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April 29, 2024


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Yes, I agree, life, the universe and everything is strange and often defies common sense. Common sense being described as ‘sound, practical judgement and being common to all people’. And yes, common sense often falls flat as new discoveries arise – and are superseded by ‘new’ discoveries.

It seems to be quite normal for us to question and delve into the how and why of things; it is after all how we have advanced our knowledge and understanding but I do wonder why we like to term things ‘mysteries’. Okay, so the usual answer is that life, the universe and everything is a mystery, but who or what is labelling it a mystery. Certainly not the everyday mind that comprises all the knowledge and information it needs to operate and function in its particular environment. Perhaps it is the aspect of the mind that needs to be secure in the sense of seeing mysteries as something bigger, more profound than little me. Are mysteries (in some mysterious way!) merely a substitute for the God’s that have been displaced as our knowledge and understanding outgrew them?

I’m not saying that we should be content and complacent with our lot (knowledge or whatever our lot may be), but there is a case for looking at life etc. simply as it appears to me now without the demands and insecurities of the ego/self that loves (needs) to make more of itself by inventing mysteries. The ego/self aspect of mind has its place but does have a predilection to muddy the waters of the simplicity of the life and environment we have our being in.

Hi Brian,
I do hope that the acupuncture treatment will relieve your pain.

Yes it seems absolutely weird..everything...!!
Nice to read this from someone else...

Brian. Have just had a re-read of this blog and had a thought about this strangeness or weirdness of things you mention on driving home after acupuncture treatment (hope the treatment helped),
“. . . I suddenly sensed the utter improbability of everything around me -- trees, pavement, sky, vehicles, and so on.”

I know there is some weirdness re the universe and life (thinking quantum physics here and the fact that things are not as we believe or sense them to be). Becoming aware of the improbability of everything; the experience of improbability sounds similar to the mini-awakening(s) as a result of awareness or meditation practice.

Usually we seem to be ‘living in a world of thought and concepts, caught up in constant thinking, unaware of the world and everything about us. At times, perhaps when suddenly seeing a sunset, a tree or a child laughing, we are taken out of our thinking and witness what is happening right now before our eyes. Then, as suddenly as the images appeared, thought can intervene covering the sensed reality with words and concepts such as mysterious or improbable.

Stephen Batchelor described such experiences (or perhaps a way of life) as seeing the everyday sub-lime. J. Krishnamurti said something similar: “We are frightened to be simple. We want things to be complicated. The more things are complicated, the more we think we are intellectual. We are never simple. We don’t know how to look at things very, very simply. When you can look at things very simply, you are beyond all the intellectuals.”

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