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January 06, 2004


I have two male dogs and one female. The female has been fixed but the males have not.. I have noticed the males humping all the time and what is really bad is that they rub on each others back and then lick at each others genitals and this freaks me out.. I did experience watching when one was on the others back, he got excited like he was having sex and then the other licked or sucked on it.. Please tell me what the heck this is..Please

I have a female dog that does that too. I don't think there is necessarily anything that indicates a problem about it. Myrtle, the female, and Opie, the male, certainly don't seem bothered by that. I must admit that I find it funny when Myrtle gets started at it, she seems so intent on doing a good job of it. Opie just gets this dumb grin on his face and waits for Myrtle to finish.

Mounting is practiced to establish a dominance over other animals as well as serve as a sexual activity. The truth is, modern science explains that animal sexuality completely mirrors that of humans. There is such thing as homosexuality in dogs and other animals, especially those living in larger populations. One scientific theory is that it is a natural response to overpopulation. This is why you see it more often in more intelligent species that are capable of surviving in larger numbers and reproducing at faster rates. The bottom line is that it is very possible for your pets to be homosexual or bisexual.

Steven Genk,

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I have a 4 year old placid spayed female pug. I purchased an 8 week old female pug who is now spayed (at 7 months) and is 8 months.In the last month are so the puppy mounts my adult pug from the rear and wraps her paws around her and thrusts at her & doesn't stop until I spray her with water bottle or phyically pull er off. She has become agressive to one of my two neutered male cats. And the whole animal dynamics in my home is upside down. I am upset and it certainly appears the other three are very upset. She is not acting in a gender appropriate manner. Please help, what can I do????

Why does my male dog lick the privates of my other male dog? It is just gross!!

i have a male dog and when my older brother brings over his dog, my dog,ripper, continously licks/sucks on my older brothers male dog, hudson's private area and doesnt stop and when i try and seperate my dog he growls and starts biting at me and i am very curious of what it is someone please tell me they also do it when i have little kids around and i told my brother not to bring his dog over but my friend brought her dog over yesterday afternoon and he is also male and he was doing it then. i am very worried.

my dog humps on my legs and i am really disgusted by it. he is 5 month old bichon...

I have two female dogs that lick to lick each other all day long. Does that make them dykes? Is this behavior normal? Should I intervene? So far I have just been trying to distract them so they wont inbarise me in front of people.

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