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May 30, 2024


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The Churchless blog of Brians’ has been a good source of some interesting books for me’ not just sci-ence-based books but ones that have a ‘spiritual’ message. The more recent reviews of Joan Tol-lifson’s work led me to buying a couple of her books as well as subscribing to her Substack.

Tollifson’s writings hammer home the point of being here now. I wouldn’t be surprised if the science of the brain/body/mind connection along with the interconnectedness of everything doesn’t some day come up with the acceptance of reality as not being out there or even of being what our fragmented minds try to fit in a small box, but that reality is here-now and no matter where we are, what we believe, or what we are doing/thinking. As Joan puts it: - “Nothing could be other than exactly how it is in this moment. Seeing this is the freedom to be exactly as we are and for everything to be just as it is.”

Which of course, has nothing to do with being a doormat or fatalistic acceptance – if you’re standing in a wasp nest – move!

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