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March 10, 2024


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Yes, I get the point that we are not in control and yet everyone and everything influences the whole which as you mention Brian: “As I recall saying before, what Klaas says is very much in line with Buddhist notions of emptiness and interdependence. In that worldview, entities, including us, are empty of inherent existence because nothing stands alone, a part unaffected by other parts of the cosmos.”

Maybe again, it all comes down to how we think about everything, how we form concepts that imagine we are in control. If as the non-duality proponents state we are all part of the whole then it stands to reason that everything affects everything else – and what it all comes down to is that the overriding reason we think we have control is that we believe we have a separate autonomous self.

Joan Toliffson puts it more succinctly: - “Nonduality recognizes that nothing ever actually resolves into a persisting form, and that the apparent self at the centre of our experience, the apparent “me” who is seemingly authoring “my” thoughts, making “my” decisions, and performing “my” actions, is nothing more than a mirage with no actual substance. It is a phantom created by a mix of ever-changing thoughts, sensations, feelings, stories, mental images, and beliefs. Everything is happening by itself.
By giving open attention to the bare actuality of what is, prior to all the words and explanations about it, by relaxing into the simplicity of just this, it might be noticed that no problem and no self remains. There is simply hearing, seeing, thinking, sensing, etc. And when the thought-created confusion pops up, it can be seen for the illusion that it is, and in the seeing, it dissolves again quite naturally.”


Page 157: "Sant Mat avoids politics. In their great wisdom, the Masters have always kept themselves aloof from politics."

But on page 155, we read "Charan was keen to stand in the elections of 1945, but had to relinquish the idea because of an unexpected government ordinance."

Back to page 157. which tells us "From time to time, political leaders have come to the Dera to meet Maharaj Ji (Charan Singh), especially at election time...but the affairs of satsang have always remained aloof from politics."

Charan Singh wanted to run for office, and when he (and Gurinder) became guru, they constantly gave private audiences to a stream of politicos. But this behavior had nothing to do with an actual interest in politics. The guru just....likes to talk to politicians for no particular reason. Don't ask questions.

Take note you ardent satsangis who want to get up close and personal with the guru. Tired of sitting way back in row 744 during satsang? No problem. Simply run for some political office and get a private meeting with Babaji.

Anyway, when I first read TBM I totally missed that part about Charan running for office. I completely trust that Charan would been an honorable politician, and not done anything untoward, like, I don't know, publicly condemn and threaten the Supreme Court because they modified a law on abortion.

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