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June 15, 2024


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I have no idea what you're trying to say here. "Reality" is far too broad a term.

sant64, as I noted in this post, reality isn't something that is beamed directly into our mind/brain. It is a simulation of one sort or another, because the mind/brain is locked inside the dark confines of our head with no direct connection to the outside world that constitutes our shared reality.

Without our senses -- sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell -- there's no knowledge of the world for us, so no reality.

The Matrix provides an extreme thought experiment along this line. People's bodies are in a warehouse, while powerful computers manufacture reality for them that seems real, except it is a virtual simulation. So this is an example of living in an immersive spatial reality where experienced reality is disconnected from a separate aspect of reality that produces a simulated reality.

That disconnect, as noted in the post, makes it impossible to determine where that separate aspect of reality, in this case a warehouse with stored bodies, exists, or even if it exists. The reason is that reality isn't connected between all of its parts. The creators of the Matrix have the full picture, but the people experiencing the virtual reality don't, because the simulation doesn't contain knowledge of how the simulation is being produced.

Maybe I could have been clearer about this, but I tried to relate Ron's comment about not being attracted to the offerings in metaphysical sections of bookstores, where he said that the "final conclusion" about reality probably is simply our ordinary life -- that which we're experiencing now via our senses.

This is different from how most religions view reality, which supposedly has an extra unperceived dimension akin to the Matrix having a secret: experienced reality is being produced by a un-experienced reality that only a red pill can divulge.

Religions, mystical practices, spiritual paths... they all claim, pretty much, that they possess a red pill that, if taken through a certain discipline, will reveal the hidden truth about reality: God, heaven, spirit, soul, enlightenment, whatever. But they all differ in what the discipline consists of, and what supposedly will be revealed.

So since most people believe in some sort of hidden reality separate from what is perceived by the bodily senses, this creates a situation where humans are assuming different realities that can't be proven to be real, because part of the assumption is that the hidden reality can only be known by those who take the "red pill."

For example, abortion would be much easier to discuss and form policies about if everybody focused on the physical characteristics of an embryo or fetus. When does it have a nervous system that can feel pain? What sorts of congenital abnormalities make it impossible for the unborn child to survive after birth? Among other questions.

But assuming that a soul is part of the embryo at the moment of conception complicates matters. This introduces an unprovable assumption about reality, as does the assumption that God opposes abortion because only He/She can decide whether an embryo grows to maturity and is born alive.

Basically I tried to argue that it would be better if we all agreed that reality is what can be known via the senses (which naturally includes scientific observations that amplify what our senses can perceive), because then we'd just have to deal with the thorny, but more resolvable, problem of how different people "simulate" physical reality through their unique mind/brain.

Hope this further explanation helps to get across my point.


I get where you're coming from in your explanation, but again, the term "reality" seems too broad to me. I guess technically "reality" is philosophically appropriate, but to me it seems a reaching for a zero-sum conclusion that simply doesn't exist. To take your abortion example, whether the embryo has a soul or not isn't the sole reason why people object to abortion. Even most atheists are not for abortion:


We can assume that these ardent secularists are logical positivists, and have no truck with metaphysics. They don't buy the idea that an embryo is given a soul. And yet, they're not fully on board with abortion. Why then do they kowtow at this unprovable assumption about "reality"? I would say it's because the value of human life isn't merely a trick of our senses or wholly a blue pill idea that religion has foisted upon us. Some would argue that respect for life is a transcendent idea.

Of course, the argument against that inexplicable respect for life is manifold throughout history, including current events which send a shiver down my spine, from the callousness of the perpetrators, and even more so by their armchair fellow travelers who subscribe to the WSJ and blithely excuse obvious genocide as merely "fog of war." But I digress.

Perhaps the key issue is whether metaphysics can be fully dismissed as "unreal." There's no argument from me that the march of science hasn't conclusively proven that metaphysical assumptions about the universe were all incorrect. However, scientists such as Stephen Meyer make what I think is an intriguing case that discoveries in cosmology, physics, and biology indicate a designing intelligence behind life and the universe. I suspect that intelligence imbues our natural consciousness, and gives us a doorway into a dimension that's not apart from the natural world and our senses, and yet can connect us to something at least humanly greater.

These days I tend to read certain authors just to see how they are expressing ‘this’, and by ‘this’ I mean simple, everyday reality, that which is presented to us each moment - and is absorbed into the next moment. In fact, it all seems to be only, ever this moment. What attempts to link one moment with another seems to be down to the way the mind and thought operates – a survival thing as thoughts’ job is to label, judge, plan and categorize etc.

My simplistic approach to viewing reality is that as life situations occur thought is performing an amazing job of initiating an action or resolution – and sometimes (quite often) from its repertoire of information, thought can overlay the reality before us with various concepts of beliefs, opinions, de-sires and wishes and feelings along with a ton of cultural ways of assessing what we perceive. In this way, everyday reality is effectively hidden beneath a cavalcade of unwittingly produced mental concepts.

J. Toliffson expresses her non-dual take on realty here: -

“We can’t stand apart from and SEE reality; we can only BE reality—and we can’t ever NOT be reality. Reality is all there is; and all there is, is reality. And actually, EVERYTHING we see (the apparent forms that appear in everyday life, as well as what we see in dreams or on 5-MeO-DMT, LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA or Ayahuasca, or anything we think or imagine) is ALL reality.

The notion of finding The True Reality, as if it were some particular “thing” that could be found and grasped at last, or the notion of stabilizing in some apparent state of consciousness that we think is “It,” is all a dream. All such fantasies presume we are some-thing apart from this imagined IDEA of reality.”

Occam's Razor. And burden of proof.


(Slightly) longer version:

What are our specific mechanics of apprehending reality, and how we evolved to it, is fascinating in and of itself. But that does not speak to the nature of reality itself, other than incidentally.

The brain in a vat idea predates by far, predates by actual millennia, this movie, The Matrix, and philosophers philosophizing over that pop phenomenon. That reasoning is infantile if it seeks to address the nature of reality. Because, like I said: One, Occam's Razor; and two, burden of proof. Solipsism, and variations thereon, fail both those tests.

There is no real

There are levels of consciousness
which , - the Purer They are , . . .
the more exalting are the 'material" constructs
done. by those who have that frequency

The "Holy Ghost" permeates it all at the 432Hz Scale
which is also the Golden Rule ScaleAkk humans
can hear those tones when compassionate
and are able to stop hysterically crying about themselves
for 10 seconds , . . better more
But for jumping into the 7th Region
you have to high hike with somebody already there
S/HE will clean the Souls willing

Sat Gurus are good with hiding's
A God that would be scientifically analysed IS NO GOD



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