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May 24, 2024


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I don't completely agree with the guy who said "You've got Nam, so wtfard." but I think he does have a point. If chasing after unreal altered states is one of the key reasons for leaving Sant Mat, then what's hoped to be gained from trying to achieve the same thing with drugs?

The article says the target population was people with severe depression from cancer. I guess it does make for people with intractable depression to try psychedelics. But for those not in that cohort, then what's the goal?

For those who don't believe in God or Gurus, but do believe in a better life through chemistry, it would make more sense to invest one's money in hormone replacement therapy. Most male problems, including depression, are due to low testosterone. Adding testosterone (I have done it) will make everything better in one's life.

I've gotten into psychedelics, (chocolate mushrooms), late in life. 30 some odd years after initiation. And I got to say, it's been a blast. I take them to see/feel more within. I don't go for the outward colors and perception changes. I like to take 3-4 pieces, (approx 1.6-1.8 grams), be in very comfortable clothes, play some sound bath music videos, close my eyes and enjoy the show going on within. 2.5-3 hrs of amazement. Set and setting is everything. If done with right intention, you may ask them (the mushrooms), questions, and you will get a response. On the come down, I'll watch a light comedy movie and laugh my ass off. For 1-2 weeks afterwards, I'm lighter, more creative and grounded in great contentment. Weeks after that, I feel my brain has been rewired for more positivity and love. Very blissful. It's been 4 months since my last trip and I'm preparing for my next. (Clean eating, getting sleep, basic workouts), Then set and setting.

I may suggest trying a smaller dose (micro-dose) to start to get a feel for that possibility. Once confident, go for it. I prefer doing with friends (or by myself), rather than in a "clinical" environment. With friends, you may want to talk, paint, walk in nature, meditate, listen to music, etc. Afterwards, eat food(s) you really enjoy. I go for some veggie pizza while watching a movie. It's a celebration. With the right intention, you come out of the experience with more insight of who you are and what you need to do.

Again, after 30 years of meditation (which I feel is good, content, very acceptable RSSB meditation), and now taking mushrooms go nicely together. Some take it for the ego death (4-8 grams). That's a whole different conversation-you can find those on Youtube. I may go for that, but down the road. Rule of thumb, you can always take more-once taken, you can't do less. Unless you have a trip killer with you. (Xanax).

Hope this helps your thinking of moving forward to have this amazing experience.

It's made a difference in my life- no turning back.

Go for it!


James, thanks for your inspiring comment. I get what you said about a "clinical" environment. But the center where I'll be having my psilocybin experience is set up to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Indoors only, unfortunately, due to Oregon regulations.

On the plus side, I'll know that I'm getting a tested high quality magic mushroom dose. I appreciated your description of what you do during an experience. It mostly fits with what I'm planning to do. Of course, plans can change. Since I also am a long-time meditator, I'm leaning toward spending much of the time with eyes closed, experiencing the psilocybin from within, so to speak, rather than its outward perceptual manifestations. But I want to remain flexible.

..."psychedelics are nonaddictive (they do not target the dopamine system)"

That's very interesting! I don't know of any other drug that doesn't either directly or indirectly impact the dopamine system --- not even otherwise innocuous coffee.

That makes it so much less risky to try out, at least in terms of the addiction thing.

"you can always take more-once taken, you can't do less"

Why is that, James, given that the dopamine thing doesn't come into play?

Appreciative Reader, what James was referring to is the obvious fact that once you've taken a large "hero" dose of psilocybin, like 4-5 grams, and it's in your system, there's no way to lessen the impact of that dose. I suppose you could have your stomach pumped, but that'd be a bad trip probably worse than just letting the dose do its major psychedelic thing.

So the wise advice is to start with a low dose and ramp up from there in fairly small steps to learn how you tolerate and experience various types of doses. This could include taking a small dose, waiting for the activation period to be over, and then taking more psilocybin in the same experience, as James noted. So this isn't an addiction/dopamine thing. It's a don't take a big dose until you know how you handle smaller doses.

What I've learned as I've read and talked to different people, if you are feeling overwhelmed or feel you're in over your skis (in your head), you can take a "trip killer", or a small Xanax.
Using “trip killers” like benzodiazepines or antipsychotics (under trade names like Xanax, Olanzapine and others) can help reduce the intensity of the trip.

That's why I started tripping small with 1gm of shrooms, moved up to 1.4gm to 1.8gm and the next trip will be 2gm. Each trip I was gaining more and more confidence on the shrooms. Tho I know those who just dive into the deep end on shrooms. 3-4+ gms right out of the box. I did that with DMT and whoa........

The key is when you're on the come up and you're feeling everything, you need to tell yourself to just let go and relax. Breathe. Relax, enjoy. Don't fight the experience, that's when it becomes a difficult trip.

Funny to get into all this in my 60's, but I truly respect the psychedelics and appreciate the opportunity. I don't trip just for the sake of tripping, I do so for the profound experience. Adding ways to know "myself/I" better......

At these doses, (less than ego-death), it's extremely enjoyable and I always get something out of it.

Good luck-can't wait to hear about your experience.

Oh, ok, got it. I misunderstood what he was saying to mean that if I take a heroic dose today, then I can't go back to the lesser doses next time I ingest this thing. My bad.

@ Brian. “The fallacy of believing psychedelics aren't "natural."

When it comes to what is the natural brain chemistry, my point would be that what the brain produces under certain conditions is a natural process rather than chemicals that are administered – albeit that both are natural.

Of course, everything we know of and encounter is natural. The world, the universe, our thoughts and conscious experience is natural. The only thing that doesn’t fit this criterion is the invention of the so-called supernatural. And yes, human brains do differ along with their particular interpretations of reality.

Joan Tollifson expresses reality so: - “We can’t stand apart from and SEE reality; we can only BE reality—and we can’t ever NOT be reality. Reality is all there is; and all there is, is reality. And actually, EVERYTHING we see (the apparent forms that appear in everyday life, as well as what we see in dreams or on 5-MeO-DMT, LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA or Ayahuasca, or anything we think or imagine) is ALL reality.”

I would add that I believe (think) that we are all capable of seeing or ‘be’ reality; we all see the same flowers, the trees, the traffic, people around etc. The difference probably lies in our interpretations of the perceived reality. Some for example, may see nature as threatening, separate from themselves, perhaps beautiful or something to be used and exploited. It then comes down to how our minds have developed – and by ‘mind’ I mean the brain’s contents derived from our life’s experiences.

Generally, I would say that it is our minds rather than our brains that create our realities. Also, I wonder just how much attention we give to the world around us. It seems as though we live our lives through thoughts and concepts, walking around in a ‘thought bubble’, not really paying attention to what is around us and it is through this constant stream of thought from which we relate to the world. It’s a little like living in an area of natural beauty, after a while it may become mundane and ordinary and not noticed. Perhaps this is the attraction of the various diversions we engage in – to wake ourselves up.

I question the morels of fungi-mentalists caught with spore-nography. Their hypocrisy borders on the cremini-l.

umami, I bestow upon you an award for most creative wordplay in a Church of the Churchless comment for a long time, maybe ever. I bow at your mushroomy feet.

One thing you'll never read on this forum is "You make a good point. I hadn't considered that, but I think you're making a valid argument." Nope, it's always just I'm right, you're wrong.

To equate taking hallucinogens with meditation, because "both are natural"....

You're one of the most haughty, stubborn people I've come across, and I'm sure you've heard that before.

Thanks, Brian.
You know me, have pun will travel.

Mushrooms reproduce sexually AND asexually. Hey, check out that fruiting body. Corn smut, filthiest of all.

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