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May 14, 2024


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That's a name, and a blog, I've not seen before. I enjoyed reading Prof. Massimo Pigliucci's short post, and have bookmarked the page so I can check out some more of what he's got going there, later when I've time. Thanks for the post and the link, Brian.

Yep, to take p-zombies as an argument for consciousness existing separately from the body, is jaw-droppingly stupid. After all, there's absolutely no reason why a regular zombie --- whether Count Dracula, or Jesus Christ, or that hot girl played by Kirsten Stewart in the Twilight movies --- should lack consciousness. No reason why a zombie shouldn't be just as conscious as any regular human being. ...The p-zombie is DEFINED as lacking in consciousness, so that to follow that argument and circle back to then claiming that this somehow proves that consciousness is beyond the physical is ...just jaw-droppingly stupid.

This article " . . .challenges traditional views on consciousness, arguing that our perceptions of mind-body separation are influenced by psychological biases." and points out that: " . . .our intuitions about consciousness are shaped by innate dualism."

Well, sounds reasonable, although I don't think it is a new revelation. Dualism has been pointed out as the basis of the mind/body/consciousness issue for quite a while (eons ago through some of the Buddhist thinking).

Personally, I see the confusion around the 'what is the mind' concept as stemming from the reluctance to see it (the mind) simply as information, information derived from experiences accrued in the brain's networking and simply as an aid for survival. To that end I'd say that many other creatures have (or display) minds according to their environmental situations contributing to their survival needs.

Working along with this idea, the body (brain and senses) produce the mind and the mind's data when recalled and acted up (whether just in thought or physical action) gives the impression of consciousness - or awareness - awareness of the contents of mind and/or awareness of the physical organism and its environment.

To this end, I would reckon that mind and consciousness (although never finding the conceptual 'seat' of consciousness), can be easily understood. Awareness though, is another matter!

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