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May 01, 2024


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When it comes to issues of the mind and the self, it seems to me that, apart from the clinical definitions as being mental phenomena like perception, thinking, memory, belief, reasoning, desire, emotion etc. no-one seems to know what the mind or self is or and how/why they manifest.

The simplest explanation I can see is the simple biological one that (as with us and all animals) to navigate our environment information and knowledge is paramount, in effect, how to survive. We begin to accumulate information from birth; who are our caregivers, what can be eaten and what can’t, what beliefs we take on, how to get from A to B, our gender and name etc.

We absorb a huge amount of data regarding who we are and how we can live and maintain ourselves. All this cognitive information is clumped together and labelled as the mind. In effect, the mind doesn’t exist as a particular thing, being just the accumulation of information. I would maintain that it is from all this info and knowledge that the idea and feeling of a ‘self’ is assumed.

The self and mind then become merely conventions, useful as a shortcut to explain all our mental processes and apart from researchers and the such like, generally just accepted. Which is a shame be-cause to recognise the nature of the mind and self as merely emergent phenomenon is necessary to realise how we isolate ourselves in this cocoon of ‘me-ness’ from the rest of the world – and our-selves.

Can This Man PROVE That God Exists?

GSD should retire to a cave and just focus on asking for forgiveness till the day that he dies.

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