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May 18, 2024


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It's a plain fact that Israel is acting toward the Palestinians as Hitler did to the Jews.

That enormity is compounded by the support of (usually conservative) Americans for Israel's atrocities. And that every American's tax dollars are funding the slaughter of women and children.

The current administration doesn't impress me either. As I wrote here months ago, their finger-wagging at Netanyahu is all political kabuki, as Biden and friends have done nothing to stop Israel's genocide.

Very interesting article. The audio feature came in handy there. It's around an hour and a half long, but it's completely riveting, and you can listen in while multitasking.

Thanks for the link, Brian.

It's ...unspeakable, horrible beyond articulation, what's happening there. But then horrible evil people doing horrible evil things is nothing new. What's completely disgraceful is how US tax dollars and US support have enabled this enormity, and continue to fuel this carnage even today.


Agreed 100% with what you've said there, sant64. It's ironic, and such a pity, that these people, so brutally persecuted once, have learnt the one lesson from that time that they shouldn't have, and have turned into these inhuman monsters themselves.

Of course, it's just Bibi and his murderous IDF, not the people at large. And yet I've seen polls that put support for what's happening at very high levels (I forget how much exactly, but very high). Much like Hitler's Germany, while only a few are the actual authors of the killings and the all-round evil, but the entire nation shares the guilt of letting it happen.

...And yet, I ask myself, if I were an Israeli myself, would I have had the balls to stand up and speak up aloud and try to stop it all, at considerable risk to myself? Do I have the balls to do that when I see injustice happening around me right where I am? Or do I stay put as long as I myself remain personally unaffected? When I ask myself that, I find myself unable to point my finger at others. At the likes of Bibi, sure; but not at the people at large, not at Israel as a whole.

AR, I don't know about Israelis, but if the NYT is a reliable gauge of American Jewish sentiment, many Jews are not on board with what Israel's doing. On the other hand, if the attitude of the WSJ represents the sickening sentiment of most American conservatives (Jewish or otherwise) then that faction can't get enough of Israel's mowing down anything that moves in Gaza. These are strange times we live in.

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