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September 03, 2004


People do eat cats in Third World Countries(trust me on this)

Amazing how few people can see this point of view.
A friend on Sunday told me that he only eats Mince-Meat and no other meat except chicken (Is a chicken not a living being?) because he cannot make out what animal it comes from! Aargh!!!!

you idiot!!! y would you want to eat a cat!!?!?!?! a poor innocent creature...and you want to eat the cuty fuzzy little thing?? i am dissapointed in you...go vegittarian..its a healthy choice for you and a happy choice for the animals! :)

mmm... fried cat. i once had dog in china... with hot sauce. hey, but in all seriousness, do you know ANYONE with a real cat recipe out there? i've emailed my friend in china for one, and am waiting for her reply.

I'm currently looking for a recipe myself... If I can't find one, I'll just have to cut up a few cats and experiment. Hopefully I'll find something tasty! :D

I ate cat when I was in china. I have never found a rescipe for it. I ate it but at the time did not know it was cat. I found out after the meal what it was, but I must say, it was good.

Do a google search for "roof rabbit" and you will find plenty of ideas for how to prepare cat meat!

that makes me think of people who only eat fish & chicken because veals, piglets and sheep looks CUTE. kill me if i'm wrong, but doesn't a chicken leg look cuter than a hamburger?

I didn't like laurel's comment:
"you idiot!!! y would you want to eat a cat!!?!?!?! a poor innocent creature...and you want to eat the cuty fuzzy little thing?? i am dissapointed in you...go vegittarian..its a healthy choice for you and a happy choice for the animals! :)"

we are made to eat meats and plants. that's why we have those to pointy teeth after the secondary incisors. to tear flesh. our body needs the nutrients and proteins found in meats.. that's why if you're a vegetarian, you must eat tofu, beans and things like that: because you MUST find the nutrients you loose by not eating animals. i'm totally ok with the fact of being vegetarian, if you love animals, can't accept the fact that you are on top of the alimentary chain, and are made to eat meat, fine! great for you.

but looking someone with disdain and disgust, and calling them "idiots", because they are enough intelligent to accept the fact that they are omnivores and need meat, and that meat tastes great, I can't accept that. you must be tolerant to people who are tolerant to themselves.

so laurel, for that improper comment of yours, i'm gonna SPONSOR YOU!

yeah! really!

for each cute furry animal you don't eat...


one for you, one for me, and a penalty one.

greetings to everyone!

People for Eating Tasty Animals

This is to educate "Dave" and any other person that sees your site and believes that we have pointy teeth because we were made to eat meat.

NOT TRUE! The only other great ape that eats meat are chimps. Gorillas DO NOT eat meat and they have some HUGE fangs. It has NOTHING to do with diet. Take a course in anthropology and learn something.

Our incisors are leftovers from way back when we used them for territorial and sexual displays - case closed! We have MOLARS to grind our food not carnasials to shear with.
Eating meat is a choice we make and that's fine, but pleeease don't use our teeth as a very incorrect reason. Our dention has NOTHING to do with the subject.

Hmm, Seems to me that eating any farmed creature is better than depleting wild stocks (i.e fish) for food purposes, especially as the human population increases,and incidentally our domestic cats have taken a heavy toll on small wildlife all over the world, and i believe that an area of rainforest the size of Belgium was destroyed recently for the production of soya. Larger amounts of vegetarin food (i.e pulses) are needed to provide the full spectrum of essential amino acids, (That's not to say meat isn't guzzled excessively in the developed world) so perhaps intensive farming, wicked as it is, is not as bad as destroying vast tracks of natural environment for whatever reason, or keeping cats!! (I loved my pet cat when he was alive) So put bells on your cats, eat meat sparingly, don't have too many kids and hopefully the world will be as wonderfull a place for them as it can be for us. :) Best regards.

Well, a vegetarian-turned-meat eater friend of mine (she succumbed to the pressure of her meat-eating friends) -- pointed out that if you are able to withstand the process of skinning the animal and cut your own meat etc, then you can eat meat. If you pay to have others cut for you, it cheats you from seeing the actual process in the slaughterhouse, which I concurred. However, the Bible pointed out that the animals are here for us to consume, we are the head of food chain -- you notice animals eat other animals, etc. we eat other animals, but not people (with exception to certain Africain countries and tribes... and the Silence of Lambs.. and Jeffrey Dahmer).. I dont see anyone complaining aganist eating insects -- chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers, lizards, grubs.. people DO eat them. But there's no objection to that... Doesn't that make u wonder?

LOL PETA = People for Eating Tasty Animals...lol I agree completely!!!!


muahahaha a shirt for all meat eaters like me!!!!

well...looked for fried cat in google and this url was first up!! I am not alone!!!! lmfao!!!thought I was bonkers..P.S. ...how much for your cat???

OMG... I so loved that Cat.
Cute Kitty here here ..
Gus u are cruel.. google search a cat, I mean to say.. Jeeeeese!
Jess the cat lover with cleaver!

Persian-cats.com has some realy cute treats like tuna pops and kitty tocos.

ummm... this is sweet and all... but i just thought i might pose the obvious question which occurred to me when i read "And animals don’t like to be killed." (which i agree with completely, mind you):

Do plants like being killed?

this whole argument is based upon the unreasonable judgment that because plants to not experience life as animals do, they are unable to feel pleasure or pain. i may as well argue that the only animal that can feel either is the human, and thus this human is the only meat which is ethically tainted

so you all think its bad to eat animals and cool, to eat plants, but what about plants feelings ? Just because they cannot shreik and run and bleed red blood does not mean they don't have feelings hey ?


I don't like cats either and I would NEVER fry a cat. No Way! They should be slowly oven-baked until their white meat is tender and jucy, then served with a nice helping of potato salad and cranberry sauce. You will be simply amazed how tasty a good sized cat can be. Set your over at 250 and baste your cat roast with butter as needed. Then serve piping hot.... Good eating!

Dumb argument. We rule the food chain. A death at the hands of humans can be no worse than a death in the wild, eaten alive by some wolf. Buy meat from a local butcher who raises his livestock humanely, and their is nothing wrong with that. If a vegetarian dissents to that, and would rather them live wildly, and succumb to carnivores in the wild, thats worse to me

I actually enjoy the hunt and the organic game I harvest. But I think the big question is why would a vegetarian google a cat recipe??

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