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May 05, 2024


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I appreciate the prizing of fact over ethereal conjecture. It's undeniable there's much hoodoo in the world of mysticism. Then again, I'm in agreement with the scientist Stephen Meyer on how the existence of the universe, and life on earth, points to a mystical cause.

Before Hoyle's Big Bang theory, most scientists assumed the universe had an eternal origin. But Hoyle found that the universe had a beginning. Before that beginning 13.8 billion years ago, there was no matter. So how did no matter and no energy -- that is, how did nothing -- create a universe of matter and energy?

If one wants to argue that an alternative universe gave rise to this universe, the question still stands on what created t h a t universe.

Then there's the mystery of the origin of life. The multifaceted mystery. How did one cell of any kind get created? And how to explain why cells are so brilliantly coded? These and other mysteries are examined in Meyer's book Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe
Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe.

Might the Radhasoamis at least be correct to surmise that material reality itself points to a mystical reality?

There is positive energy , our souls, and negative energy , of kaal/ satan / jot niranjan . Dirty gurinder singh dhilon is a very low vibration negative energy, disguised as a high vibration guru to fool his prey - the sangat. He actually uses negative energy, to lure in the innocent sheep into him - rather like a snake hypnotizing its prey before suffocating them. He uses the shabad singers to create an atmosphere , and gives you that "feeling " which is really the venom. He weaponises and manipulates the love potion on people to fall for him - ever wondered why young females fall for an old man with a turban and a beard - logically its not possible yet this creep does it. He is a crafty manipulating baba, and wants to become the only god on earth , a super guru in a world wide mega cult with the, RSSB science of the soul logo stamped on it. But he is exposed as a crook who is rotten to the core, and a dirty filthy murderer. Your days are numbered and you will have to pay for your karma- punished by a system you invented.

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