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May 07, 2004


This issue is of interest to me. I may be in search of a satellite service myself in the not so distant future. I do recall my accountant having satellite in her last home, so maybe I'll quiz her a bit and see if she has any vital information.

I also live in Oregon, about 50 miles south of you in a rural area west of Eugene. I have no Cable TV (thankfully) and my phoneline on a good day would provide an undependable 19.2 conection. I too am waiting for WildBlue , but I have been on Starband for about 1 1/2 yrs. and can say that I have been very happy. I've heard all the complaining and read the news groups, but I can honestly say, that I got exactly what I expected from satellite internet and have been very pleased.

I am in the same situation. Remarkably close to DSL, but apparently not close enough and ALLTEL (the absolute WORST phone service you could ever have) is completely unresponsive and unconcerned. Before relocating my business, I specifically queried ALLTEL on when DSL would be available at my address. They said "spring of 2000, at the latest." It is now winter of 2004---still no DSL!

I'm putting my hopes into WildBlue as well. I just wish they would hurry up and start offering service. Or at least update their website regularly.

BTW, I'm looking forward to using WildBlue's satellite internet service and using a cell phone for my phone service so I can say "goodbye" to crappy ALLTEL for good!

I live in rural Oklahoma. I also am in the same situation, very close to DSL, but apparently not close enough and Valor Telecom (the absolute WORST phone service you could ever have) is completely unresponsive and unconcerned. Valor's phone service will only render 24.0 connection. So I am not surfing, I am slowly drownding.

Wild Blue sounds very promising, but is still being very vague about the rollout date. For all the money they are spending, you'd think they could give us a project date. THEN adjust that date as the day gets closer. I agree, it would help if they would update their website.

I will be a Wild Blue dealer. I am curently in the process of developing my website. You said "And I don’t get good intuitive feelings from either of these firm’s web sites" I want to avoid giving people this feeling. Can you tell me what kind of web site would make you comfortable and what it was about direcWay and Starband websites that you didnt like. This will be my first business venture so your input is very important to me. I need to know what real people want.

Dear Brian and Laurel,
My husband and I live just up the block from Spring Lake Estates. Our home is off from Stonecrest on a new street called Ankeny Hts. (We actually have a lovely view of Spring Lake!) We were wondering if you have had any success with finding a DSL provider that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and still works in our quit area of South Salem. Please let us know if you have found anything! Thank you for your time.

Has anybody read the Fair Access Policy
Wild blue has posted at their website?
If you download 2 1/2 dvd movies a month
your service will go down to 128kbps down,
and 28kbps up. Probably about 10-20 hours of
a webcam would do that also. You get 10MB of
data transfer a month and then they slow you down.
It also states that they can change that at any time
and if they have to slow it down alot, does not say
exactly how many times, but they will disconnect the account, and you will be stuck with a satellite and no
service. Bottom line, Read it very carefully before you buy. Read the FAP and the terms and conditions.
They can actually up the price by 25.9% and you cannot cancel without a penaly, they also have the right to slow the service down if necessary because of bandwidth reasons.. think about it and then run away.

Although the FAP does sound a little harsh you have to think aboutt the logic behind it. If they let people take up as much bandwidth as they like then the other users on the same beam as the bandwidth hogs will pay for it. For most rural customers giving up the ability to pirate a lot of media or excessively use a webcam is worth it, because on dialup you can't really do those things anyway. Your bandwidth usage limit is also corresponds to your package.

For number one Carol, Nobody is talking about pirating anything. You can download movies legally by renting them
you can also download music legally by buying it.
Not everyone that likes broadband is a pirate or hacker
I work for an isp, and there is no limit on the amount of bandwidth or the time spent online..
Broadband was made to do alot more than send and recieve mail. And as far as the packages go for what you are getting, it is a complete rip. They do not have enough bandwidth to service the customers they think will sign up for the service..But Carol, If that is acceptable to you,honey go for it. When you get the first bill, then you decide.....Remember Just say no to fake broadband

Whoa, Pat, better go to and re-read the WildBlue Fair Access Policy. Under the Value plan, the amount you can download in a month is 10,000 MB (yes, MB), NOT 10 MB as you have incorrectly stated.

On the ProPlan, it's 22,000 MB.

And even if one were to somehow go over that limit (downloading movies is not a good idea, period, certainly not a good idea over a satellite connection) and have their speed reduced to 128kbps, that is still way, WAY faster than the pathetic 14-28kbps that millions of us are enduring thanks to crap telecoms like Alltel. When I take my laptop to the coffeeshop, I typically connect over their wireless network at speeds from 128-300kbps, and believe me, I would LOVE to have a 128kbps internet connection!

When the cable companies show no interest in investing in hi-speed networks, and phone companies show no interest in investing in hi-speed networks, and governments are actually passing laws to PREVENT municipalities and local city and county governments from providing free or subsidized broadband to their citizens to protect the monopolies and OUTRAGEOUS prices charged by cable and telecoms for broadband, then that leaves us with WildBlue, the only company that has shown any real investment and real commitment to providing customers who have been waiting to pay for high-speed with some type of high-speed service.

Patrick, you completely miss the point of the orignial BLOG entry and the ensuing posts. If your superfantastic ISP would actually provide wired high speed Internet to us we wouldn't have to worry about the FAP's of satellite providers. I'm certain 90% of us ended up on this site for the same reason because WE CAN"T GET DSL/CABLE/ISDN!!! and we were searching (using our dial up connections) to find a better solution.
Now, of the available sat based providers, WildBlue seems to be the most promising. Personally, if I could get DSL or Cable or even ISDN (but I'm not loop qualified according to Verizon) I would just because it is easier and cheaper. In my opinion, if the ISP you work for is losing business to the so called "fake broadband companies" either your service or your support must really suck.

Actually the company I work for has enough bandwidth to service the customers they have. They do not have to lie to customers and tell them that they have a big pipeline and then cut people back because they want to enjoy the advantages broadband can offer a internet user.
The only companies that make limits are those with small pipes, and to pay for 10gigs of service at over $50 a pop
is ridiculous, especially, when it is said and done, will be no better than a dial up connection with an accelerator.
I get over 128kbps with the accelerator I use with my isp. And I pay $10 a month for it. And Robert, why would
it not be a good idea to download movies? I can answer that, because with WildBlue after you download 2 movies your bandwidth will be cut to 128kbps... WHAT A JOKE
All you lamers who want to buy this service and try to make excuses for them, go ahead and do it. But if you read the FAP and the tos you will figure out that it will be the exact same service as Directway or Starband.
Now as far as the cost of broadband I know people paying
just over $25 bucks for 512kbps down and they recieved a free dsl modem on top of that... Not over $400 bucks.
WildBlue damm sure is not worried about the consumer,
the TOS is the most one sided TOS I have ever read.
Be real Robert. I hope you actually go and read it.
If you have both you and Chris need to again.
Of course you may even work for them I do not know.
If you do, I hope you have a resume, because with that
type of service, they will go under quick. And it is people like me that will work very hard letting people know how lame WildBlue really is.. just read the FAP.
And please read the tos. For you Chris that means
now read real slow,, terms of service agreement..
did you get that chris? Now read it lamer boy.

Glad to see you corrected your post, Patrick. You originally stated WildBlue's bandwidth limit was 10mb, when it is actually 10,000 mb (that is on their cheapest plan also).

Sorry, dude, but "accelerated" dial-up isn't "accelerated" at all and it results in NO faster data-transmission or bandwidth...all it does is take advantage of v92 compression technology which ONLY results in web pages loading a little faster. If you are downloading a song or movie or file, you will have NO INCREASED CAPABILITIES WHATSOEVER. Don't believe me, read the terms under the bogus "accelerator" offerings...what an absolute ripoff.
Chris is right on target. WildBlue is for those of us who CANNOT GET and broadband connection. Where I live, I cannot get DSL, even thought crap-ass AllTel was saying it would be available way back in the 2000...that's FIVE YEARS AGO! And Charter has not extended a cable line even though I am literally surrounded by houses who have all asked for it!
I connect at a whopping 26.4 to 28.8 kbps Patrick. I have no desire to watch crap-quality movies that some moron videotaped at the local multiplex just so I can say I "saw it first" so I doubt I would ever reach the WildBlue threshold 10,000mb. Anyway, if anyone has WildBlue, please post what your experience is. Patrick doesn't have it and hasn't had it, so his information is pretty useless, and, I take anything you post here, Patrick, with a grain of salt if you mistakenly believe that "internet accelerators" increase your actual ability to send / receive FILES (um, like songs and movies) because THEY DO NOT - it's just web-page compression technology, dude, like get a regular ISP and get a v92 modem and any one of numerous FREE SOFTWARES available for download on the web and start enjoying free "internect acceleration" instead of paying an extra $6 a month for NOTHING.

By the way, you keep quoting price-points and speeds of DSL...dude, the point of WildBlue's business modes is because the telecoms are leaving millions upon millions of their customers out in the cold (especially in suburban and rural areas) because they aren't extending broadband access to us. Do you understand? It doesn't matter how cheap it is of if they will give us a "free dsl modem" if they don't offer DSL to us. It's definitely not a rip-off no matter what WildBlue charges if the service works and we can get SOME degree of broadband access...anything's better than 28.8 kbps. You stick to downloading the video taped copies of the latest releases, Pat, I need broadband access for my BUSINESS, not for games and movies.

I just reread your post, Pat, and let me add, that even if I did download some movies and exceeded my bandwidth limit with WildBlue and my bandwidth was CUT to 128kbps, that would still be LIGHTNING FAST compared to my current 26.4kpbs connection speed. I would gladly pay WildBlue or ANY ISP right now for 128kbps! Clearly you take broadband access for granted. Those of us who are stuck in areas the telecoms have neglected and are continuing to neglect understand...18-26kpbs SUCKS and even 128kbps would be a dream come true!

Here is the big story, Patrick does not have to have the service to figure out that Wild blue SUCKS. when a business puts up a web site and lies about the service
that SUCKS. When a business says in the terms of service
agreement that they can raise the rate up to 25% and you cannot get out of the contract, that SUCKS. When a business states in the TOS that you only have 10gb of data download that sucks. Robert if you need hi speed for your business why don't you get a t1 line at your business. Or why haven't you signed up for Direcway service? Since you need it for your business, what your so called business can't afford a t1. If your business
is just sending e-mail that will be great, but if you start sending big files and you go over the limit, Wild blue is going to discontinue your service, you better read the tos and get a complete understanding of what it says. My gripe is not the service itself, it would be great to have hi speed internet, but I am not going to pay for a service that is going to restrict my usage, that sounds like AOL to me. I have had plenty of broadband, not in my current residence, but I never had to worry about how much I used and 128kbps is nothing
compared to 1.5. Just wait Robert and Chris, you will see. You must have had a bad experience with starband or Direcway, because they have been around for awhile now. You could have already had plenty of sat. broadband. Why haven't you subscribed to either one of those services? PLEASE, tell us why? It is going to work the same way, the latency will be there, you will not be able to hook up to a vpn, or play games, and streaming video will be okay but if it is using udp packets they are not going to come through the way they should because of the latency of the signal. So, do not think you will video conference with your BUSINESS, because you will not. I do not want the service to game with,
I want the service to go to school online.

Here is the first draft to my website www.mywildblue.com it isnt much to look at yet, in fact I build it myself using front page. I will hire a professional in the near future. I am looking for suggestions at this point.

Made a few improvements this week. Still much work to be done. Click my name below to view my wildblue site.

I have been collecting press releases and news on wildblue and compiling them all on one page. click the link below to find all of the latest news on Wildblue.

Our neighbor across the road has Charter High Speed, and the neighbor next to them would like it, and we would like it too.. but the customer service respresentatives can do nothing, and give you a run around as to why you can't have it. Some representatives say it's not in the area... but our next door neighbor DOES have it. We (and the other neighbor) have been talking to them for months to get the same service. I can somewhat understand (not really) not being able to go across the road, but for a next door neighbor? That's rediculous. We want to be able to work from home and without WildBlue wouldn't be able to do so... we'll take our chances... their customer service has been great! They actually want to help someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to get something more than dial-up. We have talked to someone that has it, and he has been very pleased. WildBlue representatives have been more than happy to help with any problems or questions. He can't believe how quick the connection is.

It really makes me mad when you hear someone who got on the internet last month and has always had broadband dictate crap to those of us who are misfortunate enough to have been lied to by Alltel and various companies alike.
A customer support agent at Alltel had the nerve to lie to me today and tell me I couldn't get DSL because it costs anywhere from 250 Grand to 500 Grand to install a DSL router and DSLAM at the local CO which is 600 yards away from me. Wild blue is the best service out there. At 10,000 MB a month that is 516 MB a day you can download 32 times faster then i can download at my measly 2k per second 28.8 connection.(i'm sure far faster then that, that is a very conservative number by wildblue, my friends has a 400 kbps connection through Direcway and often downloads at well over 100 K per second) Its a bit pricy at 49.99 a month but worth it to me, considering Direcway wants to charge 69.99 a month. For 69.99 a month with Wildblue I can downloas 22000 MB a month without being capped, which is 709 meg per day. And believe me if I do download that much and get capped to 16K + boo hoo... i'll still be way better off. Anyone who is moaning and groaning about Wildblue must be a paid Telephone company worker who is more then content on making us wait until 2037 to get Broadband.

I just had WB installed and am very satisfied. I can only connect with dialup between 16.8 and 19.2. I have had the service for about 3 weeks and have had no problems. I live in the south where we have pretty big storms, and none have knocked out my service. I have the cheapest plan and get very close to the UL /DL speeds at the rate WB promised. There is some latency with online games (Unreal / Quake) but surfing / downloads are great. I have Bellsouth as a local provider, and they told me it would not be feasible for them to put DSL in my area. (farming area). I am very pleased with the service, and the installers were very good. I know there could be bandwidth issues in the future, but I have seen cable in the nearest town (my mother in law has it..) WB isn't much slower than it. I have a friend that has DW and its much slower than WB. She's booting it when her contract runs out..

After waiting 5 months, WildBlue finally installed my service in November. Since I primarily work in photo & graphic design and own a small business I purchased the pro pack (small business package) at $80/month to get the 1.5Mbps connection with the 22GB threshold on downloads and 6GB on upload a month. In less than two months and after paying a hefty install fee the Pro Pack has been reduced to 17GB/5GB download/upload as part of a new service policy. All packages recieved a close to/or a 25% reduction in capacity. WHAT A RIP OFF! They sold a package based on speed and capacity and in short order reneged. I have to wonder what "adjustments" they will make in the future? I will have to advise caution to anyone looking to WildBlue to solve their broadband woes as this companty seems to have difficulty in providing the services they sell.

I have noticed that the basic starband modem has only a USB connection. I appreciate that the WildBlue modem has a standard RJ45 port(ethernet)

I would read about Wildblue's fair access plan. I have (not that wild) Wildblue. It really sucks if you reach your download and/or upload limits. You end up paying at least $54 a month for dialup speeds. I wholeheartedly agree with J. Tanner.

I recently had Valor installed in a new addition. I am a engineer and by far Valor is the most worthless company I have ever had to deal with. They lied about what they would do when they would do it and then they're tech was spine-less moron. Did not finish the job, then he lied to me, we had to call their dispatch center out of Texas. I can say with confidence if I did not have to use them I would dump them in a heart beat.

We had WildBlue Satellite Internet service installed in our home in January 2006 and also had it removed in February 2006. There uptime is horrible. The downtime is to be expected due to weather (effect the signal) but every week for the nearly 4 weeks we had it, the satellite would go offline.

Tech support informed me on week one that they take the satellite down for maintenance. Excuse me but they cannot maintain a satellite! They can maintain their equipment (routers, servers etc) but even with that it does not take 7 hours per week to get this done. Even if the maintenance were an hour per week you will still not get the service your told you will get. Cloudy days, over cast days, wind and other natural variables will prevent your signal from getting through. We own several acres of ground and there are NO trees anywhere near our satellite internet dish. I have a log that is 35 pages long detailing the problems experienced in less than 1 months time.

I carry certifications for computer diagnostics, cabling (cat 3-5-5e & 6) & fiber installations. I am also Cisco certified so I know this to be a fact. There is very little to do maintenance wise on a server or a bank of servers since they are all raid array controlled and in the event of a problem one can simply hot swap the drives and there up and running.

At any rate, our speed was not much better than the dial up we had as far as loading page to page. There was a significant difference when downloading a file but not on the upload. Not enough gain to justify the $49.99 a month charge. Another thing that is not good about satellite internet is the multi-level service plans. For those that are not familiar with this it is simply the more you pay, the faster you go. It’s a 3 teer system.

When you get DSL (digital subscriber line) there is no such teer system or when you get cable internet there is no teer system. The only reason the satellite systems do this is because they are well aware that the other options are not available in their market area. They cannot compete with DSL and they certainly cannot compete with cable internet which allows speed near a T-3 connection!

It is now late June 2006 and we still do not have our refund as promised and the equipment is still sitting on our roof! BUYER BEWARE of WildBlue!

Edward, I'm sorry your WildBlue experience has been disappointing. It's working fine for me. (We signed up with GotSky, which perhaps makes a difference).

I've had to call several times recently about upload speeds, which were running in the 15 kbps area. Now I'm getting 140-160 kbps upload and over 1000 kbps download. That's what is promised with my tier 2 plan.

It sure beats 24 kbps dialup, what we had before. I'd go with DSL or cable if it were available. Never will be in our rural area, though, from what I understand.

DOWNLOAD speeds are acceptable
UPLOAD speeds are terrible [single digits most of the time.
service dept is very helpful.
unfortunately the ball is dropped after your conversation with the rep.
NOTHING comes of any work orders.
they must throw them in the trash after talking to you on the phone,.
this is a company destined for disaster and your money will be theirs.
you can forget a WEBCAM,
because it wont work with most WILD BLUE connections.
[certainly not mine]
I guess I can kiss that money goodby and go back to my old 28.8 dial up.
and continue to pitch a bitch at CENTURTEL about not being able to receive DSL.
DSL service is 2 BLOCKS from my house.
they have NO plans of EVER sending DSL to my area.
I am on the BORDERLINE of their DSL service.

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