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November 17, 2004


Paris Hilton is this generation's answer to Charo, whom as far as I could tell was famous simply for being famous, but not for doing anything that anyone could identify.

i think paris is very pretty, i think she is prettier than me . one day i would like to be like her. she is rich.i would like to meet her one day that would be cool, or to go shopping with her that would be my dream. i love shopping for shoes.

From SUNNY Adelaide South Australia
an interesting study of a young woman , that no one would have any interest in ,if it were not for the fact that she is young ,sexually attractive ,and very wealthy .
It is sad that wisdom mostly comes with time and age ,it would be invaluable to young men and woman .

I LOVE PARIS omg she is my idol she is the hottest person in hollywood and she rocks and I wanna meet her one day !!!!!!!!!!!


i think paris is hot. she has everything sexy. i wish that i could have sex with her. im 1 month older than her. she is so hot and she has huge, juicy, luscious, perfect looking boobs. o my god i wish i could see her nude in the shower with me. she is a babe. i want to do it with her soooooooooooooo badly. she is the hottest, sexiest person alive.



wow, um, lots of funnyyyyy comments on this page! All teh people who ignored your references to the Tao Te Ching and completely only responded to Paris. This is SUCH the wrong site for them; I'm sorry the wisdom here is lost on those who ONLY care about shoes (of course, shoes can be fun...but not the most important thing). To the person who said wisdom comes with age - it is apparent that while, one invariably gains wisdom as one grows older, some people of about Paris Hilton's age have much more wisdom than other people of such an age.....ahem.

ohhh...... paris is very pretty but she is already not a virgin i'll watch her movies to inernet & i disappointed her because i saw her face to suck the dick of her partner...

Hey Leeshes,

OMG. Paris Hilton is one of my favorite celebs. She is like my number two hero. Right after Jessica Simpson, of course. She is mega pretty, super rich and just plain famous. Youve got to love her.

Toodles to the Poodles,

im verry love paris..
she's so rich n beautiful...

No-one has mentioned gender yet.

Isn't it true that women in our society only need youth and looks to be valuable?

Paris Hilton is very successful at being an ornament.

لطفاً آدرس ايميل اين خانها را براي مكاتبه و آشنا شدن بيشتر براي اينجانب ارسال كنيد

I really agree on the positive opinions 'bout Paris. When you are already in the limelights it is handy to have her qualities. I have the same kind of qualities but live in an environment where people are easily jealous. So my live is difficult. I might be shallow, empty, even dull for the so-called good conversationalists. Still they try to block me from succes. It is hard when you have certain lloks, people think you have all the fun and men think yor easy. Well I'm not and look for ways to be stronger. Love to all the Parisses and Barbies in the world

Ohhhh...This is the girl of my dreams.
She is tall and gorgeus and fantastic actress. Her big feet and toes is all that i need it.
I wanna be her slave, thats all dude...

toes sucking for you Paris... i love you.

paris hilton is a slag and has fake boobs and only thinks of her self........
shes selfish and wears the most ugly stuff ever.....
ur all sad for wanting to be her slaves n wanna shag her and dat ur all perfetic.....

Paris Hilton Appears Beautiful in her Own way, Shes Rich, has her own Style and is Living her life She enjoys The Camera Flashes and Fashion shows.. Im sure she does more than just that But the point is Shes a Girl and Shes Attractive to alot of people , people who dont agree, Its okay to have your opinion of your beauty preference However If you cant say anything nice dont say anyhing at all? Why should your comment Matter to anyone but yourself?

Pay Attention to God and be more Positive.. Negativity Gets you nowheres

I Think Paris hilton is Interesting however by NO means am I her slave

I want to fuck her she so rich and hot

I'm Lesbian and I love Paris.

salam be hame gi

is very best pagine tank for under to paris hilton and gwen stefani

paris make me happy in pants. sucky sucky i think he is but ok

paris is like totaly cool. i think she is a great roll model. She shows how to suck. She likes to buy stuff like pocketbooks and shoes. if you dont have shoes it like your feet will hurt


Paris Hilton is a very beautiful and sexy woman. However she acts is her right, but I don't believe she is an airhead. I believe that is an act. I would like to meet and get to know the real Paris. I bet she is a wonderful person.

who really gives a fuck!
shes just some dumb blonde, rich, slut!
why whould anyone really want to be her...
she has no self respect.... Shes just a SLUT!

SHES A SLUT AND FUKIN SKINNY RUNT WITH A DGEY NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is more to Paris than her image im sure. that gets her famous but if she really is that way, thats not going to get her through life. other than that, she is so beautiful and captivating. she is the barbie doll in human form.

i think paris is the maddest person ever. i think she is a bit 2 skinny but who cares shes hot!!! Im like obsesses with her shes rich and beautiful and gets guys with the snap of her fingers. i wish i was like her

Errr...Paris Hilton just appears to be too stupid. She showed up at Live8 not even knowing what the event was for..DUH. I guess money can't buy brains huh. Just because you are rich doesn't make you any better than other mortals you dumb slut!!!There is such a thing called KARMA........

I'm an ugly mother fucker! i wish i could get a girl who was atleast 1% of what Paris Hilton is.. that would b way hotter than the average gal we see on the street.
but again. beauty is only vain... so wat is there more than that.. insults?? no.. not I.. such a person who should be opening people's eyes up to the world stay at home an open my internet to write scanty things about a person i call a SLUT! i'm juz a fucking moron... plz forgive me Paris Hilton.. i was meant to get on G.B's back.. didn't do a great job of that in setp. 11.. lemme try again! i mean there were 33 errors.. and even tho it gave a kick.. why didn't i continue.. do i not have self respect???.... i'm simply a bastard with no morale or value who tries but doesn't succeed.. i should do something with my life instead of telling others they suck but do the same thing as them! I think another movie with a proper outline would do a good job in opening the american eye to the horrors that are occuring.. my time is enough wasted.. i shall wake up now and do something good with my time instead of coming on such useless sites!

i love paris shes jus so hot theres more 2 her than people think i'd love 2 meet her one day shes the girl of my dreams!!

I think Paris Hilton needs to learn how to appreciate her place of being a super rich girl and people.Outside beauty dosent last forever and if she is going to "not do anything but party party party" her career is going to fall.And she is building past not future.
HEY ! Anyone if had all that money of course would have the most experienced people in the world to dress them, make their hair and make up.
She might be the richest one but does she's got the brain?I dont think you are smart Paris of what publicity you do.Feel sorry for you!
Lucky she's got a sister no people will understand her.Nicole Richie really shouldn't be her friend at all im glad she understood that Paris is BITCHY.

i think that you are stupid so what if shes u'r second cousin and who cares if u never met her i on the other hand love her she is my idol and she famous for the hotels and for modeling i thought that you studyed her u suck at studying and the only reason you don't like her is because u r jealous so get over ur self hater and i hope 1 day u do met her to know that she is one of the nicest persons and not a bad actress

She's too skinny. Must add some weight if i must consider taking a look at her.

If Paris Hilton ever Googles herself, she's gonna be really creeped out by a lot of you people.

i would creampie her ass


Eerm.. it attracted my attention that everybody comments on Paris Hilton's shoes, Paris Hilton's boobs, Paris Hilton's beauty, Paris Hilton's money, Paris Hilton's wealth ... i think nobody will like her 10 years later coz she will get older and not be so beautiful. WILL YOU WANNA BE HER SLAVE THEN TOO ?

Everyone needs to stop idolizing other people!!!


I think she is nothing.She isnt beatifull.
She has a big nose.
I dont know why some peaple think her body is pretty????!!!

Personally i think Paris is a fabulous person. People who put her down are just haters...weather you're her family or not. Everyone wants to be her or they hate her cuz she's around. She's not famous for NOTHING....she is a very repectable model, along with many other things. People say she has nothing and she is nothing...well who are you to judge anyone. She is something, as are every other person in this world. Just because they are put on blast every day of there life and everything these people do is put on a pedestole, does not mean that any one of us has the right to judge. I've always liked Paris Hilton and i would love to meet her. Every person is different. If you wered raised in her environment I'm sure you would turn out the same or some what like her. I know i would. In a lot of ways I am just like her. Everyone in this world is so qucik to judge others....judge yourself first.

Also....home girl is what 23/24 years old...you know damn well all you fools in that age range go out and party. If i had the money she did i would party all the time too. She fuckin young...live the life you wanna live right...she smarter than the rest of us...we all surely dont have no jewelry line, perfume line, modeling contracts...etc

I believe that Paris Hilton is a genuinely sweet girl.Alot of young women have been fooled by the likes of the scumbag that videotaped and sold her out.It was naive to let him do that,but you cant change the past.
I dont think I could handle 10 minutes in her shoes,while its fun and glamorous,im sure its hell at the same time.Her mother is the one that should be helping her through this and giving her advice,if she's not,then that explains alot of what happens.Look at britney spears mother, that fool will allow her daughter to do anything as long as the gravy train rolls full steam ahead.These girls need direction from a moral and reliable source.the Moms dont seem to be cutting it.Alot of girls her age do fool things,it just so happens that everything she does is made public.She cant help the fact shes tabloid mania,she didnt ask for it.And I think she does OK with all that going on.Be sweet Paris, but please,protect yourself.Dont be so trusting anymore.love,your other Mother.

your so hot send me some pics of u naked

Some of you people are so weird!! If I was her and I read this shit I would be completly freaked out. I like Paris Hilton too but I respect her acheivements and the choices shes made in her life. If I had her body, and money I would be as crazy as she is. But shes also smart and successful even though many people dont think so. Shes gotten so far not because of her father's company, but because shes beautiful, smart, and knows how to get what she wants. Theres nothing wrong with a woman being proud of her body. She must work hard for a figure like that and she deserves to show it off. Also shes young. Why wouldn't she be out partying and getting in trouble everyone does that she not that diffrent from everyone else. I think she would be one of the most fun people to have as a best friend.

no comment ........

I admire Paris Hilton for having achieved so much at such a young age. I hope she uses her talent and success to help others who are less fortunate and may she be a role model to others. I wish her more success and happiness. She worked hard for her money and so I say "Let her enjoy her wealth". Keep it up girl!

I am a middle aged man with an extremely responsible job and believe Paris Hilton is a Goddess. I would do anything she asked me -anything. I worship her.

Her Dog is better looking!

I am looking for a love like Paris,
I like tall white women with very big
feet for my one and only true bride to be..
please don't be shy ....
P.S. I like nerdy,goofy plain looking women
the most...(sigh!)...

paris hilton is so beautiful and i am definelt jealous of her. It is true that she only thinks of herself but that doesnt make her any less prettier. she can basically make any girl lesbian and turn any guy straight. and yes she is a hoe!

Look, I dont think Paris is a Good role Model. She fets drunk everynight. Gets fucked everynight by a random person. I dont hate her, beaus eI know its not her fault. She hasnt had any limits watsoever. Shes just spoilt rotten. No girl should look up to her, becasue I know that under all that tanned luciose skin there is a very sad a confused women. Id rather have a good life in clogs,than a sad life in heels.

I think that paris hilton is not really the type of person to look up to but i think that she is beautiful on the outside but im not so sure about on the inside. But on the other hand i dont think that ANYONE should have the gift of being that rich and that beautiful all in the same pack thats just not fair. Maybe if paris would stop being so concieted and self centered then she would be a very great role model.

Mhmh i love stupid little comments people live. like get a life paris is an ugly skanking looking girl who only thinks about her superficial self. andits really sad how girls want to be like her. like ask yourself do u want to be someone who wants to be know as a sluty girl.

with all that money shes got comming out of her ass why doesnt she get a nose job already!!!!

I love Paris Hilton! Shes my 2nd idol than Angelina Jolie. She is so hot and rich...who cares if shes sluty girl, you cannot be like paris so please shut up and mind you own business!!!Shes not even pretentious than most other girlz do..shes a real babe!!!

Umm..i must agree with Katie...paris hilton looks like a burnt chicken...and she is not all that fab...shes just a rich slut...and just for all those people who are going to comment my comment saying im jealous..im not its just simple...if she didnt have the fake tan the fake white hair the nice wardrobe, she would be plain out ugly..and i know EVERYONE knows that...she just got lucky with all that money...

why do people idolize this person so much?
she is currently going to be going to jail for drinking and driving.. yep.. a real role model.. also, it's nice that everyone looks up to her after her sex tape..
this is not a swing at paris, sure she has become a business woman, but if she's going to maintain this image she might want to look into her behaviour a bit more and do some revising..

wow.. this chat thing has been going on for like 3 years! I would like to say Paris Hilton is fabulous. All she is doing is acting her age, and why shouldn't she? Who wants her 2 act like a 60 year old grandma? She is extremely successful in her own right modelling for companies such as Dior and Guess. No doubt her wealthy, famous background has helped her along the way, but the same goes for successful women such as Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore. Go Paris!!

PARIS HILTON IN AN IDIOT. With so much money, she has the whole world at her feet - but, being an unintelligent skanky bimbo, she somehow manages to destroy it. She is a representation of what females SHOULDNT be like: obsessive, materialistic, skanky, cheap, slutty, ignorant.
Who ever desires to be like paris should seriously reconsider their level of intelligence.

P - promiscuous
A - abortive
R - radically ignorant
I - idiotic
S - Selfish

She is just a typical american who happend to be rich and famous..and those blond locks and blue eyes are fake..haha..i wonder why is she trying to be someone she is not..i think people would like her more if she was natural..WANABES SUCK!!

Too many people get into people like PAris becuase they believe they are "famous for being famous"
However, Paris has her own management company (as in Paris HIlton Management), she has a fashion label, she makes music, she does events, and so on. So she may have begun to be famous for being famous, but that isn't enough to keep you there
Remember, its who you know that gets u there, its what you know that keeps you

i think paris has no talent and people who worship her are bigger losers than her. when have we becomed the people who give respect to people who dont give respect to themselves and others

she isnt famous for nothing. she came to fame because of her dad, but shes famous for being hot. and living the hollywood kind of lifestyle. if she suddenly stopped partying, and stopped being sexy, then bam.

I totally agree with the author. Paris Hilton has done some modeling, she's been in a few movies, and she goes to some award shows. I watched the Simple Life a few times, and I heard about her going to jail, but I don't exactly "follow" what she's been up to. I think some people forget that she is an actual person with emotions, not just someone readily available to be bashed or idolized. Paris Hilton always seemed like more of a businesswoman than anything else. She's an expert at publicizing herself. How many rich girls in America manage to become so wealthy and famous by dabbling in a bit of everything?

She parties. She drinks. She's not the perfect rolemodel for young girls, but who is? No one should care so much about someone they've never actually met. If you want a rolemodel, go find another Hollywood actress/model who helps people in need. I don't hold much respect for Hilton because she hasn't done a lot for anyone but herself, but not many rich&famous people have.

So... yeah. Paris Hilton promotes herself and acts like a slutty bimbo because that's what the media wants. I don't want to believe anyone is actually like that in real life. I mean, I REALLY don't want to believe anyone is actually like that in real life.

I don't understand how people can be so cruel to someone they've never even met. Seriously, guys. She hasn't done anything extraordinarily bad, has she? I'm also confused when it comes to people "worshiping" her. Come on! She's a pretty girl, but you can't devote yourself to a person you watch on T.V. Go out in the real world and meet someone you really care about, and then you can experience all of your kinky fantasies with another person. :3

this bitch sucks,
she's ugly, fake, stupid, stupid, ditsy,
erisponsible, imature, and stuck up her own ass, go admire someone worth while!!!

what keyanna said

oh and u forgot slutty

paris hilton isnt even worth commenting on. I have much more productive things to do & only stumbled on this site by mistake.
Take Care everyone and please don't aspire to be like her...because really, name one inspirational act of kindness she has done? She is wealthy, yes. But she'll rather buy another handbag than sponser a needy child. Think about it..

Undeniably beautiful and sexy? If you are into rat-faced bleach-blonde white trash, I guess. I deny that she is beautiful and sexy. I'm not alone.

Keyanna, this is the reason people have the licence to be "so cruel" to Paris despite having never met her. The media has decided that she is the only the about which to talk, and they bombard innocent people with the gory details of her every move. It is not news. It is not entertainment. It is not interesting. But people pay attention anyway. A lot of the country is sick of hearing about it, and wishes she would go away. I envy being able to watch network news or read a magazine without having to try so hard to avoid such derivative drivel. Thus, in frustration, we speak out, perhaps in vain.

you should be mre naked more oftan ans show your puzzy and titts

i wish i could touch paris's boobs and also make out with her.

i want to see paris hilton naked in the bath

First, I'd like to say that I'm flummoxed at the pure shallowness of some of the people posting on this board. (notably those who think of Paris as a role model) I thought such people were little more than myth. But I suppose we learn more every day, and as a result the world looks a little more grim.

A good reason to play the Daoist, and maintain blissful ignorance.

I see great benefit in venerating those among us who represent the Fool archetype, but personally I draw the line at emulating the cosmetic personality traits they exhibit.

Secondly, I'd like to posit that, by looking at Paris, you have simply found a part of the Dao within yourself, (where else would one find it?) rather than discovering a great sage. The Universe can represent a mirror, after all.

ooooaaooo her shit soooo fuckin gooood...

all of u burn in hell

paris s pussys goin to burn in hell and all those people who consider her idol. shes not gonna live foever shel die one day and the minute she does if she doesn mend her ways she gonna putrify and rot in hellfire forever god bless amen

hi i think this women is ugly even if she is natural blonde with blue eyes.
whats so big deal having those features,lot of white women have those features but noone call them all that
y is she worshipped then!
Just for the money she has,HUH.She shouldnt be a role model for anyone

fuck you paris hilton.

Lol :D I'm 18 and I look 100 times much better than this rich slut. :D Playing tennis, just from my 5 years old made the shape. :D Tbh, she looks a bit skeleton and she has no tits. xD Just full of silicons, plastics and so on :DDD haha. This is funny what money do from ppl. Anyway, I'm being famous on my own too. :D Dont need old perverts men behind me licking my ass as Paris wants. xD
Shitty ;>

Bardzo fajny blog...
Szkoda że nie ma tłumaczenia po polsku ;(
Ale i tak jest super a was serdecznie pozdrawiam!!! ;)

haha some people are really jealous about her.. think about why of all the people in this world she has all of that!

Love Paris Hilton.

As I told my wife just the other day when we were discussing Paris, "I would wreck that chick."

Actually, she was talking about Depp; I would juxtapose her comments to hijinks twixt Ms Hilton and myself. Then she would roll her eyes just like I was rolling my balls about her and eyeliner boi. True story.

I really think Nicky (and I don't mean her uncle) is better looking, but I have even-less chance of ever meeting (let alone doing) her than I do Paris.

I love paris so much its been 20 years since this article and so much has changed about her yea she's kinda narcissistic and looks anorexic but she was sent away and abused and her parents neglected her so she craved attention and found a way to get it even if it was negative she has kids now And is married but I think she's finally happy :)

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