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January 03, 2005


I have met Ash in person.......she is stunning and has a heart of gold......God bless her.

-S.S., NY, NY

Aishwarya Rai, is more than beautiful, she is someone I would love to take home to my mother. A fan of Indian movies, currently attending Hobart college in Geneva, NY.

her beauty is not the most.because she did not deserve the most.

Looks like raubil is just a tiny bit jealous over Rai's God like beauty.......it's ok....us mere mortals can't compare, don't feel bad raubil

hi my name is nasim im from iran but i love aishwaria rai alot there isnt any doubt about her beauty she isnt beauty she is one angel queen we cant say one person for her we cant describe her beauty

Please can I have her email.I would want to marry her.
Am a petroleum Engineer and I work for an oil company and am prepared to marry her.Thank you.

she is beautiful, no doubt...but there are many kinds of beauty. and i dont think she can be judged as a 'person with a heart of gold' by just one meeting or one episode of 60 minutes...which looked highly rehearsed to me. i think she a very clever fake. clever yes...but fake nonetheless.

yeah she is fit but the worlds best. The fittest in the world, u ave to be havin a laff!

hi , everyone ! i also think that she is soo cute and she is really perfect ! i really admire her, cuz she is a good actrice and a good danser. and her clother wowwwwwwwwww i wanna dress just like her haha all those collers makes her look everytime really beautiful !

I think Aishwarya is a beautiful woman and I think that it is great that she is representing India. I hope she becomes an oscar winner!

well i think she is pretty, but shes not the most beautiful women in the world. She has good looks but the look she has is not always considered beautiful. What about the sexy look? Or the clasyy look? The Most Beautiful Woman in the world should be able to show EVERY SINGLE look that is ever considered pretty. Dont get me wrong, im not saying shes ugly, frankly, i think she looks stunning in the picture up at the top of this site. But I promise you, there are prettier women in this world.

She is beautiful - also look at Young Photos of singer Freda Payne

I think "Sarah's" comment about Aishwaria Rai is the only fake thing. She is the most beautiful women ever and most stunning celebrity without a doubt. Having seen far too many sEXy, Classic beauties from all over the world Aishwaria Rai far exceeds ALL women I have seen, and far more beauty, charm, SEXINESS, Classic, Exotic, delicate, strong, Elegant, beauty than anyone. I have traveled far too much and have seen women from all walks of life and nationalities, Plastic surgeried and NON plastic surgeried and even women who try to look like MIss Rai thanks to Plastic surgery and Yes, she is beyond good looking and Far, far prettier than anyone. THere are very few women prettier than her and I haven't come across anyone yet despite all the pretty women I have come across.

This is reguards to the Anonymous post who believes the most beautiful women must be the most beautiful in all looks. Don't make a judgement call on one or two pictures. There are thousands of pictures of Aishwerya all over the internet. Some are incredibly classy and some are very sexy. Look at some of those pictures. Her classy look is far beyond most as well as here sexy look. She has so many different looks and she is gorgeous in every one. Before you make a comment, do your research.

She is prety,and not the most beautiful,the most beutiful must satisty all the qualities of beauty and must be accepted by every man,to me she is averagely ok.The most beatiful never exist,only GOD can tell.

I think ais is the most & most beautiful lady of the world. she is so charming beauty and realy attractive. she has all the quality too.

aishwaria is Hot!!! no doubt! to all those people out there who think different - YOUR JUST JEALOUS!!!

i think she is really pretty but i wudnt say she's da prettiest gal on planet cuz evry gal r pretty in thier own way. plus u cnt say she's da prettiest in da wurld cuz u aint seen al galz on planet SO u cnt say she iz da PRETTIEST in da wurld. dnt criticize against islam! lv me

loll @ all comments about her being pretty. yes no doubt she is pretty but not drop dead gorgeous! not the most beautiful person in the world or even one of them. YOU CANT REALLY DEFINE BEAUTY SO THEN HOW CAN U PUT A PICTURE TO IT? I MEAN BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. what one might think is beautiful, stunning or gorgeous, the other might think the opposite. she may be pretty but shes dumb referring to the david letterman interview she had. lol what a bimbo! anyhow now she one the laurel hair dye commerical. IF YOU WERE TO PICK ANY ORDINARY GAL AND SLAP ON SOME MAKE UP AND DYE HER HAIR AND DRESS HER IN NICE CLOTHES, ANYONE CAN LOOK THAT PRETTY! PS ASH HAS HUGE ASS GAPS BETWEEN HER TEETH THAT SHE GETS FIXED PRIOR TO HER MOVIES. SHES NOT FLAWLESS! LOLLLLLLLLLLL

I think that Cathrine Zeta-Jones is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has classic beauty, sexiness and uniqueness combined in one. I have not seen a more stunning and sexy woman. There's not been a woman with such magnetism since probably Kathrine Hepburn. Very few women posses such amazing wonderfulness. Aishwarya Rai is very pretty but she lacks that raw sexuality. She lacks that fiesty attitude. She is merely a kitten, while Miss Zeta Jones is a tiger.

I think AR she is most butiful woman. I like very much. Her skin is natural buti.


I think this actress Aish Rai, is one of the many shallow actresses in the indian cinema. It is sad n clear how the indian culture is obsessed with her mearly because of her face caked with light colored make-up, and light colored eyes, which look like contacts by the way. Not to mention, the fact that she teases the movie viewers, so that they think she is such a "good girl" Gimmi a break. Yea the girl is pretty, but please, to say she is the most beautiful woman. Lets be honest.She seems fake, and rehearsed, aside from not having any honarable acting skills, I've seen real true beauty. Angelina Jolie! She isn't fake, and she rarely wears make-up, not like aish who cakes it on. And Angelina is trying to make a difference in the world truly. Not just shake her ass in front of the screen, and than proudly say that she is a "good girl". I know u freaks out there won't agree with me, but thats because your in your own little dream world, like aish. I'm not jealous, I'm just humored.

After reading all the comments about Aishwarya Rai, I came to the conclusion that she is an over-all good, tasty looking piece of candy. However, candy is deceptive. Covered in shine and sparkles, dipped in chocolate,and displayed on lovely settings. Who wouldn't fall for the trick. And we realize, candy is a treat not to be abused or obbsessive about. Point, I believe that people are giving this woman more credit than she might deserve, and she herself seems a bit obbsessed with herself. Yes, she is lovely, but I saw the letterman interview, and was really let down much more than before. Hello? How many question did she not know how to answer? Airhead. I agree with David-critic about her shallowness, and I also agree with Ams about her fakeness. She seems to really depend on her looks instead of talent as an actress. So many woman could claim the title she "thinks" she has, but they are the truly modest, and intelligent woman who don't need to do interviews based soley on their looks to prove something to themselves. I being a very beautiful woman find it a shame that she represented indian woman in such a childish, ignorant, and wanna-be culture of woman. Fat one

i think that ruff is soooooooooo right anyway i think that camron is sooooooooooo fit lol but what is the point if you think that everyone is pretty does it matter what colour or race you are so you should be proud of what you are JUST TO REMIND YOU CAMRON IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she is really preety but i dont think that one person can be named most beautiful since they havent seen every woman in the world.

Hahaha. You guys just drool over her. I can always talk to her. I'm her cousin! Hahahha

she is extremely beut iful

She is beautiful, but i dont think she'll ever get an oscar. Caz her acting sucks.
You can't judge if she's the most beautiful, caz i've never seen pictures of her without make-up.
I think Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci are the most beautifull. ANd yes i've seen pics of them!!!!

Aishwarya is beautiful, true, however, I feel that the most beautiful woman in the world is Oksana Federova, Miss Universe 2002. That girl is beyond words breathtaking and has a golden heart as well.

Well well Let us see
Ash is beautiful no doubt, she is elegant, charismatic and most of all she is witting and cunning. these two factors will come in handy in hollywood since its all a gossip and mocking oriented society.
Another Issue is "will she make love scenes in hollywood?" i think this will create a lot of nonsense back home, the idea of hollywood is body selling, this is what earns the money.

I would not lie, she is made to love and adore, she has extremely beautiful eyes, but all that is external and transient. the question is "is she REAL like she claims to be or ACT (she is an actor after all)" after all, no one is in the entertainment industry.

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