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October 04, 2004


Hi Brian,

I found you and this site via Dr. Dolhenty's site and more specifically his very positive review of your book. Congrats, he does not easily give out high praise and he was quite positive about your Plotinus book.

Speaking of Plotinus and "The One", and indirectly also speaking of Ammonius Saccas, Plotinus' teacher, and those like Heraclitus who came before them and those like Leibniz and Whitehead who came after them, you might want to visit my site, http://theometry.org.

There you will see a very serious, though often raunchy view of "God and Nature's Operating System" which I believe matches up quite nicely with what that noble thread of prerennial philosophers has always tried, and often failed, to show to those not open to the idea of an over-riding and underlying mroal principle inherent in the concept of Change. My kind of Theometric "GNOS IS..." answers are about a "softest of software" as well as "hardest of mysteries" kind of "living" meme that may never be completely grasped, but a "Wholy One" that nonetheless can be more and more perceived and conceived of, from time to time, by those whom I think you have written your book for.

I'd love to know if you agree, and also know if you might be interested in contributing a chapter to a compendium I am writing called, "Nature's Fractal God/God's Fractal Nature: Why and How God and Nature's Operating System IS?"?

Regards, YL

I've read Plotinus a few times, and I agree with your comments about him needing to be studied carefully. Unfortunately as with many works of great classical literature and philosophy, the translation matters a lot. McKenna for example renders Plotinus more obscure than he needs to be, while A.H. Armstrong does a very good job of translating him properly.

Plotinus is also sadly one of the types of philosopher who don't seem to exist these days; ones who can combine religious tolerance, mystical depth and rational philosophical insight into the world and integrate it into beautifully lived virtue in their active and contemplative lives. There are exceptions through history and great philosopher-contemplatives exist in all the world's main religions, including Buddha, Nagarjuna and Dzochen (Buddhism), Sankara and Sri Auribindo (Hinduism), Rumi, Ibn-Arabi and Shawhardi (Islam), Pseudo-Dionysius, Meister Eckhart and John of the Cross (Christianity), Chuang Tzu (Taoism) and Plotinus, Plato, Proclus and Aristotle (Greek Philosophy) and Philo Judeaus and Isaac Luria (Judaism). All of these thinkers are worth studying (along with many more) in the world's beautiful rivers of philosophical reflection, which try to find the Truth, in whatever form it comes in.

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