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May 12, 2024


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Surely, all gurus, masters teachers etc. are all human - with all the ensuing traits, desires and foibles that comprise being human. A perfect master is contrary to being human. Zen teachers are among those who celebrate their humanness -warts and all - and are not afraid of their shortcomings.

Actually, from a non-dualistic point of view, we are all perfect, perfect in the sense that what we are at this moment could not be otherwise. Which is not to say that certain negative habits and traits (with a little awareness) cannot be changed - but even in the process of changing things are just perfect as they are.

Perhaps the search for perfection (enlightenment etc.) is just a way of avoiding the fact of being what one is, or rather, trying to change the actual (what is) for the imagined. I suppose such evasions could take up a whole lifetime, never reaching the ideal that one believes (thinks) one should be.

TREASURE BEYOND MEASURE Belated Mother's Day Edition

"Oh, no one should lose their mother!" -- Charan Singh's lament to a friend about his grief on losing his mother.

It's completely understandable to me that anyone would experience grief when their mother dies. But bear in mind that Charan was the RSSB Guru and well into his 60s when his mother passed away.

Why does that matter? It matters because nearly every RSSB Satsang (like the one I attended yesterday) scolds satsangis for being "attached" to their family members. You're going to die soon and yet here you are thinking about your family when you should be meditating!

But when the guru can't follow the ideal he preaches, what then?

One could say Charan deserves praise for his human devotion to his mother. But we only learn about Charan's human feelings in a book published after he died. In other words, for 40 years Charan was preaching an ideal he personally didn't follow or attain.

I wonder about the effect this ideal of disdaining one's family may have had on the millions of devoted RSSB satsangis. Is it possible that many RSSB children grew up with "detached" parents and were the worst for it? Apologists for this religion will of course say no to that, and argue that the Masters are only teaching a "balanced perspective." To that, I'd only say we have the testimony of Charan himself on what it was like growing up with a father completely detached from his sons because Great Master told him it was necessary for his salvation.

Another ideal that RSSB preaches is that of being wholly self-supporting. "We must earn our own way in this life." Here again, it's an ideal that the Masters preach but don't personally follow. TREASURE BEYOND MEASURE included a eulogy for Charan by a noted Satsangi, who lauds Charan for being a self-supporting lawyer. No mention however that Charan completely gave up his law career when he became guru, and moreover never had a paying job for the next several decades. Where did Charan get the rupees to support himself and his family? From his larger family. (Related to this, Gurinder Singh is also supported by his family, apparently in some kind of indeterminate but far-ranging network that includes corporate CEOs, and that dispenses favors to relatives tied to shell corporations.)

Then there's the directive to meditate 2.5 hours a day, the hallmark of any and every RSSB satsang. "You're going to die soon slacker, why aren't you giving 10% of your day to meditation"?
Of this ideal as well, we learn in TBM that Charan fell short and struggled to give that 10%. That is, we learn about this after Charan passes away.

"Perfection is the enemy of the good," said Voltaire. That's often true. Nevertheless, I do feel there's a definite value in being faithful to positive ideals. And paradoxical as it may seem, I also feel that spiritual leaders provide value -- the evidence is strong that in many cases

But overall, I feel that spiritual leaders like Charan Gurinder and Rajinder must at least practice what they preach.


Who is Rajinder?



It's a cult. Plain and simple. For better or worse.

In the 1980s, one of my Zen teachers told us, “Never treat your Master as if he was God Almighty……even if he is!”

Perfect living liar that's what Gurinder Singh Dhilion has been playing out

Radha soami is a perfect lie in the ways Gurinder Singh Dhilion portrays it as an absolute perfection of a path

The lies on stage have past they're sell by date

Gurinder does Q & A questions and Answers
And they always say , "no questions about Gurinders private life" now I wonder why? Is it because he will be caught out , because his private life is really an Exposed book for all to see that's if they want to see it.

It contains Land Stealing, Murder, money laundering, Stealing millions from his nephews,
Womanising and the list goes on and on
What's so perfect about this?

And little lying Baba deceiving all, just so he can play a fantasy out

Don't fall for this little prats game and live the life you deserve , ditch this False Baba

Every single QnA is the same. The same problems "I can't meditate, my mind isn't in my control, what should i do?" "Meditate", "Thank you plz take care of me n my fam". Every single video. No more questions about inner regions or four lives to get back to "g.o.d." Either the "satsangis" are getting more stupid, or RSSB has always been for the gullible.

Gurinder singh dhillon and Ram rahim should definitely form a comedy duo. Both are clueless, and have zero enlightenment and spiritual experience. How can any of these clowns have any real answer to any questions in Q&As. Ofcourse people can't meditate, because it is an enlightenment to kaal, the meditation leads to the snake jot niranjan. You get fully absorbed in a fake love feeling like a drug , but its kaal. You come back with zero knowledge or clarity of who you are, where you are, why your here, were you are going and how to navigate passed your obstacles kaal gurinder has put in your way. Gurinder Singh Dhillon is an agent of distraction and leads souls back to his master , lord , satan. Gurinder you are exposed as a fraud , a fake , a charlatan and karma will be served soon.

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