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June 01, 2024


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And Trump worshipers are irrational half-wits, the same as the religious are --- when it comes to this specific, otherwise they may and often are functional, more or less --- so that they'll continue to claim, in the teeth of facts and reason, that their vile grotesque orange god can do no wrong and has been unfairly crucified. He's stiffed them by playing with hookers on their tab, and then lying shamelessly about it, but they'll line up to pour out their meager all to fill the war chest of this vile bloated creature.

God help America if this vile POS manages to get through this time.

(Too bad Biden turned out to be a vile POS himself, with the blood of literally tens of thousands on his hands. Too bad it is a contest between the vile and the unthinkably grotesquely vile. ...At least in one case there is the possibility of redemption. In the other case it's give up all hope about everything.)

I’ve often wondered about the difference between consciousness and awareness. Christof Koch is quite clear and uses the words interchangedly. He talks about the neural basis for consciousness and contends that ‘consciousness is experience and that all living organisms have some degree of consciousness.’

Also, interestingly he argues that consciousness is ‘grounded in information-processing computations.’ When pondering the mind and what it is, I can only see the mind as being information – in-formation derived from past experiences. Perhaps when presented with whatever situation arises for us, then Koch’s idea about consciousness could well be linked in with the brain’s neural networking where it presents information that instigates action – whether physical or mental.

Just a thought, but how lovely it would be to include consciousness with being just another function of our biological natures.

We also have our current president sententiously declaring how wonderful the American justice system is, and how we much all deeply respect it. The same president who publically accused SCOTUS of expressly trying to harm women, and who made vague threats of payback. First U.S. president to do so.

The same president who clutched his pearls when his predecessor had boxes of paper. "How could that possibly happen? How anyone could be that irresponsible. And I thought, what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods? By that, I mean names of people who helped or et cetera. And it just, totally irresponsible."

Then we find out said pearl clutcher had boxes of classified stuff in his garage. Whoops.

How easily are some people taken in by obvious Banana Republic Lawfare. A whore shakes down a guy for a tryst that happened decades ago, and somehow they think 30 felonies are a just punishment. $500 million in damages for victimless crimes. A shining example of how well our justice system works. Gosh, just a coincidence he's running for president and likely to win. but we are patriots and scholars with a keen sense of fairness.

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