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June 03, 2024


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"I've observed: enlightenment just happens to be a spiritual state that the person describing it says they've achieved.."


Sometimes I think you yourself ARE enlightened.

And perhaps here secretly online spreading what the great Maharaj Ji taught you as a sort of truly Selfless seva. And in an Agnostic way without, and sometimes i think Purely without any religious quagmire.

However, I cannot read minds myself. With that, from what I've read from the Naam teachings is that enlightenment is never claimed by a True prophet, messenger, apostle, spiritual master, etc. They've earned it, and want their students or disciples to do the same. Have you ever heard of a good Teacher with time enough to boast while training excelling students in a very, very difficult course?

I haven't.
Good teachers and or mentors are hard to come by.

Some people are motivated by compassion.

Some people are motivated by moral superiority.

Every Soul IS

But not as long as S/HE thinks She is existing

QE is what is


Everyone has it all wrong.
Tollifson has it right.
Enlightenment is not an exalted state.
It is not distant.
It is not something you "attain" with effort
It does not take time to achieve.
There is not a ME that gets enlightened

All this is nonsense.

The truth is: there is no individual self
no soul, no separate ME that needs to unite.
Enlightenment is not an experience

"okay, big guy", you might say "Well what the fuck is it?"
and are enlightened people allowed to use the fuck word?

The answer:
watch these shit load of short videos i have uploaded. and Yes, they can swear and do it is style.

and by the way, you're enlightened ALL tje time, enlightenment it not like lightening, striking at certain times

it is ALL the time, everywhere and everything
and never, nowhere and nothing

thatbis what non-duality means

check out this video


There is no YOU - you're a fucking illusion
a figment of the ONENESS's imagination


and i saved the best until last

enlightenment is NOT an attainment


from above:

"...There are characters running around in the movie of waking life claiming that they no longer experience fear or desire. Whenever I hear this now, it immediately activates my bullshit alarms. Maybe it's true, I don't know."

It is bullshit - Life continues as before
but it has ONE difference - the "I" which is illusory disappears.
There is no separate self.

Here's the punchline.


GSD is talking about this same Enlightenment - NOT as something distant to be achieved, but ALREADY the case.

want evidence?

here it is - he is in the video saying exactly what I am saying

it's really hilarious because the speakers on stage are giving out duality teachings about meditation and attaining
and GSD is saying the fucking opposite
and the sangat have no fucking idea what the fuck is going on
excuse my fucking french / its just for effect

do not miss this one

"breakthrough, in which all sense of being an encapsulated individual permanently vanishes forever and ever, never to return, is a total myth. That encapsulated "me" is never really here, ever, and the idea or sense of encapsulation vanishes in any moment that's it's clearly seen for what it is." - from above

Enlightenment is the end of duality, The delusion of separation goes. there is no soul, so nobody to be born or die.


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