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January 28, 2024


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@ Brian; “So where have I journeyed to after more than half a century of avid spiritual seeking? Pretty much the same place where I started.”

Unless one tires of the whole ‘spiritual search’ and ‘stops off’ at a comfortable place (usually a belief a doctrine of some sort) I reckon it’s inevitable that one arrives at (or rather who) one starts off with. There are many stories recounting the return – even the bible has a tale of the prodigal’s return.

Brian’s previous piece on naïve realism interested me: that is, the idea that the senses provide us with direct awareness of objects as they really are. We know that the brain is a predictive organ that basically works via the senses for our survival. Every sentient animal has different perceptions of the world that helps it navigate its environment, perhaps through ultraviolet vision, extra color receptors, echolocation and so on and many ‘see’ the world through the senses of smell, touch or sound.

The point is, that although we all have different perceptions of the world through our brain’s ‘best guesses’ based on our particular sensory inputs, prior experiences, expectations etc. The thing that re-ally separates us from the world has to be the habit of believing everything is as we think it is. It is one thing to perceive things as determined by our body and senses, but we seem to have gone a step (or more) in the direction of believing in abstract thinking that wants us to be special and different from the natural world we inhabit.

All succinctly described in Toliffson’s concluding chapter here, (thanks Brian). Although I don’t have her book ‘Nothing to Grasp’, her website – particularly the ‘Outpourings’ pieces (to me), says it all.

What happens when the dust of two world wars settles?
People start to ask themselves how it could have happened to them.
If the worldly and spiritual elite could not prevent such happenings, they are no longer deserving the respect they had before and new perspectives. had to be found. and they were found in the east.

The east offered meanings and value to life as it was not known before other than in a very small circle.

Over time it was found that the east had something to offer but it didn't brought the solution that was expected it would. It could not as these asian approaches do not fit personal western interests. So little by little that whole movement came to slow down and to an hold.

Today there are some die-hearts, both pro and anti, that continue but for the most part nobody is any longer interested in eastern thought and practices. besides those that use it in wellness and spa programs, that have nothing to do with the real purpose of asian practices.

So instead of analyzing these Eastern practices, one would be much better of analyzing ones own motives behind being involved in eastern practices.

If those that are born in the USA would have been born in Japan, it is doubtful if they would ever had any interest in ZEN ..so the majority of people never had any real interest in ZEN in the first place.

All fodder for psychologists and certainly SOCIOLOGISTS.

And ...

Car engines are build to function and if they don't there are the constructors and mechanics to solve the problem.

The same is with NARRATIVES, be it worldly or religious / spiritual narratives.

The are all "end"products so toi say and an answer is included for every failure or success..Failures most of the time are based upon "human errors" or "Human mishandling" and sometimes to construction errors too when things are brought to the market in a rush ..to good to be true .. problems.

So whatever "failures" westerners have come up with relating to the teachers and teachings belonging to a practice, there is an answer to be found in the "Narrative"

Karma, reincarnation, rebirth etc, even being chosen and the duration of the trajectory.

If you do not like coffee ... do not drink it. but do not blame the producer, the barista let alone the coffee beans.
Have the courage to admit that there was never any "calling" real interest and that it was handled and used as an snake oil remedy for things that have nothing to do with spirituality.

THAt ... will set one free. ..without guilt, fear or blame.

Owning one's personal responsibility for one's life instead of outsourcing it to science, logic, spirituality.

Drink more coffee.

Reading everyone's comments on this blog, reminds me of this quote:
"He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened." Lao Tzu.
What more is there?

Can anybody imagine
anything more important all inclusive, terrific; natural than Love.

Tolliffson is a few inches separated from the notion that She is
The Eternal Majestic Omnipotent All Knowing All Loving Creatrice
in voluntary total amnesia to fill Eternity somewhat


@ Unknowing



I promised a serious answer but I see Brian deleted the comments
so my answers will be deleted too

We are somewhat in the reality of extravagant Ego here

he will never believe
Danielle Smith , Gov of Alberta
who offered her excuses

Einstein related IQ to the ability to change opinion


@ 777

That is alright ... as long as my coffee is not deleted.

AND ...777

Most of the time I will stay far away from publicly taking a stand in these days.

For one because I am not interested in the content or consider the content a private affair, not to be discussed or debated in public.

But more important because I see these contents as an expression of an much larger sociological issue namely the confrontation between extremes that were previous separated from contact with one another by the middle class, the silent majority, that occupied the information that was shared in the media.

If somebody shouts in a cinema, ..FIRE ... whether there is indeed fire or not .. the first step to take is to stand back against the wall for otherwise one runs the risk to be trembled under the feet of the hurt running amok.

Draw a Gauss curve. Cut it in halve and glue the extremes together. You get a cup and you will understand what is going on in the media .. namely ... the extremes fighting with another in the media to be seen in the future as the new MEDIAN .. as the new NORMAL.

The new artificial median has split the , let us say 90% of the population in two halves, creating misery in society on all levels and one should not be surprised at all that it will end in a revolution of sorts.

What is going on imho has deep roots going as far back as two WW, and the events after 1968 and the arrival of global media, media that no longer the means of expression of the majority of the people

With your consent .. I prefer to stay far away and pass my time with simple pleasures as drinking coffee.

Hi Brian


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