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June 17, 2024


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>> For me, the most liberating realization has been that
[1] nothing can be other than how it is, that everything is one undivided and indivisible whole that can never be grasped, pinned down or pulled apart,
and that
[2] each of us is a unique and unrepeatable movement of the whole.<<

{1] The crow is born as a crow, will live as a crow and come to its end as a crow.

[2] Whatever exists, is just an unique variation of the same

[3] Sameness is all there is, it just is.

[4] Sameness can only be KNOWN in its unique variation.

[5] That variation can be material, astral causal or spiritual

[6] Knowing is no union, ... hahahaha .....like coffee is no water

Language is funny sometimes.

"Put even more simply, but echoing what I said above, if the universe truly is one, a single spatial reality where there are connections between everything that exists within it (for example, physics says that quantum fields are present in every corner of the universe), then the sort of disconnectedness posited by the Matrix, or by religions that posit a supernatural realm separate from materiality, isn't an aspect of reality."

Again, I don't follow what you're saying. Or rather, I follow it, but you seem to be offering presuppositions and making a circular argument. If the universe is one, that neither affirms or negates the possibility that said universe was created by an intelligent designer, or that our consciousness is somehow of the same stuff as that cosmic designer, or any number of other "spiritual" propositions. That the laws of physics exist only proves that the laws of physics exist.

Moreover, I don't get your use of The Matrix movie as an analogy of separateness. The film suggests just the opposite: that what individuals perceive as reality is interconnected with a deeper, underlying truth. The Matrix itself is a constructed reality that is connected to and influenced by the real world. This duality implies that there is a deeper level of unity beyond the apparent separation of the virtual and real worlds. Also, the idea that all humans are connected to the Matrix through their consciousness hints at a form of collective consciousness. This could be seen as a metaphor for the idea that all beings share a fundamental unity at the level of consciousness, a theme present in various religious and philosophical traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism and the concept of the One in Neoplatonism.

As Pascal wrote, "I would wish a hundred times that if a God sustains nature it would reveal Him without ambiguity." This from one of the most eloquent defenders of religion, ever. Pascal was torn between ardent faith and doubt. I would argue, so are we all. At this point in humanity's journey, we don't have a theory of everything that explains and defines "reality."

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