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March 12, 2024


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Hey Brian


Ouch. You've spoken of this thing before; and of course, us sympathizing with you is no help to you really; but it really really sucks, having to live with so *much* pain on a daily basis. Let's hope your treatment and your surgery, when you get to it, finally puts an end to this thing.

Some people have painful conditions all their lives or at an early stage in their lives. How they often seem to cheerfully cope I find amazing.

I developed chronic knee pain some years ago which later required partial knee replacement surgery. This was eighteen months ago. Early this year the pain manifested again to the point that makes using stairs or steps painful. I’d always been an avid hill and long-distance walker. Since surgery I’ve had to avoid the bigger hills and mountains as descents put too much pressure on the joint – but still able to do some walking.

When it comes to pain brought on through old age, I find that the most debilitating thing is not the actual pain but the inability to do the things that once came easy and naturally. It means a complete change of attitude including an acceptance of encroaching limitations – difficult when one’s life revolved around working, living and socialising in the outdoors.

Brian’s ‘Just one thing’ seems to be on the right track. It may be a question of thought not dwelling on the pain as pain, just an awareness of sensation (easier said than done.) I did read an article recently that began: - “What Zen meditators don’t think about won’t hurt them.” So perhaps the answer lies somewhere in here, all to do with ‘me’ creating thoughts about a ‘me’ feeling pain.

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