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February 25, 2004


I have successfully followed the blatant path of breadcrumbs leading to your new web home. Or maybe I simply followed the Paris Hilton path. Some things are best left unexplored.

I should mention that I, too, have Hilton connections. I was a bit more fortunate then you, in that I once received tens of thousands of dollars from the Hiltons. It sounds unbelievable, but I assure you it’s true. The down side to all of this money was that I had to labor for this money as an employee of one of their hotels. I never once saw Conrad, and sadly, had never even heard of Paris. Maybe she hadn’t even been born yet, I don’t know. At any rate, if she had been born, no one was interested.

Anyway, welcome to Typepad. I've been using it myself for a couple of months and have no complaints.

Okay. The Hilton thing. Many years ago my dad was going to develop a building with Conrad Hilton. They even got to the trial baloon stage with a photo of the architect's rendering on the front page of the paper. Alas, the deal fell through. But...Conrad, for many years after, would annually send dad a gift certificate for a free night in any Hilton Hotel.

Like your new format.

If I grasped that rightly, you and Paris Hilton are second cousins once removed, because you're a second cousin to her father. You are the second cousin of persons who have the same great-grandparents as you, but not the same grandparents. As Paris Hilton is one generation down from being your second cousin, she's once removed; hence, second cousins once removed.

It is weird to read this article because I was in the process of doing some investigating as well because I was told since I was young that we are kin to Conrad Hilton but I never made a big deal about it. Well hear lately I have been really interested in the past while at the same time I really want to meet Paris now that I know who she is and found out that we are related somehow. That leads me to believe that me and the person that wrote this article are related as well. If you get this posting do me a favor and call me and maybe we can help each other discover the mistery, 904 553 9799.

I am paris hiltons third cousin my great grandfather was carl hilton brother of conrad. I have never met any of my 2nd or third cousins. Conrad Hilton was my great uncle. mabey one day all the hiltons will get together for a reunion but do the poor and rich mix?

what's such a big deal that u r related to paris hilton??

just because of her porn vcd that made her into an uncivilized creature on this planet, u guys r proud to be related to her??

Genealogy is a hobby of mine. A favorite
actress of mine, Kimberly Beck is (or was)
married to a Peter Hilton, who, I believe is
related to (or descended from) Conrad Hilton.
Do you know anything about this? I know that
Conrad and Zsa Zsa's daughter is Paris's great-aunt as she is the half sister of Paris's grandfather. This daughter's name is
Francesca, I beleive. Do you know her, by chance?

Lee, I vaguely recall mentions of Francesca. I was young when her name came up and can't remember the juicy details (I say "juicy" because I believe there was some Hilton family controversy surrounding her). My sister may remember more. I'll check with her.

Lee, here's what my sister said:

"At my age, when some memories are fuzzy, I will write to you what I remember about Francesca, which isn't much.

I remember Mother telling me that when Uncle Connie [Conrad Hilton] died, Francesca was not mentioned in his will. And perhaps even before that, he did not accept her as his daughter.

He and Zsa Zsa [Gabor] were separated at the time of her conception--U.C. says it wasn't him and ZZ said it was a one night stand in New York. I don't think they had DNA in those days--just paternity tests."

Wikipedia has some info. on Francesca:

My father's sister was Mary Barron (my aunt) who married Conrad Hilton. Conrad and Mary Hilton had three sons (my first cousins) Nick, Barron, and Eric. Barron Hilton's granddaughter is Paris Hilton. Not sure what that makes her relation to me.

Ed, when I have a couple of days free, I'll try to figure out your relationship with Paris. Genealogy isn't my strong suit.

You and I are probably related also, but I won't even begin to hazard a guess how. I'll just call you "cuz."

Dear Mr. Barron,

Your first cousin's child would be your "first cousin, once removed." Your first cousin's grandchild would be your "first cousin, twice removed."

As I understand it, Paris H. is Brian's "second cousin, once removed" - because his mother and Paris' father are second cousins (the children of first cousins).

Robert Paul Howard

Dear Brian and Mr. Barron,

Please forgive me: I properly should have stated that Brian and Paris are "second cousins, once removed" because Paris' father is Brian's second cousin - namely, each being the children of first cousins.

I apologize for posting my previous remark without proper reflection.

Robert Paul Howard

easy calculation here - no need to make it more complicated than it really is.

cousins is about a relationship to a common grandparent. 1st cousins have the same grandparent. 2nd cousins have the same great-grandparent. 3rd cousins have the same great-great grandparent. etc...

removed has to do with generational differences between two cousins. My first cousin's children are my 1st cousin-once removed. Because my grandmother is their great-grandmother (once removed in generation). Their children would be 1st cousins twice removed because my grandmother would be their great-great grandmother (twice removed in generation).

My child is the 2nd cousin of my 1st cousin's child. They share a common great-grandmother. Their children will be 3rd cousins to each other.

So, the only challenge in calculating relationships is determining who is the nearest common ancestor and then working each line forward to the two people you're interested in.

It's important because it's family. If for no other reason, that's enough.

I am Ed T. Barron's grandaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know Grandpa went on this sight!

this is gay

Aloha Brian,

Thought you might enjoy reading this blog about Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton's Prison Genes


I am the grand-daughter of Carl Hilton (Conrad's brother)but have never heard of David Hilton. I am intrigued. David send an email if you would like to contact your cousins. [email protected].

I went to St. Rita's Catholic grade school in Aurora, Illinois. Eric Hilton was in my class. I have often wondered what happened to hime after the family moved. This Eric would be around 57yrs. old. I believe he also had a younger sister, they lived at the Hilton Hotel in Aurora, Ill. Be interesting to hear some news about him

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