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November 06, 2003


Loved your article. Want to retire in Oregon, but am looking for smaller community with dog park(s).

Loved your article and love the dog park. I'm retired and my exercise is through walking my dogs and taking them to Minto Park. I love the interaction of the dogs and people at the park. Friendly people and dogs all there for the same reason.
I would like to see more off leash dog parks in Salem as one is not enough.
Keizer plans to have off leash area in the new
Keizer Rapids Park hopefully finished by the end of July 07.

I recently wrote a blog about the lack of understood dog park behavior. I'm glad to see that other people do understand proper dog park behavior.
On the other hand, there is a difference between cognitively humping something/one versus instinctively doing so.

I just came home from the Keizer Dog Park.
It's a fantastic place for dogs and humans to visit.
There is a difference between the small dogs and their fenced area and the big dogs and their fenced area. I begining to think there is also a difference in the owners.
The small dogs do what small dogs do, run, play and explore on their own. They also enjoy visiting with other dogs owners.
The big dogs lean more to playing rough and humping. The big dogs seem to hump a lot.
I've observed their owners seem to be entertained and encourage this behavior.
It is posted "dogs in heat are to be removed immediately from the dog area."
I don't know if humping dogs are in heat or it's casual entertainment which is also enjoyed by their owners.
If I sound unhappy about the situation
"I am." I like to think Keizer residents have higher sources of entertainment and intelligence then enjoying watching their dogs humping each other.
I don't agree if you don't like it, look the other way.
Too many things we look the other way!

Dorothy, my wife is a Humane Society volunteer dog walker. She knows a lot about canine behavior. Laurel has taught me that humping behavior is almost always dominance-related, not a sexual act. It's very unlikely that the humping is occurring because a dog is in heat. Our female dog sometimes engages in this, apparently because she wants to show that she's "top dog."

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