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May 16, 2024


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"And that the origin of our universe exists in an immaterial divine realm. If anything like this could be proven, it would be an astounding revolution in the human worldview."

It already is proven. Science says the universe began 13 billion years ago. Before that, there was literally nothing. No time, no space, no energy, no matter. How did nothing give rise to matter?

Then there's the question of life on earth, what accounts for its genesis? If we stick to material causes, how did chemicals give rise to a cell, and how did that cell mutate into giraffes and hummingbirds? That is, how do we explain the extremely advanced coding platform of DNA?

"It already is proven...
...How did nothing give rise to matter?...
...how do we explain the extremely advanced coding platform of DNA?"

Heh, textbook, elementary God of the Gaps. Charming.

AMEN. 💯 agree

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