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February 25, 2024


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"Saint" may be a bit over the top to describe that kind of thing, if taken literally; but leaving details of terminology aside, absolutely, *respect*, for that kind of courage and fortitude. Without a doubt most would have simply not made that effort every day, given how *much* effort and endurance that seems to require. Very cool!

...wow, though, this sciatica thing, it seems like a completely horrible thing! ...don't painkillers help? (I remember, my grandmother used to have very painful knees --- arthritis in her case, she was much older, early nineties, and too brittle for more aggressive intervention, her knees I mean --- and needed painkillers, except taking them everyday would mess up her gastro-inestinal plumbing, so the doctor would bypass that route and directly inject her .......I'm sure your docs know best, but it's a shame, having to endure that kind of pain on a daily basis!)


As we have no free will, being a saint or saintly or being some selfish or downright nasty sort of per-son, it seems that we have no choice. Maybe our upbringing, genes or social environment determined whether we become a caring nurse or a non-caring sociopath.

Apparently, one’s genetic make-up can determine how different people experience levels of pain and tolerance. What Brian seems able to tolerate others may not and also, others cannot appreciate the level of pain someone else feels.

Our circumstances, particularly early life experiences go a long way in determining whether one turns out to be caring or non-caring. Some people have a need to be loved and appreciated taking up careers that fulfill their needs while others couldn’t care less and are okay with making unpopular decisions.

There is it would seem, a multitude of conditions that make us who/what we are and how we experience life. Perhaps it is possible to tinker with our biological and mental processes to enable a saner and fulfilling life – but who’s to say one way is better than another. Many a right-wing sociopath would have no doubt that his/her take on life is the correct one.

Hey, Brian.


1) Stretch piriformis on the affected side. It can be done seated, standing and lying down. I prefer seated and standing.
• Seated:
Also aim over the bent leg and pressed down on the knee.
• Standing: https://www.rocketcitychiropractic.com/10-piriformis-stretches-to-get-rid-of-sciatica-hip-and-lower-back-pain/
It's the second one. I steady myself with the wall or a doorframe instead of a chair back.

2) You might also self-massage the piriformis and nearby hip rotators by sitting or lying with a ball (tennis or lacrosse possibly) pressing into the muscle, or lean into the armrest of a sofa with a sharp edge or corner.

3) Do you have a foam roller? Same principle. Place it on the floor and lay your leg on top so that its weight causes pressure in the muscle tissue. Think of the cross section of your thigh as a clock with your knee at 12:00. Target 12:00 to 6:00, the anteriolateral, lateral and posteriolateral aspects. You use arm and core strength to lift off the floor and rock. Foam rollers are pretty cheap, about $25. For example, white PE foam 6" x 36" looks like the one I have and is wide enough to roll your back too.

Interesting links Umami
Thank you.

@ Umami


umami, thanks for the advice and links. I've got a set of exercises from my physical therapists that address most of the suggestions you sent, though sometimes in a modified form. So this shows that your suggestions are sound.

My first physical therapist, who I saw in 2020, believed in dynamic stretching (stretching via slow movements) versus holding a stretch in a stationary position. I've tried both, but have the impression that dynamic stretching works a bit better for me. So what I've been doing is pressing into one of the stretches you shared ten times, taking about 3-5 seconds for each press. That way I get around 30 seconds of stretch, just in a dynamic fashion.

Haven't tried a foam roller yet. My wife has one. I'll borrow it and give it a try.

Good luck with it, Brian!

Hey, um.

Feldenkrais Method, I've heard of it. Alfons Grabher is on youtube, so I'll look at a few videos.

LOL , RSSB gurus are god in human form. RSSB gurus are in fact KAAL in human form.

Gurinder Singh dhillon wants others to see him as a guru but the reality is that his true nature represents the devil which he hides. To judge him, just look at his own actions: he threw his own nephew's under the bus just so he could get their billions (and he shows no remorse); he murdered his wife so as to save his own skin; hes a land grabber and bullied farmers around dera to get his wicked ways. He also has a massive overinflated ego and has his eyes on becoming the super guru of a world wide conglomerate of cults, while we are told to be humble. Gurinder your a liar, a hypocrite, and cold hearted. You want to own everything and everyone to satisfy your own lust for power. Stop pretending to be a god in human form - this is truly blasphemous and god will get his justice. Gsd you will face your karma for deceiving and fooling mankind.

@ Sant 64

Whether somebody etas meat or not is of no interest to me.

And ..Yes, some that become vegetarian or vegan for this of that ideal, practice or whatever, might suffer an health set back as their digestive system has problems digesting beat.

And... yes there are those that change their diet to a vegetarian or vegan variant and benefit from that chance

The point is the argumentation that is used to justify to themselves and others what IMHO does no need any justification.

If I look outside te window, walk in the countryside, is see, that all animals, can feed themselves. They borh have the means to gather what they need and what they need is available in their environment.

THAT is natural state of affairs.

Humans, for that same reason, cannot live on and from meat. They need those tools that had to turn them in to predators, knives, guns, fire and hunting skills.

When young we would with a couple of friends try to catch ducks by hand ...great fun I can guarantee you but we always failed ...fortunate for us there was always food on the table on turning home.

Only recently we start to be interested in what we CONSUME and the effect of it not only on the Body but also on the mind ..psycho dietetics


As far as I understand those practices that demand vegetarian food, and abstention from mind altering products, stresses mostly the karmic effects.

Personally I consider these practices as mind-body-manipulations and these abstentions born from the insight that they are contra-productive to the imagined goal.
Here and there one might find advises to use these "forbidden" products to consume in order to have a certain effect., probably related to body heat and kundalini. Personally I prepared meat for days during an retreat in which a high ranking Tibetan monk transmitted a rare initiation .. only to him and quite a bit I must say ... and not to the other monks.

Many a time I have also heard that certain people were given the advise to eat some meat in order to anchor themselves more and/or to get rid of telepathic negative forsights,

We are what6 we CONSUME

A true “saint” is careful not to cause harm or suffering to any living being.

Whatever it takes and whatever sacrifices one has to make, just make sure to do no harm.

Idd Bodhi,
Not always easy but very good to make sacrifices here and there to try not to harm others.
Thank you!


SAINT a person having the qualities of always having good intentions

Hahaha lol can never be Gurinder Singh Dhilion

Just look at all the sick and bad things he's done to all, even his very own family

Gurinder Singh Dhillon is a Coward and Hides after he's done so much bad to others, because he might get a good hiding for it too.

He's no Saint but someone who's lost his Sanity

His love for Power, money and women is absurd if anything he needs hospitalization for these sick acts which make no sense of his seedy nature.

He needs help he really believes he's a God and he's got people believing that too.

Come on Wake up he's a Lying Little Donkey ripping people out of pocket and land

Nearly over Gurinder Singh Dhilion you're EXPOSED laugh a little, not for long buddy

@ Trez

All over the world common people tell their children:
"You will reap, what you have sowed"

Every time you type these messages and post them here, something happens in your brain and in the world that will reflect on you.

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