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February 07, 2024


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Sciatica, I’d heard of the thing, but didn’t know what it is. That’s really …grim, having to deal with unrelenting pain, that’s always with you (except when, as you say, you momentarily distract yourself)!

People talk of exceptional endurance and courage when fighting a war, for instance; but the fact is that most people actually end up facing up such a situation, in more or less degree, thanks simply to age. And I suppose it takes no less of courage and endurance to keep …enduring it, just because it doesn’t involve something dramatic, like guns and enemy fire.


Placebos one knows about, obviously, but that part of it I hadn’t heard about, and I wonder what the mechanism of that might be. I mean where you talk of being aware that it’s only a placebo, and yet despite that it works. Very curious, the ways of the mind.

Just FYI.. I had horrible sciatic pain for a year and finally got ‘cupping’ treatment which relieved the pain in three treatments.

I can empathize with Brian’s condition as I had sciatica pain for a few years. I guess everyone’s pain is different but mine always occurred after sitting too long and particularly during long, 5-6 hours of driving. It’s was so painful, searing down the back of the thigh right down to the foot. Both my daughter and walking friend had to have operations to remove a ‘spur’ from a spinal disk which was affecting nerve pathways.

I’ve no doubt of the affect of physical pain to one’s mental state. Apparently, it also works the other way in that one’s mental state can affect pain in the body. I recall the case of a soldier who was running under fire and he kept falling over. He eventually realized his foot had been blown off. It seems that under the battle conditions he was in, his brain didn’t recognise the missing foot – it was too busy keeping him alive.

Not to make light of a someone's dire situation, but that thing about the soldier getting his foot blown off, Ron, and noticing only a good while later, that's kind of like something out of a cartoon, no? Like run off a cliff, look around, suddenly realize you're actually hanging there in mid-air, and only then, after noticing it, and after first letting out a loud yell, only then start the straight fall down.

Absolutely, even leaving out all of the hocus pocus that's often tied up with subjects like this, but it's a fascinating, the things our mind is capable of doing.

...Actually, talking about this, that makes me think of hypnosis. Brian, I guess you're aware of the thing, and no doubt your doctor/s would direct you to it if there's anything to it and if it might be applicable to your particular case: but hypnosis is supposed to sometimes help with pain management. Both kinds, the Doctor Strange swinging a pendulum and squinting into your eyes type, as well as the self-hypnosis type. If you haven't already looked into it, then it might not hurt to explore that option. (Always taking care not to get mired in the woo surrounding all of this. And always assuming there's anything to it, which also is not really a given. Not as if I'm vouching for hypnosis, just throwing this out there, in case it might be of use to you, is all.)

At one time I'd been very interested in hypnosis. Actively attended some sessions, courses, and actually still have some certificates to show for it. But the really fun part of those courses I'd attended were the hands-on sessions. The instructor would first hypnotize one or two of us, then show us how it is done, then guide us through the process, and have us hypnotize one another. ...Oddly enough, apparently I was the odd one out, in that I wasn't a good subject, in that not once did I get hypnotized, despite the instructor putting in a good bit of time specially and specifically for me, and nor when we participants were trying it out on one another (in presence of and as guided by the instructor). And this despite my trying my very best to co-operate, and in fact feeling a bit ...uncomfortable, inadequate, because while everyone seemed to moving their arms and saying stuff, as far as me, absolutely nothing!

On the other hand, I was apparently an excellent subject in terms of being able to hypnotize others. In those group sessions, the guy (or gal) I was partnered with would immediately start doing whatever I "ordered" them to, and hell, I always thought they were just play-acting, kidding around. But when I'd wink at them, or ask them sotto voce, no response. And afterwards, when I'd ask them in detail, they'd all claim they had zero memory of it; and yet, here they were, doing exactly as I was "ordering" them to. It was very very weird.

Sorry, that's probably a great deal of detail that doesn't lead anywhere in and of itself; but my point was, Brian, you might look up hypnosis as an aid to manage your pain. It apparently helps people sometimes, very dramatically at times. But of course, always with the pinch of salt at the ready, goes without saying, given how surrounded with woo this hypnosis business is, and given that for all I know it might be 100% woo beginning to end, with nothing to it at all, that's quite possible to. ...Still, it might be a thing to consider and explore, maybe, always in consultation with your doctor/s obviously, and always remaining vigilant not to be taken in by woo.

Hi Brian https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/out-the-darkness/201711/sham-surgery

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