sense ur right, u do get some slutty latina girls but on the whole they have beauty. something this woman does not have. she has attractiveness but it doesnt last forever.you konw surgery and its effects only last a while before the real face kicks out. so this sex object is always gonna have to get it done!! you may not believe me coz i sound like a some male pig but i actaully do admire and have more want for a girl without make up, then one that may look fitter, more bangable and sexy. because deep down i know that the other lady is actually prettier and like i said beauty is better than sexually attractiveness. and the thing with these movie stars is that they have no 'flow' on their faces. meaning everything is timed to perfection. what ever happened to the good old days of natural way to go looks?

and i have even more love for girls who have not washed their hair for weeks, have not rid of their hairy upper lip or ashanti sideburns or plucked their eyebrows, barely wash their faces, let alone cream and tone it eat whatver the fuck they like and still be classed as pretty or beautiful!!! imagine what they would look like if they did all that PLUS all the extras like make up and so on!! that my fellow message boarders is real real beauty!!

i agree with jolie and adnan comments on how pathetic and hypocritical the indian industry is. i read in a british paper some time back how this rai woman was approached about appearing as the next bond girl..but kindly declined as it clashed with her beloved culture and she didnt want on screen kinky stuff!! well lemme tell u something..in the article it said she was or had dated some bollywood 'hunk' so wheres her beloved i dnt kiss or shag culture gone there hey!! she is an undercover sex kitten and the fucking media knows this but they still play up to her being the good girl!! i mean talk about double standards. also in hindu religion it is not forbidden to take clothes off, shag and fuck who they want so why are they keeping up the pretence!! come on we bored of it!! at least western girls openly display what they are. indian women are huge time fraudsters!! we konw u love the sex as much as we do!! so dont make us laugh about i dnt want to kiss on screen!!i mean where the fuck, as haydon says about kama sutrah come from!!! india not america or britain or austrailia!! so pull the other the one india and dont make us laugh!!u just keep getting worse and worse with ur appalling film industry. but one thing i will give india, and this is said out of total respect, that they have managed worldwide publicity and success thru their bollywood enterprise which is very very good for a third world former british colony!! and as for the topic of beauty..she is not ugly but not beautiful either. she is standard with the help off a knife!! now if thats beauty then im the biggest dirtiest ugliest person ever!!and im not!!ha ha!! and b4 any1 tries to say 'ooohh you so jealous' well then i must be gay to be jealous of her coz im a MAN!!and pure hetrosexual.

and pakistani women are scary!!they have these huge eyes with pasty skin and they never smile. maybe this has something to do with being rascist?but i dnt care..they still pretty and i wuld love one on my mantle piece. except they tend to be quite small in height and that is no good as im all lanky!!

and this also goes out to jolie..you are the biggest retard coz tho u made good comments u didnt obviously read well enough to realise that these people are actually replying to some person to goes by the name of hmmm!! so if u read u might realise that!! retard!! sorry i had to stick up for the poor guys!!

oh actually sorry jolie..u arent the retard i am..i though u were making comments at the peolpe u typed hmmm in their replies but i think u were actually aiming it at hmmm her/himself!! sorry again

OK, I clearly I am not a retard, but i hope no one else uses slang to such a horrible exstent anymore. 4 shooo..Anyway, I think David,maria paulina, adnan, and paul made great points. What makes me really sick abot all this, is not about wheather Aish is the most beauty, cause she is lovely, but the sickness standing behind her, holding her arrogant,rainbow thinking, flat ass up. The indian cinema. It's a joke, and it truly gives you an idea about indian culture. The fact that they don't exspect more from this art form than what their getting leads me to believe this culture is really narrow, unfeeling, fake, and setting horrible standerds for their future generation. Aish is a horrible person, to flatter herself so, with her light color(bleach,make-up)and light eyes, when 80 % of indian girls are dark. brb

I think it's sad that the honest to God majority of indian girls have a dark complexion. Aish is up there, with all her fame, and not even considering those poor girls. Why doesn't she take all that crap off her face, and walk onto a movie set. Charlize theron did it, julia, angelina, so many top actresses in the state stand up for realness, and have a higher cause in life. The use their fame for better reasons. I think if aish is such a role model, she better get into the realness of india's problems. Drugs, child rape, poverty. AIDS. Richerd Gere did a Fundraiser in india about aids, and not one indian actor showed up. It's sad, the influence she could have on this ppl, and yet, she doesn't because her"good standerd" and culture won't allow her?? Don't tell me your a virgin? Tell me you'll stop dancing around the screen with you body sexually taunting the viewers, and just admit you've secerttly kissed every dam co-star you've worked with, not to mention slept with your past manager while you were married to the guy(whats his name)that "beat"u.Tell me your not promoting racism when you fly across the screen whiter than a polar bear, high on riches, while your people in east india shit in the street, and sell the ass for less rupees it takes you to buy kleenex.Don't tell me you represent indian culture giving Oprah a sari to wear. Give oprah the aids satistics, and how the indian goverment wil not assist these poor people, but your fine with it cause those poor people idolize you. And pleaze don't tell me you are deeply religious, when you conterdict your self by your actions, and or lack of action. I've never been more sick about a country being led by the media, and the government could care less about those poor victims. Aish is the product of many more robots, programmed to make india look like it holds some sort of magic, when really it is filled with a sence of falseness, story telling, and acient religion, made up from islam, christianity, and judism. That fact alone should prove india has long before took the magical idea's(hollywood), and or truth(religion) from other cultures and horribly cruppted it to suite their needs, and make thier own.(bollywood). I can't believ how she acted like american cinema wasn't her thing because her morals...pluezzz. If she ever got a job in american movies, she be figured out right there,she can't act,she can't wear that much make-up, and they would ajust the special lighting for her, thats why she politely declined bond. That makes since to me. oya, David critic, where are you?

that is true what you have said dear jolie..but your wrong about one thing she did try and campaign againgst some aids thing..but it didnt last when she figured that they were not going to pay her for the next appearance!! and quite right about the skin colour..i heard she is from a region in southern india which has an extremely dark skin tone, almost afro!! and sorry i dont think she is lovely..how can she be jolie when she is clearly fake??? does that still account for lovely?? i wuld mistake her looks more to that of mortisha from the adams family!! india is full of fake asses!! just stop embarrasing yourself with these hairy ugly hearthrobs and stupid talentless clearly fake women!! i am cringing just thinking about it. this is for HMMM.. i just want to say you are the biggest dunce ever created by the almighty!! how still in the head are you that you think kashmir is indian. i am iraqi and i live in an area FULLLLLLLL of pakistani people and a good solid 60% of them are from kashmir. now i have never come across a single indian who is from there!! and alll kashmiri people i nkow only define themselves as pakistani!! they hate indians as if their life depended on it!!! pakistani people want a referendum in which they decide where kashmir will go but your INDIA has always declined because they know what the god damn outcome will be. kashmir will never belong to india..over the dead body of the people that live there!! so i think you need to finally let go of your countries pathetic idealistic way of thinking!!no wonder pakistanis hate you so much!! all you guys do is make fucking dumb films about thema dn how crappy they are and how their girls are whores and yours arent!!! seriously talk about how low to go!! and also HMM everyone so far seems to be in favour of pakistani women being more beautiful so many if you got off your high horse you might look in the mirror and finally realize 'oh yeah-maybe they are right'. at least the majority of pakistanis havent got to bleach their skin white or put make up on to cover their permanent dark eeye patches!! i know im coming across as really rascist but im not..nor am i being one sided sticking up for a conutry that is also muslim..im not shallow about race or religion..i jsut cant stand the joke india is as a country and a business.

and another thing..im sure half their 'top' actresses are from some where like bangladesh and arent even bred indians!!maybe if they stayed in their own country they might not be the jokes they are today. and goes to show that the definately do stuff to their skin colour if they are from bangladeshi regions as majidurm who in bengali himself that they have a dark skin tone?!?!why cant people just be happy with what they got. white people want to tan and indians etc..what be white!!! gosh talk about michael jackson clones!!! what next..funny nose jobs..ooopppppps no sorry most of them have already had them done!!

well..this is how it is... she isnt beautiful. why? because it aint what her mama gave her! thats why

pakistani women easily stand at the top when it comes to asian beauty along with persian women. gosh i love them. i mean this dude hmm who says that they originate from india fairplay...but it doesnt mean that they look like u!! they are alot differebt looking from you. even the area of the punjab- pakistani punjabs do differ in looks from indian punjabs. same with kashmir pakistanis and indians.

i wish i could marry a pakistani girl..but they never look my way!!something to do with race i suppose. they always think us bangladeshi people are ugly!!oh well never mind a boy can always dream. but what really annoys me is that the pakistani boys always get bengali women use them for sex and chuck em-talk about using good looks to get not so pretty naive girls into the sack!!!
so i agree with jolie that they are bred racists!! i dont think indians are racist though towards the west, only to pakistan and afghanistan and the middle east area they think they better than them!!

but british people have no taste if that is what their view of beautiful is!!! yuk yuk yuk thats all im saying!!

and another thing...yes we and indians are of a dark complexion so it is fair to say that these indians do indeed attempt to whiten themselves to more of a pakistani or arabian colour. i think dark skin is beautiful!!! its lovely and chocolatey!! reminds me off melted cocoa!! even though pakistani and persian and arabians may be better looking in terms of features i find their skin colours to be pasty-as paul says-which is scary!! i prefer coloured faces which i believe brings out the eyes more. brown and black is beautiful more so than pasty pasty brown, olive white or white!!

ok this comment firstly goes out to jolie- u r a looser 4 tinking dat talking in slang shows retardness- jus shows 1 cant be bothered to type!and also you dnt know what beauty is if u think that rania and jolie are beautiful!!! r u blind or something?? jolie has got a man face and rania is hairy and weird looking. and are u some spokesman/woman for aids the way u bash on about it!!!
and also- ash rai may be fake in whatver sense-but she still looks better than all what america and jordon has come up with!!!!

as for saying paki and persian girls are cute and beautiful-well at least indian girls families dont breed terrorists like they do and hide them in their back yards!!! and at least indian girls dont walk around with their heads stuck in their asses like they better than everyone else!!!!! so what if they pretty they fucking rude, up themselves, racist and think they can get any man they want. so what!!! big deal,they are all a bunch of undercover terrorists!!paki ppl have persian, turk and afghani in their blood so they are the ultimate combo for weird terrorists!!!

so dnt give me bull about they pretty- looks dont last and they horrible horrible people- all of them are nationalists who slag off everyone apart from their own and arabs-y beacuse they all terrorists!!

they kill their own kids if they bring shame onto the family in the middle of the streets and drag their women onto the streets to shame them for whatever they did!!!

i hate all these arabs and pakis!! i dont care about looks. so what if we dont give a damn about our own ppl- lifes about zero sum game- y shoud ash rai give a flying fuck if her ppl are dying- like they wuld care if she was just a nobody!!! do u c americans given all their wealth to the poor?????? no i never seen them!!!

richard gere is a dirty old man with a filthy face who puts on shows for the world- do u really think he was bothered about aids?? no more about his publicity!!! give me a break about indian industry beong shallow- u americans started it all!!! ur the ones that began commercializing cosmetic surgery not us!! ur the ones with the biggest porn industry not us!!ur the ones with x rated music videos not us!!ur the ones that started all this shit with rap culutre!! ur the ones that ruined this world with ur fake ideals and fake women. i dont idolise celebrity i only idolise my family and religion!! americans idolise celebrity like they some kind of gods!! how fucking lame!!! u sad ppl are the ones that started all this not us!!! can u blame a 3rd world country in tring to copy u- hoping that they might well reach the level of success u guys have!!!

so get off ur high horse jolie about ur film stars being all good and stuff-they dont give a damn as long as they still get to fuck and drink crystal!!!

ur the retard

and paki girls- if any of u happen to come across this site- our country is glad to be shot of u- we wouldnt want the embarrsment of having stuck up arrogant bitches like u walking around making way for terrorist kids blowing up ppl!!! and ash rai is better than anything the US could produce. rania is hairy like all arab girls and paki girls!! white and pasty and black hair invading their bodies!!!

and for your information- hinduism didnt stem from islam!! and at least we havent got weird ppl blowing up everywhere like christians and jews and muslims do

ha ha ha ha ha ha thats the funniest rant i have ever heard. talk about fundamental racism!!!wooooooo!!!

pakis and arabs are cool u know- jealousy wont get u no where- just coz indian ppl are mingers and these lot are better looking u fly into a rant about religion and terrorism!!!! ha ha ha!!!!! gosh thats the funniest thing EVER!! im in hysterics. maybe because of all the publicity these regions and countries have got about terrorism u indians are feeling left out and u to want to be terrorist gangsters!!! ha ha ha!!! how funny!!!

u have made my day ANNOYED i love it- hate u for what u said but love it coz its so funny!!!

all this shit is getting boring now...let the indians have their fun. they obviously have little tolerance for other people especially pakistani women!! how petty is their jealousy!! maybe if they let go of their complexes they might just find they are themselves horrible people. beauty is an object only given for a short while!!! i have travelled the world and pakistani women are amazing!! they are lovely women who unlike indians have some respect for themselves!!! so forget the rubbish about they so horrible bla bla bla. its all jealousy!! the moment a paki or an arab comes on and says they hot bla bla bla then fight them- but so far its only been non arabian and non pakistani people!! so cant u just take the hint!! its not pakistan that begs indias models to come over and do shows for them!!its the indians that want paki women!! why??? because they live up to the ideal of what india wants to be and cant have!!what that ideal is i dont know exactly. but im sure one of u indians will inform me!!

hey everyone..its me aka hmmm (only reason i chose this name was cuz if u look at my first comment it kinda had to do wit the reply to wut "american pie" had said so thats the only reason i wrote hmmm... n i stuck wit the name cuz i was like y change it but some ppl have problems wit my name so here) neways whoeva said slang is retarded...im srry im not 30 yrs old n im from nyc n dats how we do!! n dont tell me im uneducated cuz i got a fuqin 3.8 gpa n imma be a goddaam doc soon so shuddup... im fuqin proud to be a new yorker so dont tell me dat i am racist against america..theres no other place id rather be...born n raised in nyc okayy n im not racist AT ALL!! i get along wit ppl who arent my race better neway...i like diversity...so like T.I. says "u might see me on this site..but shawty u dont noe me"

hey...i also asked my mom a few quest. cuz honestly i dunno jack bout my culture n she told me dat there r two types of indians...theres the dravidians..who r natives to india..they originated from there...n there r aryans who came from areas of eastern europe or sumtin like dat...so im guessin (its jus my opinion i dunno i may b rite or may b wrong..so dont go n b like blahblahblah ur bein racist haha) most actresses come from like (i think) eastern n southern part of india n dats where the dravidians r...i dunno jus a guess...cuz i do c a diff from them n aryans cuz my dad for ex. can pass for nethin but indian...which is weird to me well mayb cuz i noe hes indian dats y... cuz hes really tall n hes got light eyes n dats basically how all my family looks like n dats basically wut i see so dats wut im expectin to see for every1 i guess n the last time i been to india i was like 8 so i dunno...n personally i dont like to watch indian movies cuz i noe the storyline b4hand hahahehe...its like the guy n girl cant be together for some reason or the other n then at the end they live happily ever after..its so funny n i also dont like how there r songs every 5min its annoyin n i dont understand the lang. so its hard...i need subtitles lol...but its weird cuz all my friends who arent indian love them n some actually have indian song ringtones on their cellfones so thats scary to me lol..well thats them n im me...so dont tell me im bein bias or sidin wit my country cuz im not really into their media...i give it to them tho cuz theyre rich n famous cuz of every1 who loves them n hey bollywood sells n thats y theyve reached the level theyre at now n i believe it will keep on selling n jus get bigger n bigger...well i dunno if this makes sense so w/e
P.S. I'm not RACIST..i love ALL people

indeed it will get bigger- but the types of indians u talk about is rare-the majority of indians have dark skinned tones and they get darker the further south and east they go. it is perhaps the very far west of india that has the lighter tones- then in pakistani regions they become light. thats how it is- fact!! dravids are of a mixed variety as are aryans- so it depends on ur genes. however to be tall says nothing, inidans on the whole are on average- of average and above average height. so we are all tall- well not all but we are not short either. i am indian and have lived there for years and no for a fact we are not of fair skin origin its as black and white as that!! some are- but hey thats how it is. it is pakistan that is the light skinned and along with arabs. our punjabi ppl are darker than their punjabi ppl!! funny but true!!! but indians many have light eyes which isnt the point here. the point here is that our industry is causing embarrassment. ppl think we are two faced!! the point isnt about skin colour- so go yankees- its silly of u to make it about that!!

go yankees-and for u to be proud of ur dad passing for anything but indian shows u very shallow in ur depths- its sad u r like this

We are all of mixed origin. It has nothing to do with that but to generalise and say that all indian women wear cake loads of makeup and pakistani's are more beautiful is a flawed statement. If you were to speak of women applying makeup I would say that america would dominate. Angelina Jolie wore makup on the set of Tomb Raider.

Right now this world is predominantly dominated by western cultures. Hence beauty is generalised as having fair skin, light eyes and being moderately thin.

History has demonstrated that dominant cultures always enforce thier ideas and beliefs upon weaker ones. Just imagine if the african people, or the chinese for example were the ones to colonise and conquer the world, their ideas of beauty would be different to europe's.

Perhaps in their culture's having big round eyes or light skin would be considerd unattractive. Also, Women might be admired for having large pelvises for child bearing instead of looking like matchsticks.

Beauty comes from being healty, wealthy and happy. I think that if africa wasn't inundated with natural disasters and their people were healthy, wealthy and happy, you would see ther women winning beauty contests.

And further more its all to do with human emotion. In the fifties in america, beauty in women was judged by personal characteristics such as being feminine and ladylike, shy and demure. It has now changed to something different. Independent and provocative, seductive, sensual, and voluptious. Angelina Jolie in the fifties would be just another beautiful face amonst many.

India in the days of the kamasutra admired women for being Independent and provocative, seductive and sensual. After being invaded by the Mughals of persian origin, this changed to being demure. When the british came, they futher accentuated this by considering themselved superior over the normal indian. India's mindset has therefore changed to believing that beauty is in skin colour.

We have been conquered by Persians, Greeks and the british who have infused their cultures into our lives. India is now a mixed salmagundi of cultures tossed and turned to the point where we all turned brown. Power exhumes sexuality and since these cultures had power over us, we have become envious of their power and try our best to emulate their power. In doing so trying to imitate everything they do.

As for indian cinema, bollywood is only one stream. There are quite a few parallel cinemas, the bengali, tamil, kannada and kerala. Some of these films are more tasteful than the usual bollywood song and dance numbers. Some of these cinema's give a more unfantastic view of india than the sensational bollywood cinema.

By the way I am indian (half dravid half aryan)and I think that both sides fair or dark have beauties. Go to kerala and have a look as some of the women there. Their confidence and independence is in itself beautiful.

P.S. I dont think Marylin Munroe or Angelina Jolie are that attractive. Catherine Zeta has a certain sophistication that I find attractive. Penelope has a kind of innocent perspicuity and openness that is extremely attractive

William Tanner, you say with "ANGELINA JOLIE , JULIA ROBERTS , NICOLE KIDMAN , KATE WINSLET , CATHERINE ZETA JONES , BEYONCE " how can one claim to be the most beautiful.

Now notice all these are american, british or australian actresses. All from occidental cultures. You have sucha limited view of cinema and the world.

James DeanofUSA u say "these bollywood women are plastered with the stuff..any girl can be beautiful with that amount of make up". My god the contradictions u propose in this statement are profound. Please look at your own backyard before criticizing someone else's. American actresses are the ones famous for excessive makup and their over promiscuity is ruminating. They have cosmetic surgery and look like stick figures.

It like if I were to say "these HOLLYWOOD women are so fake. Any girl can be beautiful with that amount of plastic surgery, fitness programs or pilates classes."

I think your ignorance about the rest of the world leads to hicks like u electing an even bigger idiot for president...twice...

Personally all u guys can take u'r rascist closed minded opinions and shove it up your posterior's. India is pretty happy with its bollywood actors and actresses and dont need your criticism.

iam a photographer and i was at the cannes film fest last year ,have seen both ash and nicole kidman up close take it from someone who has seen actresses from all over the globe nicole is a goddess man , i mean i have seen her without make up relaxing by the pool, she is so naturally beautiful and "your so called MBWW"RAI WAS NEVER SEEN WITHOUT MAKEUP AND THAT FAKED UP SMILE of hers.rai is 100 % superficial and vigourously trying to market herself tirelessly to land big roles in hollywood.






hi iam from afghanistan ilike aish very much she is a very good actress and tell u ilook like her really iam not joking

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