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June 09, 2024


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He/she has hit the nail on the head in summarizing RBBS trend!

There is much to admire about Flora Wood, but her take on karma during an open satsang decades ago was a weird one since she indicated that the holocaust happened because of the karma of those millions of human beings having to pay the price.

This is why employing karma theory to any act, individual or group, is a form of abuse.

If indeed you accept without question the Holocaust narrative without examining the actual historical facts; perhaps the CODOH website might be a good start in disabusing exaggerated claims. But placing that aside Baba Sawan Singh during partition made the same claim about the suffering of the Sikhs at the hands of the Muslims. Karma is a bitch, it does not discriminate in favour of any favoured or hallowed group or individuals. After all we live in an age when truth is the opinion of the powerful. In that sense claiming that the truth is a form of abuse against any group politically accorded victim status is an attack on the truth and a means to supress it. Even masters suffer the fate of previous actions in previous births when they were ordinary jivas. However, they don't find excuses or plead victim status, they accept it as the Lord's will.

Enjoyed reading this, nicely put together. Heh, yes, GSD's entry there is exactly like something from some noir stuff, like Quentin Tarantino maybe? (I don't think I've seen the particular movie referenced here.)


But let's not forget, Charan was as much of a fraud as GSD is. You can be an honestly deluded follower/disciple; for one or two years at the start you can even be an honestly deluded guru/GIHF; but you can't spend years and decades as guru/GIHF without coming to realize, beyond all doubt, that you're not what you're pretending to be. At that point the only honest and decent course of action is to clearly announce that and withdraw from this pretence. That Charan did not do. So that, sure, he may have been less greedy than GSD, and more cultured, more gentle, and not an ill-tempered thuggish lech, sure; but for all that he was as much of a charlatan and fraud as his greedy successor.

Dear Ascendant,

That website you cite is one of the most misinformed and inaccurate repositories of claptrap.


Either that, or else he was clinially deluded, actually not quite sane, actually psychotic. That's possible too.

Reminds me of that old post/thread of Brian's, 'Legend, Lunatic, Liar, or the Lord', something like that. That was about Jesus, not GSD or Charan, but same thing.

But I have to admit, he had a point there on rennetless cheese.

Gurinder Derangement Syndrome about something that happened 35 years ago.

1) Contrary to the essay's import, there has been no mass exodus, and if there's a spirit of unrest isn't not discernable in any of the RSSB satsangs I've been to. The one last Sunday for example: the area rep was there and was answering questions from the sangat, and surprise, there was no shouting or tears. The fact is that when Gurinder took over the current satsangis stayed put, and people (in India at least) still clamor for initiation. As the story notes, RSSB is a multi billion dollar concern -- yes, because it's the largest Sant Mat sect in the world, which means lots of people like it.

2) There's no doubt that some satsangis didn't dig Gurinder. But to some degree, the same disaffection happened with every guru succession. We know there were satssangis who didn't cotton to Jagat Singh, and when Charan Singh took the gaddi we are told in RSSB lit that he was met with distinct resistance from veteran initiatives.

3. I've seen photos of Saint Charan Singh surrounded by machine gun-toting sevadars. Of course, no Charan worshipper will ever mention that Charan had a security detail, and pretends that Gurinder is like a Haitian warlord who digs the power of violence. The fact is that Charan's life was in danger, hence he had a security detail. The same is true for Gurinder. I don't begrudge anyone the right to defend themselves. Those who do should send a note to their local police department, requesting that their armed officers stay clear if they're attacked by armed burglars or the like.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander
There's not a pennysworth of difference between Charan and Gurinder

Neville Goddard has much to say on this with my favorite quote of his.
God/Jesus/Buddha= imagination which is implanted(crucified) in the skull(Golgotha) of every human being.
You want enlightment? The secret is imagining you are visiting the God worlds as you drop off to sleep. Jurgen Ziewe has plenty of videos to help your imagination. Then sleep in your feeling and continue this every night until you are rewarded.

In shadows cast by minds contrite,
Where love and hate take bitter flight,
Two tales unfold, the world does see,
Gurinder found innocent, Hunter guilty.

One praises high with fervent cheer,
Another's fall, they scorn and jeer,
Yet wisdom's light remains so pure,
A guiding star, steadfast and sure.

Gurinder walks with tranquil grace,
A peaceful smile upon his face,
Cleared of doubts, his spirit bright,
But not so Hunter, whom justice bites.

In distant halls, the gavel falls,
Hunter Biden, divine judgment's calls,
The world reacts with varied cries,
In justice seen through different eyes.

Yet, deep within the silent soul,
A truth that mends, that makes whole,
Two lives, two paths, both intertwined,
Lessons learned, through fate designed.

For in the heart where judgments weigh,
Compassion finds a gentle way,
To see the human, flawed and frail,
Cocaine and laptops, nephew in jail.

Oh, satsan lost in fervent zeal,
Let go the hate, begin to heal,
Embrace the wisdom, broad and true,
Where light for one, extends to two.

In unity, the heart finds grace,
No more the scorn, no more the chase,
For love's pure light can heal the scar,
And see all beings as they are.

In mountain mists, beneath the sun,
Their spirits blend -- they are but one!
Hunter, Gurinder, just the same,
To anyone with half a brain.

Wow, Sant64!

AI generated?

In corridors of power, shadows dance,
Where secrets weave a tangled trance,
A name echoes in the hallowed hall,
Hunter Biden, a rise, a fall.

A sweetheart deal from the DOJ,
Stooges in the president's pay,
Beneath the law’s demanding gaze,
A father's shadow, guiding ways.

Injustice wears a mask so thin,
Where influence and blood begin,
A father’s hand, a gentle push,
Like W. got from HW Bush.

Hypocrisy, a rampant beast,
Feasts upon the moral feast,
In public's eye, a staged parade,
Behind closed doors, decisions made.

Oh, Hunter, in the limelight caught,
Your deeds and deals, forever fraught,
With questions of what’s right and true,
Justice for your whole family is overdue.

The tale unfolds, a complex weave,
Of justice lost, and hearts that grieve,
And we haven't forgotten the 51
Intelligence hacks who came on a run,

On order of Joe, to bury the truth,
That laptop was yours, its contents uncouth
All for the sake of winning an election
American justice got a big rejection.

So give us break, Mr. President,
You stand for justice? Your credibility's spent
The whole world sees how you tipped the tables
Spare us your sanctimony and other fables.

sant 64, your comments are wildly off topic. They're also factually wrong. There's no evidence that Joe Biden benefitted from Hunter Biden's business dealings. That's why the House impeachment attempt against Joe is at a screeching halt.

The only crimes Hunter has been charged with are lying about (1) not being addicted in the course of buying a gun. Not a big deal. (2) He's also charged with tax evasion. Yes, that's bad, but nothing out of the ordinary. Neither charge has anything to do with Joe Biden. Well, except Joe manifested his respect for the presidency by not doing anything to change the Justice Department inquiry into Hunter.

Can you imagine Trump doing that if one of his sons was being investigated by a special counsel appointed by a Democratic president? Yet Joe kept the Trump administration appointment of Weiss, if I've got the name right, and has promised not to pardon his son. This is why Biden deserves to be reelected and Trump deserves to be placed in the garbage can of history. Biden is an honorable man while Trump is a habitual liar, authoritarian, and convicted felon.

I am really touched with it. I had opportunity to meet Mrs. Wood few times when l was on this path. She was a pure soul. I guess her daughter used to live in Haynes with her kids (l might be wrong).
After spending around 10 years on this path, attending all mid week and Sundays' Satsangs( though those were not really satsangs), l also asked many questions to Gurinder. I learnt that Gurinder is just a big joke, his all answers were more confusing( when people don't understand his answers they think they have very deep meaning). Gurinder know the art, how to bent a question to an another question so the person is asking get confused.
I also learnt that RSSB does cherry picking, they pick those thing from other saints' teaching which suit them..which is half truth and very dangerous. They call it Santmat but telling people half truth or half teaching of these saints.
It is like marketing for their organisation to show people only those things which promote their organisation. When people are vulnerable they get caught on these fake facts.
Other part l learnt Gurinder is a big Dictator so no wonder he did sideline Mrs. Wood.
I also heard him in abaudio where he was threatening farmers whom lands he took by force.
I hope people get opportunity to see his real face but that might be too late for some as many has already lost their normal family life...All the best

@ Rupinder Channa

Some times, a restaurant were one loves to eat, have a talk etc, changes ownership and/or staff, in the kitchen or the service room,.

If this change is in one way or another frustrating, most people just change restaurant
but ...
they do not stop eating
or ...
waste their time in pointing out to the world the facts that caused that frustration.

AND ...if there is no restaurant around

We can also satisfy our hunger at home ....

Gurinder Singh dhillon, does slip in truth in amongst 99% of lies. In a few satsangs he says

" for all you know I
(gurinder singh dhillon ) could be the biggest crook on the planet "

He is the biggest crook on the planet
just do a simple Google search and the facts are there. He's a compulsive liar, a control freak, angry man who shows no remorse over his crimes, and still has the audacity to sit on stage and think he is god , without flinching. RSSB karma theory , made up by the so called fake ass gurus gives them (the ruling class) to cause and accept suffering on millions of innocent souls. The whole cult is evil and pure satanic. Why else will you call up satan/ kaal in the first mantra, Jot Niranjan ( light of the devil) . Gurinder is a sick individual who will face karma , a system he and his masters created.

@ Kranvir

What every you say write tells ONLY about ... YOU

It does not tell anyuthing at all about the world.
it ONLY tells what meaning and value YOU attribute to the world.

And as it all happens inside your brain, your body, ..YOU have to bear the consequences of what you express..

Ask any psychologist or psychiatrist ..what it means.
They will tell you if you don't grasp it.


Sant64, do you live in SoCal by any chance? I also was at a meeting where the Rep spoke last Sunday.


I think you didn't get it what l wanted to say. Please read my message again. I spent around 10 years like a fanatical person..following all their teachings..going many days every week to do seva and attending so called satsang. This organisation discourage people to do their own research about the saint they are talking about. But when l started to learn more, it made me clear that how dark l was in and how this organisation doing cherry picking of saints' teachings.
Also when l had many conversation with Gurinder and after seeing his attitude towards other..it shaked me from inside. His ego reflects clearly on many occasions...l have seen him angry many times. How his admin staff ( even some are well paid by this organisation) rude to people. He is well aware of their behaviour but choose to ignore as he does the same
Let me tell you one more thing one man died in an accident during some construction work at Haynes. Admin staff was on the phone with the GSD. He asked them to remove everything from that place so no proof left of ignorance of Health and Safety. Police couldn't do much but RSSB was fined £100k.
In the end l decided to leave this organisation, it is not worth it. I have wasted 10 years of my family life which l can't get back..
I met one guy who told me how one man was killed in dera as he wanted to sell his flat which he brought in high price in Dera but they didn't let him do that and he was killed eventually but it was made an accident. His wife made cried alot but couldn't do much as this organisation has big power with police and politics in India.

It took 35 years for Brian to come out..some might never come out..it's all depends on how early you find the truth. I wish you all the best.

@ Rupinder Chana

I did get what you wrote and because I did, I wrote that reply and in doing so a broke my own decision not to write here anymore.

I am not saying a single word about the facts you wrote about, neither the persons involved ... instead I was addressing YOU ...and!! . .. i was pointing at an small path that can be taken in reaction to these reported facts, a path, in the long run, according my personal understanding of life, will benefit you.

That said, it is all up to you.

"Admin staff was on the phone with the GSD. He asked them to remove everything from that place so no proof left of ignorance of Health and Safety. Police couldn't do much but RSSB was fined £100k.
In the end l decided to leave this organisation, it is not worth it. I have wasted 10 years of my family life which l can't get back."

Posted by: Rupinder Chana | June 13, 2024 at 11:58 AM


You say here that RSSB suffered a fine. So in my honest opinion the authorities came to the conclusion that it had to be mostly an accident. So then, no foul play maybe better building materials could have been invested in.

You also say here that you wasted 10 years. That's unfortunate for you. For me, I lost 8 wives but only supposed to be limited to 4. I tried to stay in limits, but conflicts of American constitutional systemic racist laws made me accidentally go over my limits while trying to correct my family life.

Also, other than that the Guru is NOT Muslim and Christians getting too much table-time in my opinion, but to each his own. Guru's (RSSB) style meditation working GREAT though, couldn't have got through alive this far without it!

As 35 was the death life expectancy for black males in America during the 90s.


Other part l learnt Gurinder is a big Dictator so no wonder he did sideline Mrs. Wood.
I also heard him in abaudio where he was threatening farmers whom lands he took by force.
I hope people get opportunity to see his real face but that might be too late for some as many has already lost their normal family life...All the best

Posted by: Rupinder Chana | June 12, 2024 at 11:01 AM

Very well Said Rupinder Chana , keep going on right path and alert , educate the people Those who are trapped in the web of hypocritical gurus

"web of hypocritical gurus"

Posted by: AA | June 14, 2024 at 12:27 AM

Sounds valid.

Guru maybe false. Yet that's only one side of the coin. Atheist never thought to flip to tales side..

What if Guru true??

@ um
I was wrong fine was not £100k,it was £364k( all money used from general public donations, not from GSD shell companies)

Staff was with phone with GSD after the incident and received instructions to remove all evidence of negligence from the crime scene
You can also read

Science of the Soul had pleaded guilty to health and safety offences.

Police attended the scene on the day of the fall in April 2014 and told the group that under no circumstances should the scaffolding platform be touched because experts would need to examine it.

However by the time environmental health officers arrived for an inspection, the tower had been removed and there was no evidence of how it looked and functioned, the court was told.

Guru maybe false. Yet that's only one side of the coin. Atheist never thought to flip to tales side..

What if Guru true??

Posted by: Karim W. Rahmaan | June 14, 2024 at 11:39 PM

A coin has two sides but truth has only one side. falsehood needs to be cover up, reality does not.
If the Guru is true, he would not have been mysterious but would have been as bright as the Sun.
What do gurus have other than words and talks? Guru Can't prove a single thing he says. Gurus preach to others about Maya but themselves remain immersed in it.

"Gurus preach to others about Maya but themselves remain immersed in it."

Posted by: AA

There is no better example of above statement than RSSB!

@Rupinder thankyou for being brave enough and reminding everyone the reality of who Gurinder singh dhillon really is, especially given you were close to his inner circle.

This fake ass baba of beas , is a crook that is rotton to the core trying extremely hard to look like a perfect guru when the reality is that he is desperate and hiding the true reality of who he is and what master he is working for - kaal/satan/lucifer. Don't forget , that he is most likely to have ordered the murder of his own wife; effectively stole money from poor neighbouring farmers; is a land mafia ; siphoned billions from his own nephew's; and far up modis @ss - a very political guru in a so called non political charity. Further more he has a gigantic ego to become the only worldwide super guru and take over the world religions under the RSSB brand, with him , the clown, on top.

If the Guru is true, he would not "have been mysterious.."

Posted by: AA | June 15, 2024 at 05:42 AM

But friend.

Your last post said 'web of hypocritical gurus'.

The web only made of webbing. So no room for anything else, but a one sided argument. Like all gurus false.

So my question was, "What if a Guru Not FALSE?" Logical, or no? Heads, Tales, no?

Then you say 'mysterious' next. But your name AA VERY VERY MYSTERIOUS.

So my question was, "What if a Guru Not FALSE?" Logical, or no? Heads, Tales, no?

Then you say 'mysterious' next. But your name AA VERY VERY MYSTERIOUS.

Posted by: Karim W. Rahmaan | June 15, 2024 at 03:56 PM

What if the Guru is true? This is the only question that weakens a person and creates a feeling of fear. Gurus and their so-called disciples have this key through which they exploit people. The question should be whether God exists or not?! If he does exist then friendship should be with the President and not with his subordinates. president means God , subordinates means so called Guru.

AA is not mysterious just Anonymous

"What if the guru is true?"

A Guru can never be true, especially Gurinder Singh Dhillon, because he doesn't say anything hisown, he only repeats what some so called Guru said 500 years ago, how can we believe the words of a Guru who has not said anything of his own.And all these are just statements made by ancient people for which there is no proof to believe them. The discourses and these statements are just stories which sound good but cannot be considered true. Like Sheikh Chilli's stories, Harry Potter.

In Guru Granth Sahib and Radhaswami granth sarbachan, it is said to please and flatter the Guru and God. Flattery is liked by humans which shows that God is nothing but a figment of human imagination and Guru is a common man who likes flattery like common people.

If someone still believes that Guru can be true then it is his choice.

"AA is not mysterious just Anonymous"

Posted by: AA | June 15, 2024 at 06:01 PM

Claim to hold the TRUTH,

But fear the results, I hide behind NO mask



Claim to hold the TRUTH,

But fear the results, I hide behind NO mask



Posted by: Karim W. Rahmaan | June 15, 2024 at 10:02 PM

I claimed nothing , you claimed "if baba is true than"
Yes that's true "Fear The Result"
Who doesn't?
Even Baba "Fear The Result" and hides behind the mask of saint.

Baba = Guru

"If Guru is True"
"If Guru is not False".

"Guru is true or false",
these cannot be the only two possibilities.
There could be more than two possibilities like Guru can be confused (like GSD)
And other possibilities like there is no such things as a true guru or Satguru or Guru can also be a mental patient etc etc.

No guests no restaurant owner, no staff, b..it is a reciprocal affair.

Guest, and all others that are consumers of the work of a chef, have only opinions

Guest and other consumers can pose as un payed, un-appointed and un qualified "chefs"
they even might be aple to create a following for themselves, but that doesn't make them a real chef, nor give them any real knowledge about what a real chef is or is not

And ..some forms of consuming can and should be labeled as "parasitizing on"

They do it at their own cost,
|Unfortunately for them they will relalize it, when it is to late.
When they have completely lost their freedom.


And this isn't the first or last person to speak the truth about Gurinder Singh Dhilion

SAINT a person having the qualities of always having good intentions

Hahaha lol that can never be Gurinder Singh Dhilion

Just look at all the sick and bad things he's done to all, even his very own family

Gurinder Singh Dhillon is a Coward and Hides after he's done so much bad to others, because he might get a good hiding for it too. Come on come out lol

He's no Saint but someone who's lost his Sanity

His love for Power, money and women is absurd if anything he needs hospitalization for these sick acts which make no sense of his seedy nature.

He needs help he really believes he's a God and he's got people believing that too.

The things Gurinder has done to all, even to his very own family relatives to get power and wealth that's what Radha Soami is about. A self profiteering Cult for goody twos Gurinder

Look at his actions not his stage show of utter bull shit

He's not even some one you can call a decent human being but a sicko who's on a ramage of land Stealing and money

Come on Wake up he's a Lying Little Donkey ripping people out of pocket and land everyone knows it now

Even Ram rahim who's in indian prison serving sentence is an Angel compared to Gurinder Singh Dhilion. Gurinders still on the run...

This is the evil nature of a baba who's lost his morals and lives of the sangats seva money to fulfill his luxurious lifestyle and also his 2 Sons in millionaire mansions too
Not to mention they were married only into wealthy money dripping families not with out greed as a result for Gurinder Singh Dhilion

Gurinder Singh Dhillon is exposed and riddiculed for everyone to see and laugh at game over buddy

The false facade is finally exposed of the Snake Soami Gurinder Singh Dhilion

Close all the Baba and Deras down in India and get rid of this trash and leech like religious Cults Radha Soami and Gurinder Singh Dhilion

It's great you left that Evil cult and Devil Baba and now can live your life on your own terms and also help others to see the ugly reality of this so called Gurinder Singh Devil Dhilion and help them to escape this secret society Cult forever.

@ vTrez

Whatever you write is just what is in your mind, your opinion, your value and meaning you attribute .. that is allright for you .. otherwise it has no meaning an value but for you, ...nor does it say anything about the that what you are opinionated about. ...

Don't worry ..everybody is entitled to his personal opinions

It is allright for me to think that this or that brand of coffee, is yukky ...but there is no reason to elevate my opinion about coffee to something more that that ..opinion.


"A self profiteering Cult for goody twos Gurinder..

..not with out greed as a result for Gurinder Singh Dhilion..

..and help them to escape this secret society Cult forever."

Posted by: Trez | June 16, 2024 at 12:15 PM


"Whatever you write is just what is in your mind, your opinion.."

Posted by: um | June 16, 2024 at 01:28 PM

I know something BETTER than just opinion. FACTS

They surmise and want everybody else to surmise in their heads that my Guru Baba Gurinder Singh Ji is greedy. But with only opinions and debunked news articles posted to disgruntled blog posts.

Let me remind readers of real FACTS concerning greed.

Here at RSSB bookstore 'Life is Fair' cost a little over $8 bucks:

But check out Brian Hines's costs for 'Life is Fair' at Amazon:

Whoa a whopping close to $80 big ones.


This is the same shenanigans I was talking about during Yojirai/Rajinder comparison. Even today Atheists and everybody getting in on the price gouging shenanigans! Then call Baba Ji a rip-off artist -you should all be ashamed to believe it. Go ahead, if you got the guts.. Check and see if any of my links deepfakes

"A Dog can live without God but human being can't"

The friends of Jamun would not marry Laila for all of them felt that the young lady missed something that they considered a "sine qua non" condition for marriage.
Jamun, agreed with them and even tanked them for their concern about his welfare.
Yet he CHOSE to marry her, because he loved her.
Love is a gift, not something deserved, not an conditional something.
He had more then enough of it so he smiled and laughed with his friends saying:

hahahahaa...."You should see her through MY eyes"

Nobody needs to respect, admire, love anything or anybody.
It is not a must, not an obligation....it is a personal gift

Even in watching a movie, reading a book, sport or the use of mind altering drugs, one has to go with the flow, let go of the control etc. in order to participate.

Due to the capacity of faith, believe humans can survive in culture ..taking a flight of an airplane is not possible without faith and believe. ..even leaving a the house and walking a street is a matter of believe and faith.

Karim, I've never made any money from all the time I spent writing Life is Fair on a totally volunteer basis. Zero. The used copies on Amazon are priced by booksellers. Again, I get absolutely nothing, zero, from any sales on Amazon or on the RSSB web site.

Karim I can confirm what brian wrote.

Gurinder Singh Dhillon gets Exposed all the time by all that he meets and all that hes done but the cover ups on here by a few are disgusting and disgracefull.

But it means nothing to anyone even if you do cover Gurinders mucky paws it's way too late it's a open book to laugh and riddicule the mess that's he's made single handedly of himself and the Cult.

A laughing stock for the World to laugh at
He's finished, Gurinders game is over

Hahahaha ..Trez.

Gurudom, is ingrained in Indian culture.
You do not get it. ... it is not about the guru
It is the power of the people.

THEY, the masses do want their mental heroes, gurus are the servants of the masses.

For them it doesn't matter what he does or does not.

@ Trez

Once I asked my father, after visiting, Sicily, why I had seen so many poor people with a smile on their faces although their poor circumstances.
He said that the sun and the smile were the only thing that the landlords could not steal from the people.

When I visited India, I was surprised to see the same smiles on the faces from people even in far more miserably conditions. ..quite different from the faces one can see here in Europe that from people using public transport in the morning to go to work.

Religion . in India has an complete other cultural and psychological role in India than elsewhere ...Their faith gives them personal power

Even though you keep denying it, you are 100% Gurinder Singh's puppet. You need to wake up, because you are doing seva for a crook in the physical and kaal/ lucifer in the spiritual, because you think you will be given salvation which is nothing but an empty promise. He will give you money, and some power, or flashing lights and make you feel good inside only when there is a need for your slavery, but when you are no longer needed, he will dispose you like rubbish. Then you will have nothing but regrets and depression. This is exactly what will happen to Gurinder singh Dhillon - when people wake up from their nightmare, they will turn on him - and he knows it ; why else does he have z listed security around him 247.

@ Trez

Only people that are not standing on their own mental legs, people with little or low self esteem, make themselves dependable from others. but the masses can and do only depend on themselves in order to face their hardships ... THEIR faith is something else than that of the pleasure seeking Europeans and Americans ..the followers of the Beatles.

Their faith is as stable as the weather in England.

Religion has lost all its cultural and psychological meaning in these parts of the world. We have to import priests from our previous colonies ... hahaha to celebrate in the few remaining churches.

Do you think that in such an climate any interest in eastern religions is still alive .. yes in small niches for recreational purposes. ..yoga spa's and m,meditation retreats with good food, incense hahahaha

@ Kranvir

It doesn't mater what value and meaning you attribute to me as it doesn't matter what you attribute to others .. you do not have power....you make your self believe that you can stop a train in full run ... hahahaha

You come here, where you cam make yourself believe that your words have inpact but you do not go there where it would matter ...you are just a powertless believer of your own words.

@ Kranvir

>> Even though you keep denying it, you are 100% Gurinder Singh's puppet<<

You are wrong ... I come here for you, for what you do here.
You are addressing us ..you want to put your values and meanings, in our minds.
Unasked for.
YOU ... you are free to believe what you want, I do not care for a moment, buif you want another person to change their mind for your own selfish interests you are transgressing a line.

If I do have a relationship or not with that organisation, it is nobodies bussiness but my own..

I do not try to change your mind, I do not tell you what to believe an nor, so do not doe it with me.

I liked the Guy marrying the girl anyway
and also The 8 extra wives Karim had to compensate

Let me repeat :
If Gurinder was bad while loaded , . . .
he would be VERY VERY bad
and have made Brian s life a real hell, . . worse even.

Yes I once brought mrs Wood to the airport.
Gurinder just ended Celebrity status here and there
I remember Osho!

Gurinder is just following orders
and his Rocks are Serendipities all the time.
I mean as we have that, . . HE must benefit also, . . all the time?
(Miracles are happenings that cannot happen but happen anyway )

Next there is what Adi Granth and Sar Bachan are stating on QE
in old fashion words :
Each Soul is God in voluntary giant amnesia and humans
can do something about that wit compassion
which is Love on our level
Love is the engine of QE and all Creation.
And Yes : God doesn't t look if U have a Grade
SHE looks if we can stop our "internal dialogue" for 10 seconds
and that seems to work with the crowds ib Beas

Ramana :
'To know God You have to BE Him'

Compassion > Love does it as promised


Yes The first word is calming yje Proctor of the first region
region = State of Consciousness

Karim, it would be fair, at this point, to acknowledge to Brian that your imputations about him were off base. And also, given the actual facts Brian has now clarified, that your carefully thought up arguments make exactly the opposite case than what you were trying to argue.

I think it is monstrous that this system of Seva et al, is so manipulated that while on one hand millions feed selflessly into it, including writers like Brian as well, and on the other hand people like Charan and his family make enough from the system overall to live a life of idle leisure that nevertheless lets them buy expensive watches and expensive jewellery beyond reach of the masses they live off, that they use their dupes as mules to smuggle back home; and further that lets nondescript backwaters salesmen like Gurinder as well as his sons to morph into private jet setting jillionaires with multiple houses in multiple countries. How is that not greedy? Regardless of whether or not it is illegal? How is that not eye-popping double standards and hypocrisy?

(Not just GSD, Charan as well. Only it is far more in-your-face, far more pronounced, with GSD.)

"Karim, I've never made any money from all the time I spent writing Life is Fair on a totally volunteer basis. Zero. The used copies on Amazon are priced by booksellers. Again, I get absolutely nothing, zero, from any sales on Amazon or on the RSSB web site."

Posted by: Brian Hines | June 17, 2024 at 10:00 AM

Not sure what bargain you get with this blog.

I clicked the linked to Amazon directly from this blog.

How would I know if you profit or not? Because it's clearly linked to your blog; "Books I've written (section)".

You have admin capabilities for links shown here not me, nor other commenters.

Here's the link I clicked to see that awful price:

You must agree that Maharaj Ji Charan Singh never charged like bad news Yogiraj. I apologize for being misinformed about this site's links, but that's it.

Not sure what bargain you get with this blog.

Posted by: Karim W. Rahmaan | June 17, 2024 at 09:06 PM

Dear Karim , if Brian makes the money from his writing than wats wrong with that , he spent money , time for it..

Ur So- called Baba travels on million of dollars worth chopper n jet , even he didn't spend single hour for work in last 35 years, he earned Zero big Zero but live like a "Elon Musk" , .
99.9 % followers of Baba belongs to very very poor family only earn 5 $ a day.. and their mentor baba living lavish life , do you have balls to ask him "how he does live so high with zero earnings?

Plz , All Radhaswami followers let the Baba earn his own good not depends on sangat sewa ( money).
Stop giving donation to cult , religion.

Note :- "Um" has some psychology issues, plz don't consider her/him seriously"

"..Baba travels on million of dollars worth chopper n jet , even he didn't spend single hour for work.."

Posted by: AA | June 17, 2024 at 10:19 PM

And what is your source that Baba Gurinder Singh Ji did not earn an honest living?

I spoke to one of the Administration United States Representative on my Guru, did you?

You've got the talent to do this?

I'll share a little, Baba Ji went to a Business school in Spain. So he had to have earned something. I let you find the rest. Oh, I forgot. That rep. passed away due to natural cases not too long ago. He was old when I met Dr. Savareese. So you may as believe whatever source you can muster.

But Dr. Savareese, now that was a Good, Honest, and Ethical man if I ever met one. He's to you another great mentor!

@ AA

You need not to have an academical degree to see what firm faith does with people.

Different mental powers are inversely proportional to the money in the pocket.
That insight and knowledge is expressed in the christian Bible as:

It is more difficult for a rich men to enter the kingdom of heaven then for a camel to work himself through the eye of a needle.

That same concept is found in all spiritual literature of the world.... from Rumi to Lao ZI

Visiting religious buildings and gatherings , will tell that truth by just looking at the faces of the devout.

Attachment to sensual pleasures grows with every piece of money one has in the pocket and with that attachment comes the other obstacles for opening the emotional heart.

Yes AA .. religion is an psychological issue. ...hahahaha ... not only for the poor devout ... hahaha


Just coming from the kitchen with a cup of coffee a thought crossed my mind a memory of an interaction with another volunteer worker in the days long gone by.

Some people were bickering between one another about the rights of whom and what to be done and they used as argument their professional status in society.

On hearing them I said:
Look, if you want things to be done as they are usually done at home and at work, you better stay at home and at your work.

In any community of volunteer work one can learn and develop skills that are difficult to develop elsewhere.

Ask any volunteer worker over the world and he will explain why he or she does it and why they continue even under those bizarre circumstances as war.

Let Brian speak for himself but I am convinced he wrote his books to his own satisfaction as he now writes his Blogs. although he gets not a penny for them.

That is how castles and cathedrals were build ... with the dedication of volunteer.

AND ...
Those that think that they can profit from the poor do it at their own cost ... they will have to hide them self in wealthy resorts as criminals.
Whatever wealth any society has was established by the poor.

Even Trump needs them to become president ... hahahaa

@ AA

And what have skeptics to offer at the poor masses?
To compensate for their faith, their hope, their love, their devotion?

Can you bring a smile on the faces of them?

I am just an observer, I have nothing to give but these observations,.
What do you have to offer?

Alot to talk about on here ?

Not really just Gurinder Singh Dhilion and he's bad history of shameful antics.

Even an idiot mentioning no names on here can see the ugly truth or should , but its undeniable

Gurinder Singh Dhillon has always been a nut job who got the job but had and had no credentials.

Sat on stage just for the glorification of being someone from nothing but a Waiter in Spain trying to feed his family.

Sad but true story of a cheating clown performing in a circus .who's to be laughed at now

So laugh and laugh loud at what a laughing stock Gurinder Singh Dhilion has become today worldwide

Exposed and Embarrassment for all to see Shameless Soami Gurinder Singh Dhilion

@ Trez

Hahaha.....the owner of the blog is selectively censoring and deleting 3 of my reactions to you.... hahahaha he must be pleased with your contributions , with your repetitions otherwise labeled as trolling

um, I unpublished some of your comments because they were personal attacks directed at another commenter. That goes against this blog's comment guidelines. It's fine to disagree with someone. It's not fine to tell someone they shouldn't be saying what they want to say. Also, you left a lot of comments today. This blog isn't a message board. It's nice that you enjoy coffee, but notifying the world via comments that you're drinking coffee is both irrelevant and boring. Please try to stick to the topic of a blog post as much as possible.

Don't worry Brian, I understand your selective preferences.

You are more in favor of endless repetition of guru bashing and hate speech, than a remark over coffee.

It is your blog

And Brian, ...speaking about things that are both irrelevant and BORING ...

what to think of the by now maybe more than 100 repetitive posts of kranvir, trez and others and not only repetitive hate speech but in no way related to the topic at hand

"The horse may have lost but it could not run with the dogs"

And what is your source that Baba Gurinder Singh Ji did not earn an honest living?

Posted by: Karim W. Rahmaan | June 18, 2024 at 12:53 AM
Dear karim , I live in punjab india , I belong to same region where ur baba hail from .. I personally knew wat land he inherited.. I worked as medical officer in urs baba's native village.. my source of information is first hand.. not urs.. baba belongs to very normal punjabi family , his ancestors were not big land Lords , got small farm , his father was smart enough who got to commission in indian army by chance or with subjective and baba sawan singh engaged her grand daughter with him .. that's the story mate..And this big Head Baba born...
Story End...
Plz update ur self , come and visit punjab ..

" I worked as medical officer in urs baba's native village.. my source of information is first hand.. not urs.."

Posted by: AA | June 18, 2024 at 11:15 AM

Perhaps my memory is a little off on what the late but Great Dr. told me back towards 2009.

Here wiki says Baba Ji did get some degree in Business:

But how you talk, like you held his hand all through his lifetime because you did some work in a village. Then distort facts here, for your own purpose.

Fact still remains, Baba Ji earned his Business skill. And he's not on any charges for ill gotten revenue. So with me, it still counts.. Like the Honest Kings David, Solomon, & Janak guru of Sukhdev or any other King who had money, but was just, and earned it. While still giving with his time (GREAT SEVA) to spread the Spiritual wisdom.

One doesn't have to be a poor ascetic to be spiritual. That's a false notion, as some Gurus were Kings.

Wrap your brain around that if it make some sense.

I think the supporters of the dog Gurinder singh Dhillon should actively blog on rssb sights where they can praise their fake ass baba for his absolute nothings he offers. However most of his sites are locked from comments because they know that people would put honest comments about the facts of Gurinder the villain and what he gets upto when he's not on stage on good behavior. What are these agents on this site defending Gurinder for ? He is a copy cat baba, that has an ideology which is a mash up of other scriptures that he manipulates to support his living fake guru and lies. The reality is that he is the deception agent of kaal, designed to create another world wide religion with him on top. But Gurinder is being exposed for the crook he is, the fake ass guru , and the user and abuser and master manipulator of innocent souls.

"sant 64, your comments are wildly off topic."'

When you stop posting political commentary to this religion blog, then so will I.

In any case, the universe is One, right? So everything having to do with Trump and the Bidens should be viewed with equanimity.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to place a conference call to my son who is having a meeting with CCP investors.

Posted by: Karim W. Rahmaan | June 18, 2024 at 12:26 PM

Dear Karim w. Rahmaan, Wikipedia is not a source of truth. You cannot know about anyone from Wikipedia. In India, there is a B.Com graduate in every household. But not everyone travels in a car worth one million dollors like Baba. Baba has only one skill that his maternal uncle gave him the position of Guru. Baba is whatever he is today only because of being Rashaswami Guru. He himself does not have any quality that makes him special, yes he has many demerits.I have met Baba many times personally and through my profession as a doctor. I always found Baba to be a mediocre person who is very unhappy with his life. I have never seen an arrogant person like Baba who is also a Guru. A special kind of negative energy is felt when I meet Baba. Baba has a B.Com degree from Punjab University, if he had not attained the Guru Gaddi, he would still be marketing watches somewhere.Misleading poor people into blind faith who donate their hard earned money, and Baba living a luxurious life with that donation money. There is no bigger sin than this. Dear Karim, please tell your Baba to conduct his satsang online, if he has the courage. The people of India will shut down Radhaswami's shop with in a month.

@ AA

You did not address me but allow me to make some remarks.
There are many positions in any society and culture thgat can be had only by merit; by developing talents and skills ... like yours. ...although ... even in the academical world and in your own world, there are matters of interest that cause somebody to be chosen in a given function within an organisation, that have nothing to do with the developing of talents and skill. I guess that it is not necessary to spell it out for you.

Then there are positions in society for which there are no schools, positions one can arrive at by heritage or choice ..choice of others, be it a individual, family, or the democracy. ..like kings, presidents, government officials and spiritual leaders of sorts.

In many of these socio-cultural positions not very much is demanded from the "chosen one". as the meaning of that position is based upon a narrative.

Whatever I have come to understand is that the narrative of a spiritual path as explained in books like the DASBODH by Shri Samartha Ramdas, does not demand any qualification of the guru seen from the worly point of view. I do remember the late MCS, time and again, explaining the foreign audience, this simple fact by say, while grasping his own legs .."LOOK ... THIS [the body] is not the guru ..and pointing at the audience ...and YOU .. you are not the disciples.

The underline of the DASBODH says ... "spiritual instruction for the servant"

THE SERVANT .... not ... the guru

These days we are face in Europe and probably also in the USA with a draw to the [extreme] right. New presidents are chosen and new ministers of state and ministers in general.

Hahahaha ... those that are chosen in those professions causes the stomachs of many an well educated person of the left establishment. The new ministers for education are closing down on the funds for our university, libraries, theaters etc

Soon we will have Trump for president, Madame Le pen, and many others that will sit on the democratic GADHI's

Finally ... even a guru is, what he is in the eye of the beholder. And you with your academic education you could and should understand what ...the ATTRIBUTION of meaning and value is ... how it functions psychological.

Love, respect, faith, loyalty dear doctor are all GIFTS and any person is free to give what is his or her own to whatever and whoever THEY deem fit as beautiful explained in the story of Laila and Jamun ... even to those that cultural or social do not deserve such an gift.

The path presented by the spiritual giants of your country is a path of love .. Bhakti yoga or Gur bhakti.

An on a personal level ... it seems more easy for simple persons to love than the well educated ... so ... in this country and else where In Europe many that jumped into the air when the gems of the east were brought to the west by the Beatles and the ant authoritarian movement, are now leaving the ship as rats. The so called Spiritual bookshops, places of pilgrimage of the seventies, have all closed their doors, no more weekly performances of Classical Indian music ...and the old followers of the late MCS are getting old ... and there are hardly new initiates .. what remains are the followers of indian descent making money here..

People can stare themselves blind, as we use to say it, on people the like of Trump, but it would be better to focus on the movements in society that hoist him onto the shell.

To love a personj, parent, child, partner or whatever, that behaves always as it pleases one is simple ... the bible sya Do ye love your parents .. it does not say the kind and the good ones and not those that are not pleasing.

You see AA, this is about the "small Path"... it is the understanding that love is a gift and can be given to each and everyone .. it is a power and ..it is not generated or caused by outside.

The disgust of a guest does not make a chef a poor chef.

I know that there is one god living on Mars because i created that God.

@ AA

Humans, ALL humans, share wirh one another the capacity to:

[1] meaning and
[2} value to the world and everything containing in the world
and .....
they are doing so as it deems fit to them,
according their desires etc.
and ...
they do so at their own cost

What is pleasure for one is something to hate for another.

It doesn't matter to may how people feel and think about anybody, be they guru of Beas or not, as long as they are aware that it is THEIR own attribution and is not caused by forces outside themselves.

If you dislike Gurinder, please by all means go so, but do not tell me that YOUR feelings and thoughts are HIS fault.

As an academical educated person, certainly as a medical professional, you might know that there is nothing new in what I write .. it is just common psychology.

@ AA

And ... Prof. W. James wrote as psychologist 2 well known essays as his oratio at the university "the will to believe" and "Varieties of the religious experience"

What and how we believe is the backbone of our life.

In the west may a kind of classic Indian instrumental music is perceived as "cat whining" ... it is painful to their ears.and disgusting to their mind

You the question is are those that hate that type of music to have pitty with or not.

That is also how we can appreciate everything and everybody religious, spiritual.
Are the devoot people of the world the ones to be pittied??
If I see their faces, and what their faith means to them in their life .. iI tend to conclude that it makes them happy

And please do not think for a moment that you and a small elite is informed of the facts relatte RSSB

"..In India, there is a B.Com graduate in every household.."

Posted by: AA | June 20, 2024 at 12:22 AM


Above I'm here at the The University's School of Open Learning, Teaching Dept., website and it says I quote:

"The academic institutes on the campus and four Regional Centres are grouped under the Faculties of Arts, Science, Languages, Law, Education and Fine Arts, Business Management and Commerce.."

I also see that a BA, or a MA degree, is offered by the same department in that same field.

So as you downplay Baba Ji's education, and the Commerce educational department down at Panjab University (PU). The National Assessment and Accreditation Council's (NAAC) says otherwise because the most recent accreditation of this University was an A++.


This is the first time in human history that the public platform has gone out of the hands of the dominant people and is now open to everyone. It is not hidden from anyone that there has been an old nexus between religion and power. Due to which it was very easy to censor the ideas opposing religion and faith. And hence only one side of religion and faith was presented strongly in front of the public. But today, thanks to social media, any person can put forward his views on a public platform. True freedom of expression has started being available now. And its effect is also visible. People are becoming increasingly aware.

And seeing all this, I can say that the coming time is going to be very difficult for the believers. Especially for those believers who resort to logic for their faith. I would like to warn them that as time passes, it will become difficult for the believers to gather logic for their faith. Yes, if some big disaster comes upon humanity and turns this wheel of development upside down, then it is a different matter.
But today I stand in support of the believers and assure them that they need not be disappointed at all. They just need to change their ways a little. I claim that if they follow my advice, they can shut the mouth of even the biggest atheist in the world.

The solution is very simple. Stop giving arguments for your faith. Understand this very well, arguments cannot be given for faith. If they could be given, then it would not be faith at all. Faith has to be kept only where there is no possibility of any argument, any proof, any investigation. Faith does not have to be kept in those things for which there is logic and evidence and which are open to investigation.

Does anyone say that I have faith that the sun rises from the east? Or I have faith that Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India? Or I have faith that Delhi is the capital of India?

We have to have faith in God, religious symbols and beliefs etc. because there is no logic, proof for them and neither are they open to investigation. It is a futile exercise to create arguments for these things.

But still people do this because if faith is supported by logic, then faith seems a little stronger and gives the believer the confidence that he has invested in the right place. The believer also gets attracted towards those religious leaders who get better arguments for his faith. But supporting faith with logic is creating trouble for yourself. Because sooner or later these arguments are bound to collapse.

So do not give arguments for your faith. By doing this you are putting yourself in a weak position and creating problems for your faith. If an atheist asks why do you believe this? Or why do you do this? Say with pride, “Because this is my belief.” Believe me, this small sentence can shut the mouth of even the biggest atheist.
Secondly, keep your faith private as much as possible. Faith is not an object of public display. Faith is related to your personal life, it is for your personal convenience, it has nothing to do with the public world. The more you keep it private, the more beneficial it will be for you. And then when faith remains private, people will not get a chance to raise questions and hence faith will remain with all its purity and respect.

But alas, people keep faith but do not understand these nuances related to faith. And on top of that, the new self-proclaimed religious leaders of today keep giving people absurd arguments to attract them towards themselves. They are not only tarnishing their own image but also ruining the reputation of their devotees.

The one who publicly displays faith is innocent.
The one who gives arguments for faith is a fool.
The one who harms himself or others for faith is a big fool.

@ AA

hahaha .. it was a great pleasure reading your words.

What lingers in my mind are the intentions from the one that gives the advice.
There is no better way to silence a believer by advising him how to deal with his faith in public.

That said I need not to heed your words as that attitude of mind has always been with me.

The reason I do write here is not related to whether I believe or not and if so in what.

The sole reasons is the use or misuse people make of the supposed believes of others.

Is there also an advise for the atheists?

With the passage of time, in societies where the percentage of rational people increases (which is bound to increase if some terrible tragedy does not reverse the cycle of development), religious sentiments will cease to be an issue. In future, it is possible that you file a case in court for hurting religious sentiments and the court may instead impose a fine on you for wasting the court's time. So, if you are very serious and sensitive about religion faith, then start developing the habit of controlling your sentiments from now itself. Because in future, these sentiments are going to be hurt at every step. And you will not be able to do much to defend them.

@ AA

You are so terrible funny ...and ...emotional.. you make my day.

As long as India has such large masses of people that miss everything you have, an copy of the colonial establishment, they will stick to the old ways.. They need their faith.

An as long as Indians after seeing an movie on one of the great epics seek the blessings of the actor that plays the role of arjuna etc there is not very much hope anything will change.

And as long as long walls in Delhi have images of deities to prevent the male by passers to pee against the wall nothing will change

hahaha .. if I remember well .. one of the last indian rocket launches started with a hindu ceremony.

Indians to do away with their force of imagination is as asking italians to give up pasta

It reminds me of a lady of an before royal indian family staying at my place for a couple of days, buying al sort of plastic flowers etc. Surprised how that was possible for such an well educated elegant lady she said smilingly ..In India Um. the sun burns everything colorful away, we love color

AA imagination is a need for the masses to survive ..and you should know, understand ...and ...appreciate that.

You live probably in circumstances that you need not to dream

Humans are so funny irrespective of their level of education ..they remain what they are like the crow

What is you advise for the atheists as to how to operate?

y Kranvir
Difficult to let a Real Lover change
Did U or any Punjab citizen see the following


See their faces
It s like with CjaranJI . . .

How come there are only 6 followers there ^somebody knows?

Thank for your insight s. on Punjab

Is Gurinder of a high kaste , - just curious I am


was the princess Sheela Barhat Ram?
Thanks for yr inside knowledge on a lot

@ 777

Thank you for the link I hadn't seen his face in years.
His beard has grown complete white

This is a public place where I can not oversee what the consequences are related to the privacy of other people so I hardly ever disclose a name when it is not needed.

@ 777

>> Thanks for yr inside knowledge on a lot<<

You are welcome

That said if I had not had the opportunity of associating with so many different people through that organisation, people I otherwise would never have met in my professional or private life most of the things I write here, would simple not arise in my mind.
Hahahaha ... I would never have met you for example.

Through them, through that association with them I came to learn so many things about humans, human behavior that i other wise not would have and it helped me to a great extent to become free from book knowledge.

The association with them has proved to become an education in psychology

With gratitude I do remember all and every one of them....they were grate companions.

Approaching 100, names don t matter that much anymore
I kearned we cannot inject Love. to th unwilling. :-)
Have a great Coffee in Amsterdam


To day on RSSB
"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are AND WILL BE ,
while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
— John Wooden



The most destructive discovery made by man till date is not the atom bomb but the books which you call scriptures, religious texts.

@ AA

Many years ago, in the company of an Indian Friend, I stayed for a night at the house of his nephew. There i was for the first time introduced into the workings of the cast system as seen by Indians. I came to learn about the fate of the Dalits, about Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and how the relation with the Brahmins in fluenced their political and "religious" choices.

Why do I put it here?

Well I have never come across such and deep rooted resentment against anything religious as in this otherwise wise and kind person.

He explained how the name giving was done, how they were not even allowed to have a religion etc etc ..what made the seek solace in Buddhism, Atheism and in path's that do not acknowledge caste system..

It is a painfull memory.

It once again shows me that religion is by itself is not the problem but how it is used ..as a blessing or as a curse.

Whatever good or bad in the world is the outcome of human behavior.

The same science that cures also kills.
If humanity chose to eradicate all religion and spirituality from the surface of the earth,
they just lay dawn a TOOL and will take up another tool to do what they did before .for the simple reason, they cannot change themselves ..like the crow they are what they are and do what humans have to do in nature.


First of all, I do not come from a Dalit background. I belong to a well-off family. Secondly, my aim of expressing my views in this blog is not Dalit uprising. My only effort is to get out of the illusion of gurus because they cannot do any good to anyone.
Some people think that atheism means ridiculing and abusing religious beliefs, symbols and historical figures. But I have never seen any atheist doing this till date (there may be some exceptions). Yes, you will find many believers doing this. They can be seen behaving in the same way towards all religions except their own. And when an atheist calls them out on this behavior, they feel very offended. Then they think that being an atheist, he is taking the side of a particular religion, or belongs to particular lower caste. Whereas in reality he is just introducing you to common etiquette.

@ AA

Hahaha ..from your way of writing it was easy to understand that you are from a well to do Indian family etc. so I was not intending that you were an Dalit neither that what you write has anything to do with their fate.

It is about the emotions and intentions that make people write in this blog about atheism that is at stake.

I can't agree with you that those that in anyway do express their sympathy or in my case the understanding for religious believes others have, are in any way respected here.

Just the amount and quality of adjectives used here tell their own tale let alone the attitude of the owner of this blog towards all that dear to express such sympathy or understanding. ...selective abomination.

I suppose that if an atheist doesn't speak out and up, nobody would know about it and have the possibility to react ...hahaha ... the advice you yourselves gave me

If a person tells me his interest or disgust for religion whatever it might been, I tend to react to it in silence .. As it is THEIR value, THEIR meaning they attribute to something and there is no reason why that should not be respected.

But that is not the case here, neither with your contributor.
You are not just stating that you are an atheist and why and what it means for you in your life ...you come here with a mission. ...like the the old RK missionaries.


Atheism like anything else humans believe etc, is not a problem.
What matters is what they do with it in the public domain in the interaction with their fellow human beings.

The day has yet to come that I have in any way or capacity tried to make others change their mind about what is dear to them as far as worldviews etc

I will not tear pages publicly from a book that is holy for others nor would I execute a person that did so

the notion that each Soul is The Lovely
Divine Herself at 110% I
and NOT only a drop in the Ocean
but in voluntary hyper amnesia
which ends relatively when compassion increases

This s a great one.
and the difference is more or less COMPASSION
which is Love
It generates some TIME differences

Shame that some view others as less
and even as worthless Goyem
which makes torture rape & the kill easy

Same for the kaste system and any other dumbness
that generates not
eternal results but a few Big Bangs for Djenghis
Pol Pot likes cum suis is rather long


[email protected]

Gurinder Singh Dhillon worships Kaal, satan. Do not be fooled by his appearance. He initiates using 5 satanic mantra. The first is Jot Nirunjan , which means light of kaal/ devil. The last name is Satnam (satan) who is their god of a million suns - hich is nothing but the light of Lucifer. Look it up, lucifer was the beautiful bright one. Do not repeat these names and definitely do not get initiated. You will be seeking the light and sound of kaal/ satan/ Lucifer ( the bright morning star) Gurinder also takes pleasure from the suffering of souls, and has a gigantic ego who wants to rule the world while we are told at every stage to put up, shut up and stay in line - the hypocrisy. Game over Dhillon

https://www.theguardian.com/world/article/2024/jul/03/india-deadly-crush-blamed-on-huge-overcrowding-as-death-toll-passes-120 Stop chasing after gurus.

In this age of tech, I don't understand this herd mentality. Nor do I understand the need of gurus to have such large gatherings, when they can easily broadcast their message by satelites or cable channels.. these gatherings are a traffic nightmare, risk of accident and stampedes, also a n ideal situation of terrorist attacks.

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