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April 11, 2024


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I lost a book
Langston Day and Bob de Lamare
"The new discoveries behind the atom"
where he did some Quantum Entanglement

Sprayed fertiliser on a map of a village in Africa , a special farm, included an image and the result was excellent
Blended the book
might happen to U app sometimes ?

I would say that Suzuki was a man of his time when he introduced Zen to the west. Very useful to people who were just hearing about Zen philosophy and practice. Another disseminator around that time was Alan Watts – someone I read more than Suzuki. Anyway, they and a few others piqued my interest in the Eastern approach.

Joan Tollifson, continues the Buddha’s message yet from a present-day perspective, yet although the basic Buddha’s message is alive in some of the traditional Zen teachings and teachers, it can escape western sensibilities. Tollifson writes in similar vein to Tony Packer and Charlotte Joko Beck (two of her previous teachers) expounding the zen – or more broadly – the whole non-duality package.

I’m just reading Tollifson’s book ‘Death’ in which she brings in her approach to death, impermanence and suffering in the light of her mother’s and various friends’ gradual demise. Traditional Zen and Chan writings forever expound the fact of impermanence, emptiness and suffering. I see the work of writers like Tollifson as helping to de-mystify traditional Buddhist teachings making them more accessible to the ever-evolving human psyche – just as Hui-Neng and others did in their time.

I think zazen is everything. "What's the need for sitting meditation?" is the saddest thing Jack Kerouac wrote.

Zazen offers a universal system of practice. Results come no matter what one believes or doesn't believe. And the results of zazan are comprehensive and practical. Zazan cues the mind to revere each person, thing and moment. Zazen puts everything in order, and after leaving the cushion one spends their day doing zazen of their daily events.

There are no moving parts to zazen. It doesn't have the complications inherent to Sant Mat meditation. There is no getting to somewhere, no levels, no shabda guru intermediary. And yet, zazen is a prayer, or has the same effect of prayer if done earnestly. Everything becomes a prayer, everything is reverence, everything is bowed to and bows back in return.

🥰 I’m a book lover too.

I got some good tings from my time at RSSB that have really stuck with me over the years. The most important one being a remark the guru said: “Never, NEVER compare yourself with anyone else.”

All the things we learn from experiences and from books are our own. Other people can’t possibly see the world exactly as we do and that’s perfectly OK. But most people tend to get more rigid in their thinking as they get older. It’s very important to try and stay flexible and open to new ways of seeing the world.

I love that you have this amazing library of other peoples’ experiences to learn from!

Yep, I'm a huge fan of Brian's; and specifically, and in this context, of his amazing appetite for books.

I love reading, myself, and indeed have built up a sizeable personal library (built on an already large collection, priceless books from a sentimental POV, from across a few generations); but, although I'm much younger, even then Brian's sheer capacity to read far, far outclasses mine. (And, heh, I confess to having a thing for fiction. Easily a full half of my reading is fiction.)

Yeah, Brian's prodigious reading, and his lovely reviews here, and the discussions that sometimes grow on around those articles, just love them. Respect.

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