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April 07, 2024


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Suzuki: - “That Dhyana has nothing to do with mere sitting cross-legged in meditation, as is generally supposed by outsiders, or has been maintained by Shen-hsiu and his school ever since the days of Hui-neng, is here asserted in a most unmistakable manner.”
“Dhyana is not quietism, nor is it tranquillization; it is rather acting, moving, performing deeds, seeing, hearing, thinking, remembering.”

Huineng is said to be the founder of the ‘Sudden Enlightenment’ Southern Chan school of Buddhism, which focuses on an immediate and direct attainment of Buddhist enlightenment. In western Chan today, along with Koan practice, Chan practice still embraces ‘Sudden Enlightenment’ though it is usually called ‘Silent Illumination’.

Suzuki (above) refers to meditation as not being ‘quietism’. In western Chan today students are steered away from quietism – the idea that thoughts have to be vanquished. They teach that every-thing; thinking, feeling, emotions etc. are all natural happenings that arise in the present moment and are therefore exactly what is.

All else, all conjectures, concepts, stories, hopes, desires and fears that we overlay onto ‘what is’, take one away from the reality of the moment into delusion and suffering.

Hi Ron and all

The sole exception is That special Love
that a Saint Master generates and
is forever
Pubers understand
until life rakes over


Dhyan (imagine isn Sankrit) is the Power of the Soul to
find yr car keys
If you don't Dhyan you can never find them even when they are in yr hand
Dhyan makes a kind of Love possible
we can only dream of unless HE gives it to you

I often think that hypnose is part of that, That it is God s way
and ifs further totally misused
like th word IMAGINE they say to children to indicate FALSE
"U just imagine that"
It is the Force of Creation
and the force to exit

Religion is the closest thing to evil that exists on this earth. All belief systems can become a form of religion.

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