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June 11, 2024


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Nice <3
I like to go meditate..
Thanks for telling this expierence.
It gives something good..

In minds where reason should reside,
A fool's escape, a twisted ride,
Psychedelics paint the sky,
With colors born from every lie.

A dance of madness, visions spun,
Illusions where the weak succumb,
Chasing shadows, fleeting dreams,
Lost in vivid, senseless schemes.

They claim to reject a higher plane,
And say that ideas unreal give them pain,
So how to explain them toxifying their brain
With pills that will only leave them just the same

Mushrooms, acids, pills that gleam,
A nightmare cloaked in fragile dream,
The promise of enlightenment,
Intoxication is merely time misspent.

For in the depths of altered state,
The fabric of the mind’s innate,
Is torn and tattered, logic spurned,
And clarity can’t be discerned.

Oh, fools who chase the spectral light,
That indulgence is far from reason’s sight,
In search of truth, an enchanting prism,
They take the low road of chemical narcissism.

Tribalism ever overshadows Transcendentalism.

Everyone thinks they're open-minded, everyone thinks they're rational. But really, the truth that everyone chooses has more to do with tribal allegiance than anything else.

This is especially true in religion. I was watching a video where a Sikh guy was praising his religion for being so open-minded and accepting. Sikhi doesn't want you to change your religion, he said. Sikhi totally respects all religions. If you're a Muslim or a Christian, Sikhi doesn't ask for your conversion, but for you to be the best Muslim or Christian you can be.

This sounds wonderful. Then I go to another video, about a Sikh who tells of his conversion to Christianity. The guy doesn't say anything bad about Sikhism mind you. I note the video has over 500 downvotes, and comments such as "You need to change your name from Singh!" What happened to that Sikhi acceptance? Another video I saw tells the story of a guy who converted out of Sikhism; his Dad not only disowned him but tried to kill him.

Don't think I'm picking on Sikhism here. I've noted that Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and Hindus all share the same dynamic of parents who lose their minds if their child leaves the true faith. The greatest sin is to leave the tribe.

And why not? It's written right into the scriptures. If you're not with the program, depart from me ye cursed. Salvation is a privilege of membership. Hence, one kind of initiation or another. Branded. You're in our tribe, you're one of us now! Oh, how we love you brother, but you'd better stay with the tribe, or by God we'll hate you.

Yep, look forward to your report on this experiment, Brian. Good luck!


manjit, as always, pleasure reading your recent comments in the other thread.

You know, you might consider writing more extensively about your own experiences when under the influence as well as after. That would make for very interesting reading!

Where I take issue with your shroom-ing is the part where you go all cock-eyed over the interpretation of it. Remember: all it is is your brain doing things. No serendipities, no entities, no synchronicity, nothing. You make the elementary error of imagining flying winged horses exist, just because you've hallucinated such. Meditators sometimes/often make this same juvenile mistake, particularly those following theistic traditions. That sort of thing might be understandable in pre-scientific ages, but there can be no justification for holding on to that kind of weird belief systems today.

But that it is just the brain doing things, is plenty! If truly this can help us see first-hand the insubstantial-ness of our sense of self, then that's of immeasurable benefit, absolutely! That, and all the other psychological benefits that apparently accrue, those as well.

As far as just your experiences with psilocybin, as opposed to your extravagant interpretations of and around them, like I said if you'd consider writing more extensively about them, the experiences themselves, during and after, then you'll be assured of at least a few readers --- at the very least, two of us, and likely more --- who'd be very interested in what you have to say.


(You'd suggested to me, in the past, that I should try this myself. I'd been very sure then I wouldn't, not wanting to go out of my way to endanger my lucidity and sanity. ...Since then, I've discussed and read about this far more extensively, and I'm coming around to agreeing with you that the risk is minimal, if ingested judiciously. And I agree, the evidence seems to suggest this thing isn't addictive, again when consumed judiciously. Even if not immediately, but I'm coming around to seriously considering doing this thing myself, going forward. Regardless of what one might encounter when one does, however, and regardless of how appreciative one might be of the subjective benefits: subjectivity is just that, and it is objectivity that is the best guide to consistently and reliably apprehending reality.)

Just now reread the recent discussions on psychedelics, particularly Brian's recent posts (obviously), and the comments by James and manjit.

Agreed 100℅, studying similarities between the experiences generated from the use of psychedelics, and those generated by mystical practices including meditation, would make for a very meaningful work, this kind of research. And also a detailed study of psychedelics within mystical practices, like some traditions use.

(Actually, maybe such research already exists? If anyone's aware of such, you particularly manjit, and Brian obviously, or anyone else, maybe you could point it out here? As far as the latter, I've already read a good bit of Castaneda, as well as "left hand" Tantra. While all of that is fascinating, I guess what I'm asking about now is focused studies/reports/discussions on how exactly, in factual detail, psychedelics-fueled "experiences", during and after, correlate with meditation-et-al-fueled-but-sans-drugs "experiences". Both within individual traditions, and/or across traditions.)

Come to think of it, manjit, you might discuss your own first-hand experiences before and after using psilocybin, if you like, focusing on similarities and differences you've noticed. That might make for a great starting point for a broader discussion around this.

We chase the highs throughout our lives. Drugs,Sex and Rock n Roll highs reminds us of those glorious worlds we came from. The worlds where every step is ecstasy.
Meditation is the doorway as are mushrooms among others. Neville Goddard has a easy meditation tech in his video on youtube called- the Unalloyed. The tech is after the 35 min mark and is so easy. No 3 hr meditation marathons needed. Make yourself comfortable and wait for the liquid golden light.

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