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March 24, 2024


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Though Charan came to the Dera in 1951, he didn't start giving satsangs until much later. Why? Charan said he felt he had a poor knowledge of RSSB teachings that he wasn't fit to give satsang. Dera bigwigs were not pleased with Charan's reticence. "I explained and pleaded with Professor Jagmohan Lal that I knew nothing about Sant Mat teachings. I never attentively heard Sardar Bahadur Ji's or Great Master's satsangs."

Charan Singh on his 1961 tour, reflecting on his conversations with people of other religions: " . . . it is amazing what a poor knowledge people have of their own faith."

Yep, science and spirituality.

That famous quote of Douglas Adams, "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"

While that sentiment's very cool, as far as it goes; but, to be fair, it may not go quite far enough. That is, the garden's beautiful; as is the sunset; as is the night sky; but if you pack that with stories about some crazed Yahweh God, or about some weird Karmic nonsense, then admittedly that adds some further, I don't know, *depth* to the whole thing.

But, thing is, you get that same depth from science. You look at that garden, and over and above the in-the-moment beauty of it, you can further appreciate the biology of the flowers if you're knowledgeable about it, or about evolution bringing forth all of this. You can look at the sunset, or the nighttime firmament, and over and above the beauty-in-moment-of-it, you might further wonder at the beauty of the science of it, the hows and wherefores of the sun, and of the galaxies, and so forth. (That's a very neat thought, but it isn't mine, not original; I was merely channeling Dawkins there.)

So yeah, that thing about science and spirituality. Sure, on one hand there's the appreciation-in-the-moment thing. But if you want deeper layers, you don't need cock and bull fairy tales, either of the oafish biblical variety, or of the Karmic variety, or of the subtler yet ultimately fictional flights of Vedantic fancy, or any other. If you want layers, if you want spirituality, well then you got science, you got a detailed systematic ever-evolving understanding of reality itself.

Science and spirituality, yes, absolutely.

@samt61,…Charan said many times, I AM NOT A MASTER. What’s the big deal? He was a deciple student who became the Teacher by osmosis. He did his duty, teaching as he learned. Isn’t that what we all do,…i.e. teach as we learn? We can’t teach any thing we have not learned. Unlike what 99% of poster are doing on the Internet.

I get the point that basically there is no difference in experiences of awe, wonder and the sense of connection whether it is science or religion. It’s interesting though, that we take a word like spiritual and ascribe a series of rigid concepts and meanings to it forgetting that it is just a crude word which we believe explains something greater than ourselves.

As we do have the tendency to believe we are separate and isolated from everything and everyone around (and within) ourselves, it is no wonder that we invest various words, thoughts and feelings with experiences and qualities that, although common to everyone, become invested with a whole host of concepts that basically serve only to maintain a separate, egoic self-structure.

Charan s method was and is Love
He literally became Sawan
Sawan did that too

Similary we can
and become THEM
That is Sound
Somebody asked : Can we kiss forever?
What do U think.?


Follow up on Charan Singh's knowledge of Sant Mat teachings:

in the chapter "Maharaji's First Satsang," Charan tells of how he'd never read Sar Bachan, nor had he read the Guru Granth Sahib. And this was after Charan was appointed RSSB Master in1951.

This is quite strange to me. Keep in mind that Charan was born in 1916 into a very devout Sant Mat family. His grandfather was the guru of Beas. And yet, despite several decades living in the core of RSSB, Charan hadn't even read Sar Bachan?

Moreover, Charan was also a Sikh. Yet he'd didn't own a copy of the Adi Granth?

It's somewhat like appointing a new Archbishop of Canterbury who'd never read the Bible. Who later scolds other Christians for not understanding the Bible.

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