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April 01, 2024


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Very nice!
I´ve been a dancer..
Pain is not easy and what one can still do is happily appreciated in old days.
Still carry on as long as is possibly possible.
There was a´ Walk for Peace ´in Amsterdam all people in mosly White..also white flags..
Lots of old people were there walking ore sitting in wheel- chairs..
All for PEACE.
Touching event yesterday.
They go do this more often from now..

Hey, Brian.

Is everybody absolutely sure your pain originates in the spine? Sometimes it's the sacroiliac joint. Sometimes it's the the hip. Here's an article about sciatica caused by a torn labrum and a paralabral cyst. The patient spent long periods sitting cross-legged or in a squat!


"Maharaji had always been impressing upon us, during the forty years of his practice of Nam, that this method of Surat Shabd Yoga is the only means of attaining God-realization." -- Maharaji Gruinder Singh Ji's Inaugural Address

"I am not one of those Babas who says that my religion is the only way to achieve God-realization."

-- Gurinder Singh in Q&A with GSD

Seva in RSSB organization is giving up your time to contribute to the growth of that cult and its leader , gurinder singh Dhillon. Beware, this organization does not get you to liberation or enlightenment. Sangat have been fooled and manipulated to expand the rssb brand and cult world wide. In other words SEVA at RSSB is SLAVERY as you yoursrlf gain nothing. It is a contract where you do something now, give up your physical self, and sacrifice your time from your loved ones for a false promise of going to heaven in the afterlife. Doesn't it remind you of a promise of 40 virgins in heaven as in the Islamic faith. Why can't you get happiness for yourself and families benefit in the current life? Gurinder singh Dhillon is therefore misleading millions of innocent souls, knowingly and shows no compassion, or remorse. In fact he positively enjoys the suffering of souls and being worshipped like a god. He is a sly wicked dark soul, and is a kaal incarnated, and his so called santmat methods leads souls to satan and back into the reincarnation cycle only to be tortured again. Gurinder singh Dhillon your days are numbered and god is not happy with your actions , you will pay the price and face your karma.

Rssb previous fake ass gurus and gurinder, the hypocrite, enforces the fact that you are experiencing suffering because of your past life and they say there is a so called a store of karma which you have to pay back. But did you know that these fake gurus invented this concept to keep you in the suffering cycle for lifetimes. In other words, you are put in prison, the hell earth, for a crime you didn't commit. Is this fair and just? The real reason for implanting this idea of a store of karma is to keep you in fear and in a helpless, humble, powerless state, so you surrender yourself to a saviour guru. Karma store is like a hook that gets the sheep, and the lambs, the sleeping sangat, to the slaughter - which is the path to kaal, satan, jot niranjan the liar. Gurinders lies and manipulating techniques are exposed, you will face your karma soon

Gurinder Singh Dhillon and Radha Seedy Soami
Is a pain in the ass.

From Seva to meditation it's a con by a con artist Baba Gurinder Singh Dogy Dhilion

Seva for him is to use the individual for his needs and tell him not to look for anything in return, imagine working for your boss at work for free. That's the Hypocrite he is.

Only to bow to his Fake ass and do whatever he say. He even preachs to all the coming generations to not look after they're parents and family as he is all we've got.

What a load of bull by bull shite Baba Gurinder Singh Dhilion

This looney bin needs to be binned

Seva is something he should for for the sangat
Not use the sangats millions for his lavish seedy lifestyle.

Waiter is what he was, Waiter is what he is

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