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May 10, 2024


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Evolution of Sant Mat Gurus:

1) Early Gurus such as Kabir, Tulsi, and Shiv Dayal wrote mystical prose about their inner travels.

2) Successors such as Jaimal, Sawan, and Kirpal were a bit less otherworldly, but like their predecessors posed as all-knowing Godmen. Their theology was based on the premise that salvation was impossible except by shabd yoga.

3) Successors of these Gurus such as Charan and Darshan were still less otherworldly. Though they were orthodox in teaching shabd yoga's necessity, they didn't advertise themselves as all-knowing.

4) The present generation of Sant Mat Gurus -- Gurinder and Rajinder -- have completely cooled out on the triumphalist position on shabd yoga. Gurinder is on record saying that Sant Mat is by no means the only way to union with God and that the practice of hearing the sound current offers "an advantage." Rajinder hardly ever refers to the specifics of traditional Sant Mat teachings in his talks, and for the most part only talks about the benefits of generic meditation for mental health.

First of all, RSSB is not a religion, it’s a cult, there’s a HUGR difference between religions and cults. Religions are stupid. Cults are dangerously idiotic. Every single person I have ever known who is a devoted member of RSSB is undoubtedly brainwashed and phenomenally idiotic.

If you have anxiety disorder as a member of RSSB you are so
Incredibly stupid that you deserve it. It is the most ridiculous cult in ALL of India. Please… do yourself and everyone else a favor and get psychiatric help.

Stupidity IS a crime.

And you’re not alone. I have met hundreds of RS initiates who are suffering from acute anxiety disorder. It is so disproportionate to the number of other religious adherents experiencing anxiety disorder that is seems crystal clear that the fundamental belief system of RS is tragically flawed.

GSD can’t openly admit that he isn’t God in Human form
Simply because it goes against the economic model of RSSB. If he admitted the truth (that he’s noy GIF) then RSSB would lose half their annual donations which would destroy their organization. So, although he knows he’s not God, he’ll never state that clearly to his followers because it would cause RSSB to go bankrupt.

GSD let his nephews rot in jail and his wife mysteriously die for the crimes he committed. You’re an an absolute fool if you think he’d treat you any better. RSSB should be shut down by the Indian government and they most certainly will be in due time.

The Truth always wins in the end.

RSSB is dead.

Modi president visits Dera RSSB regularly as I understand it.
They are good friends it seems.

Truth..what is it?

´Be here now¨

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