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February 15, 2024


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My approach to meditation I guess is more Eastern than Western; although I wouldn’t particularly adopt any strict or orthodox practices. Meditation to me is a very simple affair. It’s really about just noticing, about being aware, a sort of lazy enquiry – a relaxed, on-going enquiry. It could be categorised as being in the moment, but that phrase has become a little worn out.

I’d think that anyone who is interested in finding out who/what they are would naturally home in on the cognitive processes, the mass of mental activity that appears to generate and contain all the in-formation that poses as ‘me’, as who I am.

Perhaps such a relaxed goal-less practice may show up many of the usually unconscious drives that takes us off on numerous searches for meaning or purpose; or it could perhaps allow us to question our beliefs and assumptions.

But of course, people may not (and rightly so) be interested in self-enquiry. There are a thousand and one other issues and priorities that take precedence. Perhaps meditation enters one life later in life, or maybe at a time when nothing we have done or attempted feels satisfying.

"This makes sense in many situations. However, when it comes to solid facts, such as the reality of human-caused global warming, "trying out different perspectives" isn't the right thing to do. In these sorts of cases, reality almost certainly is a certain way."

The proper perspective that jibes with "reality" is what? Believing that we're in the end-times because there's little hope we can reverse GW, or believing that GW is manageable and not the extinction-level event it's often characterized as?

"Science" and "reality" aren't synonyms. Unfortunately, we live in an age where many believe that scientific opinion is absolute truth. And perhaps just as many believe that scientific opinion is another term for propaganda.

The best practice of mindfulness is like the best practice of science. Not looking for reasons why the party line in our outside one's head is right, but constantly observing how it is w r o n g.

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