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April 21, 2024


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ALL this. yr subjects are solved
by the notion that
YOU are the Almighty Creator
in a state of voluntary amnesia

Congrat_ . . . mysteries solved


any consciousness in the universe
The Universe is nothing than consciousness ( c.q. Regions )
You are in the nice possibility to EXIT all that


"Common sense doesn't lead very far when it comes to Big Questions"

Absolutely. I think I've posted this at least once already, in response to 24-hours-more (I think I misremember his pseudonym, something like that), and maybe more more than once overall. The bit from Dawkins' God Delusion, where from his standpoint of an evolutionary biologist he very convincingly argues that our common sense is ultimately a faculty we've evolved, to help us navigate the conditions we happened to find ourselves in. Which for the most would be the savannahs of Africa, and maybe to an extent the colder climes us homo sapiens migrated to after. Therefore, our common sense merely reflects what would be a broad-brush quick response to situations and circumstances we evolved in. So that when it comes to aspects of reality completely outside of that narrow range of circumstances (that we evolved in), our common sense is not a good guide at all.

All of which is kind of the whole point of the scientific method.


"Conflict with common sense alone cannot decisively warrant the rejection of group consciousness if enough other considerations point in its favor. [Schwitzgebel entertains the possibility that the United States as a whole is conscious, as unlikely as this may seem.]"

Haha, no! Absolutely not! That thing about the US being conscious, at least if he means it literally. (And if he means it only metaphorically, then his bringing in this bit about how common sense does not help us with situations outside of a very narrow set of circumstances and ideas, is completely irrelevant.)

The fact that we don't go by common sense when it comes to situations outside of a fairly narrow set of circumstances (of the kind we evolved in), does not mean that we jettison common sense altogether, and nor does it mean that when we justifiedly leave the crutch of common sense, then any random speculation is as good as any other.

The fact is that what we do use to guide us in forming conclusions is evidence, and more precisely the whole scientific method thing. That precept does hold: Extraordinary claims need to be backed up with extraordinary evidence.

If this guy literally believes that the US is conscious, then sorry, he's a total complete loon. (And if he merely means that metaphorically, or if he merely throws that out as some kind of random speculation, then fine, he can do that certainly, but like I said, then his bringing up how inadequate is common sense in navigating situations completely outside the narrow range we evolved in, is completely irrelevant.)

“non-zero” is a mighty big word.

Followers of RSSB are abnormally gullible people with low IQs.

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