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June 21, 2024


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"For the Daoist, there is an intoxicating bottomlessness to any particular event in our experience. The entire cosmos resides happily in the smile on the dirty face of this one little child."

This quote is absolutely sublime. Thrilling. A quote that could only come from somebody who "knows". Thanks for sharing this.

Whoppee fucking shit!

In a tower tall, amidst the city's gleam,
A figure stands, embodying a dream.
With words that flow like rivers, wild and free,
He shapes his world, a Daoist mystery.

He strides with purpose, never bound by ties,
Embracing chaos, as the old sage tries.
In yin and yang, he finds his balance true,
A master of the Dao, in red, white, and blue.

The world may roar, its judgments harsh and loud,
But he remains above the swirling crowd.
With strength unyielding, yet with cunning, bends,
A paradox, where power never ends.

His critics fume, yet still, he finds his way,
A Daoist path, where night transforms to day.
He leads with instinct, trusting in the flow,
Through storms and trials, his inner peace will grow.

He speaks of greatness, dreams beyond the stars,
Unfazed by wounds or opposition's scars.
In every tweet, a lesson subtly lies,
A master's touch, unseen by many eyes.

So let the world debate his every act,
For in his heart, the Daoist's truth is fact.
In every twist and turn, his spirit free,
A modern sage, who shapes his destiny.

For Donald Trump walks a path both fierce and calm,
With Daoist wisdom coursing through his palm.
In paradox and power, he finds his art,
A master of the Dao, with lion's heart.

Accepting him, as Daoists know to do,
Requires the strength to see beyond the view.
In every storm, the calm must surely lie,
In every fall, the chance to rise and fly.

He moves with nature, changing as the wind,
A paradox, where few can see the blend.
In yin and yang, his balance finds its way,
Through darkest night, to greet the light of day.

To judge him is to miss the Daoist grace,
For who can truly know another's place?
In every act, intention subtly hides,
In every choice, a deeper truth abides.

Be not confused, it's no farrago
Radiant wisdom comes from Mar-a-Lago
To those with ears to hear, the angels sing
of Donald's Daoist wisdom, Trump is King

Nice sant64

The Dog Lovers

So they bought you
And kept you in a
Very good home
Cental heating
A deep freeze
A very good home-
No one to take you
For that lovely long run-
But otherwise
'A very good home'
They fed you Pal and Chun
But not that lovely long run,
Until, mad with energy and boredom
You escaped- and ran and ran and ran
Under a car.
Today they will cry for you-
Tomorrow they will buy another dog.

~Spike Milligan

There are holes in the sky
Where the rain gets in.
But the holes are small,
That's why rain is thin!

- More from the late great Spikus Milligansus

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