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February 19, 2024


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>> I can't visualize this, because it is impossible to picture in any sort of familiar fashion<<

Of course you can't as your eyes are also not made to see through a body as an x-ray machine.

Mathematics are like an x-ray machine.

At that level of science are "VISIONARIES" at work, people that have "visions" and they use mathematics to communicate it to others.

First came Einsteins vision and later his well know equation, that could be used as a pointing stick to communicate with others.

At that level, scholars are like mystics. .. they walk the path of vision ... and the rest talks about them and their visions.

“The big bang shows the limits of human intuition”

I like how Dawkins discusses counter-intuitive scientific ideas. He points out that human intuition itself is the product of evolution, and that it is no more than an adaptation to the particular environment in which us homo sapiens evolved. Anything that is radically outside of the very narrow range that that encompassed will naturally appear counter-intuitive to us. So that, in general, intuition is a very poor guide to what might be ‘truth’, to what is ‘real’. Which, of course, is kind of the point of the scientific method.

Proof of God

Or arguments for proof of God, a brief rundown by Reformed Zoomer:


Reformered Zoomer is an interesting character, as he makes a lot of points that I agree with and many that I don't. He's obviously well-read and intelligent. Anyway, in his video he ranks various arguments for God. #1 on his list was an argument I'd never heard of before: Mathematics.

Zoomer says that math is 100% proof that God exists. How so? One example, the Mandelbrot Set:


Listen to the video for his reasons why. But as I understand it, while the Big Bang can possibly explain all the facets of Darwinian Evolution, it can't explain the Mandelbrot Set.

This is all new to me and I won't venture an opinion if Zoomer could be right about this.

Religion, science. Mathematics, mysticism are all examples of humanity's hubris or arrogance or narcissism in my humble opinion. We are just an accident during evolution or dust of dust of dust...resulting from big bang.
Does our planet earth give any attention to a hair on my 5th toe? Does that hair have a clue about the color of
my sock? I feel the pain when it is plucked from my skin. But does it feel any pain?
Several blogs ago Brian placed a picture peeling an onion, which leads to nothingness.
When I was younger, I wanted to understand everything. Now I just accept the fact that "IT is what IT is." Someday I will die and non of this will matter.
Of course, if a scientist or mystic understands IT ALL and willing to explain. I am ready to listen. Hence, visits to this blog. Thanks Brian.


But if, what mystics and scientists etc have to say is all "hubris or arrogance or narcissism in my humble opinion" than listening and reading becomes something as self-torture.
hUHumans a strage animals.

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