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March 30, 2024


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Thanks Brian,this is a very nice Post ...
This way of living life is nice and interesting...
Also makes us ´walk´in here and now..
Also as ´important´...without ´ego´ just important and interesting
and open.

Great summing up by Brian Klass; I quite like this bit: - "...The truth of this fresh worldview provides a more potent message than any self-help book can imagine: we may control nothing, but we influence everything."

It all has a Buddhistic (Zen-like) character.

Zazen is the best way I've found to see the world clearly. I mean that literally -- zazen cues the mind to enter into the experience of the world's things, feeling them, seeing them and appreciating them as they are in their magnificence.

OT: Was Charan right about Jesus being veg? New movie out about Jesus being a vegetarian. I will see it and may have to eat my words.

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