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April 13, 2024


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Quote of the Day
"Devotion brings faith in us;
faith will enable you to put in effort, and
effort will take you out of this ocean of existence.

Without love there can be absolutely no faith at all,
without faith there can never be an effort at all,
and without effort we can never succeed. "
— Maharaj Charan Singh Ji —

Apart from Dhyan;
The love can be more easily found
by association / interference
listening on X to Divine 432Hz music
because the Love is 432Hz Shabd and will resonate
our chakras

"Whatever you can say about anything, it's at best only half true." -- Katagirl Roshi

This whole trope about spirituality vs. abandonment of spirituality was dealt with 3000 years ago by Shakyamuni. Buddha left us the 8-fold path.

Neo Buddhists like Alan, what? and Tobler-One take a fraction of the 1st fold of that 8 fold path and tell us that's all anyone needs to be totally enlightened.

The 8-fold path or the fraction of the 1-fold path. Who you gonna believe?

Doing No Harm
U don t need a Path
It s something for the Willing, . . the Urging, . . ; The Loving



Those that want to kiss forever


Appreciate this post, and its message. But I continue to be deeply skeptical about the byllshytte that is 99.9℅ of Zen.

If this is truly the mainstream Zen view, then why not just clearly say it, clearly and briefly, rather than the endless reams of gobbledygook that can admit of any of like a hundred interpretations? Why make "students" go through whole lifetimes of nonsense rather than clearly spelling this out simply? Why the absurd zazen and mindfulness nonsense (which may, which obviously do, have other great uses, but none of that elaborate nonsense necessary to understand this very simple truth)? Why the hordes of pseudo-wise Zen "sages", freeloaders one and all, filling their bellies and the bellies of their spawn by making monkeys of the gullible? (Has to be one or the other. Either they're themselves confused, and conflate a bunch of tangentially related stuff. Else they're clear about this simple straightforward message, but are beclowning the gullible to ensure a freeloading livelihood for themselves.)

Pardon the intensity of my criticism, but this Deepak Chopraesque bullshytting I intensely dislike. Science is truly complex, very complex. And many good scientists do a great job of correctly, fairly completely, and yet simply, explaining it to us layfolk. And then you have these clowns, the Deepak Chopras and these Zen jokers, who take a super simple message like this, and make it more obscure and more (pseudo) complex than even quantum math. Big boo to that bullshytting.

One of the things I love about the Buddha is the complete lack of BS. A great many things he got right, some things he got wrong, but all of it was explained crystal clear. (Well, okay, except for one thing he kept silent on, I'll grant you that. But again, that wasn't part of his key message. I'm saying, the Zen clowns don't get to eat their cake and have it too. Either this, discussed in this article, is the central realization of Zen, or it isn't. I agree fully with the message; but if it is indeed central to Zen, then all of what I said here. Can't have it both effing ways.)

Again, apologies for the stridency about what's clearly dear to you, Brian, the Zen thing. But I've seen enough bullshytte, and bullshytting freeloading rascals, to be deeply suspicious and skeptical and un-appreciative of these unscrupulous pseudo-wise freeloaders.

So extremely correct
read : JapJi again

The basics of Zen Buddhism are the precepts of suffering, impermanence and emptiness. Anything else, any elaborations on that seem to be either the inevitable product of later writers’ additions and of course, interpretations and translations. It seems to me that these three core elements are all that is needed to understand the essence of Zen. Of course, after three thousand years and the numerous translations, additions and interpretations – many obscured by the fact that they perhaps only make sense in certain cultural contexts – it is no wonder that confusion exists to the western mind.

Although serious studies of some of the Zen texts, coupled with honest enquiry (whether that’s academic study or contemplative) can throw light on suffering, impermanence and emptiness; such in-sights underline much of the writings and teachings of people like Joan Tollifson.

She steers away from the religious and philosophical trappings of formal Zen and other non-dual teachings to present an entirely acceptable approach to the questions of who/what am I. Amongst the many charlatans and self-promoters in the spiritual circuses, there are quite a few like Tollifson who, if one is lucky or serious enough to stumble upon, are worth considering.

Quite often though, what they say and point to offers little in the way of expectations that the aver-age seeker is hoping or looking for. What it comes down to is that the truth is revealed as ordinary and everyday where the suffering aspect arises through the overlaying of thoughts and desires that are contrary to the ‘what is’ to the actuality of the moment.

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