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January 20, 2024


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Dr. Joe Dispenza works talks a lot about the sound and light phenomena. It’s not “special” in an exclusive sense—every person can access it. Probably easier to access without most gurus. Dispenza explains it from a neurological and biological perspective… and of course, he gets a bit woo woo about it but not too bad considering the topic.

None of us are special and yet all of us are. It’s important to remember that. “God” is a concept that we can’t adequately put into words. Quite simply it is Oneness or the connectedness of all things. That’s why no human being is God. That is such an illogical and absurd notion—it makes not sense by the very definition of God. The entirety of the Universe cannot be divided or separated into one little person.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe we could ever think ourselves intelligent when we once believed that a single individual human was “God”. Oh my… so good that you were able to recognize the folly of that from the outset!

Very sorry for your loss. Glad you were able to find a therapist to talk to.

Reading the story of that Austrian Gentleman did ring some bells. Bells all related to the EYES.

Eyes, directly or often indirectly, play a huge role in many [spiritual] practices that are developed to achieve inner experiences by manipulating the body/brain.

Think of ZEN, the more or less nonchalant focusing of the eyes on the floor or the wall. Nonchalant, by stressing other activities to occupy the mind, breath and koan.

Think of TRATAKA, the technique of gazing and focusing on a flame.


Think of the different experiments of psychologists with the effect of deprivation of visual stimuli by having people stare into a white hemisphere in order to provoke a trance etc.

Think of the many YOGA practices were the students are instructed to look between the eybrows or above ...straining certain muscles of the eyes.

Think of the many practises that have been developed bu humans to focus the eyes, water, kristal sphere etc gazing

Think of the images that are around where one can see that those , let us say. are in trance, show only the eye white while the eyes are turned upwards.

Opening the third eye is , so it seems, directly related to manipulating the muscles of the real eyes. This gentle man BEFORE having these inner experiences of sound had himself trained in focusing the eyes.

The fact that it takes most of the people so long might be found in the fact that the student is formally advised to focus on something else. The reason might well be that this is in fact an [intended] diversionary maneuver and have the focusing of the eyes develop unconscious and natural, without running the risk to harm the physical eyes.
Nonchalant they state to look forward in the darkness and practice with love and devotion, without ever, explaining how to do so correctly, ...while ... at the same time ... the effect of the practice might be depending on the quality of doing the same ... hahaha

Keep the eyes steady. and still, do not blink, do not strain / it is probably a process like going to sleep .. one slips from one state into another. Gazing might lead to slip the eyes in a kind of ONE POINTED position and that position might have direct effect on the cortex. ...

Just my one cent of guesswork and drinking coffee of low to mediocre grade quality

By now long forgotten, the born blind, were not allowed to practice.
And ... just for fun ... those wearing glasses might be poor too ... hahaha

And ...

experiencing trauma might have, under certain circumstances, the same kind of effect on the brain as the prolonged gazing, followed by focusing shift of the eyes

Read the biography of many persons that later came known for the CONTENT of the aftermath.

Brainspotting not to be confused with trainspotting.

CoC and HinesSight: Brianspotting.

Breakfast: Raisinbranspotting.

My sink is clogged: Drainspotting.

Ouch! Painspotting.

Corgi: Dogsplooting.

Vegetarianism: Beansprouting.

Very interesting post!

This is remarkable, this kind of spontaneous manifestation of these sounds and whatnot. (Taking all of this at face value, for the present.)

Spence, who’s a regular commenter here, has had similar. He’s an RSSB initiate, but he too started having his experiences first, and afterwards signed up with RSSB. Then there’s manjit, who’s not quite a “regular” commenter, but he does look in every once in a while, and has penned some very interesting comments here. He too has had remarkable experiences, which started from before he got initiated. You might find it useful, or at any rate interesting, to share notes with them. (If you’d care to do that sharing via comments here, then I’d sure love to listen in. …Or if you’d prefer to do that privately via emails, then that’s perfectly cool too, obviously.)

I don’t have their emails. Brian would, but I don’t know if he’d be willing to share those, I don’t know if that would be the done thing. (Spence, manjit, if you’re reading this, maybe you could check in.)


From what you say, a kundalini episode seems to be where you’re at. Because you mention your body moving into postures spontaneously, and that’s what happens when the kundalini shoots up. As far as I know nada yoga and surat shabda yoga experiences don’t involve the body spontaneously assuming asanas.

(Disclaimer: I’m interested in this stuff. I know that’s what people say happens. A great many people say it. Whole traditions say it. But me personally, I’m skeptical about all of that. Not dismissive, but skeptical, as any reasonable man ought to be. So, pinch of salt. Just, taking what you’ve experienced at face value, I suppose you’ll be wanting to get to the bottom of what’s happening to you actually, so I thought I’d throw this out there.)


It was a pleasure to observe how …sane, how reasonable, how objective you are about all of this. It’s cool that you don’t go overboard into immediately assuming all kinds of fantastical things. In that vein, and with no discouragement or disparaging intended, two observations:

One, you menation brainspotting. I’d no idea what that is, but I looked it up briefly, and the Wikipedia entry on it says that it is pseudo-scientific, and that the evidence doesn’t bear it out as actually a thing. (If it’s worked for you, then great! I mention this only because you come across as very reasonable and very …well, un-woo, so I thought I’d mention this here. Pinch of salt.)

Also, you talk of union with God. And you also mention that you’re strictly against woo. The two kind of don’t seem to add up. What’s your non-woo idea of God, then? (Not to deconstruct your testimony to pieces, but if you’d like to share what your non-woo idea of God is, then I’d be interested in hearing that.)

umami, what's that in your mug? Extra-strong coffee? Something more potent? Whatever it is, it looks fun! Cheers!

Conjugationitis from a spelling bee sting and a flare-up of portmanteauism from a whiff of bluecheesecake. Chronic pun condition too.
Today's coffee is a medium dark Sumatra, my fave with brown sugar and oatmilk!

Dear Appreciative Reader,

thank you very much for your interesting response. Just to make it clear: since I have no intention of proclaiming myself as a guru in a new Sant Mat line (and in my social circle, one would rather keep it quiet if they hear bells), everything I have written is true. However, it's possible that I express myself unclearly, as the terms in this field can be quite ambiguous.

Regarding ambiguity: the merging with God. Lately, my meditations have become much quieter; the sounds are not as loud but softer and more organic. For instance, I used to hear a sound like that of metallic flutes for a long time, and now it's more like the tones of a recorder. During these experiences, my mind is repeatedly absorbed completely by these sounds, creating a sense of timelessness and egolessness, which are, of course, vague terms also, but I can't express it better. My feeling is that it seems to lead to a union with God (or energy or whatever you may call it) at some point. However, this is purely speculative, and I don't currently experience it or have concrete evidence for it. So it thank you for pointing that out!

I'm glad that Brainspotting was still relatively unknown back then and didn't have the reputation of being a pseudoscience, because otherwise, I probably wouldn't have tried it. It was recommended to me, and it worked extremely well for me, helping me overcome hypochondria as well.

"The most important question now is, of course, how to gain access to it"

For me, the most important question is what effect the light and sound experience would have on me. How would it change me for the better?

I confess I only heard the bell sound once, strangely enough during a Thakar Singh satsang. Thakar wasn't present, but the satsangi leading the satsang was quite an impressive character. By all appearances, he seemed like one of those spiritual people who really was spiritual and not a poseur. Could it have been his shabd mojo that caused me to hear the bell? I don't know. But though I was quite amazed at hearing this sound, I didn't notice it having any effect on my deeper psyche whatsoever.

Once many years ago I had a spontaneous experience of powerful bliss that lasted 3 solid days. I can only attribute it to some Zen meditation I'd been doing. Unlike my previous experience with the bell sound, this time the feeling was truly powerful on my consciousness. At the time it seemed like I'd somehow stumbled into the secret to permanent bliss! But after 3 days the experience began to fade. I've not experienced anything like it since and have no idea of exactly what I did to bring it on. My best guess is that it was the jhana of rapture, although my reading of the jhanas doesn't say they come on spontaneously or last for days on end.

I had a Zen friend who was a very adept meditator. He told me that during one sesshin he went into samadhi and sat for several hours in full lotus. The other zennsies just left him there. He has no recollection of time passing. In any case, he didn't mention that the experience changed him in any way.

Anyway, as far as sant mat meditation goes, we have the testimonies of the guru Faqir Chand, who had very advanced experiences of light and sound. These experiences ultimately didn't mean much to him. Or perhaps I'm wrong about that, as Faqir Chand's writings are quite hard for me to make sense of. https://manavtamandir.com/english-books.php


Enjoy. Happy for you

Thanks for sharing. Very cool.
We are definitely a bit envious and I am very curious about that therapy.

This is for UM. Hey, um, do one of yr names start with an N. In which case we might be friends ;).

This is for umami
Religious: Jainspotting

To those with out a iMaster, or even those with One who still has not been able to access the Light and Sound, at 82, this is still working for me. I posted it here years ago, but here it is again for a Refresher Course.
I have been using the same Meditation Technique since April, 1988. I still meditate 2-3 hours daily, using exactly the Technique that Ishwar Puri still shares with all he Initiates. Bhajun ( it has various spellings, depending,. I.e. Bahjun, Bajhun, etc,) means listening to the Sound. In the Initiation, we were told there are 10 or more sounds, but the Great Master, Sawan Singh said to focus on only two., i.e. the Conch, and the Bell. Actually, the Conch sounds like a big sea shell, when lightly plugging the right ear with the thumb. It also sounds like Jet Engines when flying. But that is no longer needed once the Ringing Radiance of the Bell is heard. Seasoned Initiates usually hear the Bell 24/7. Sant Mat, or The Path of The Masters, is the Path of the Sound Current. ALL Lights, and Visuals originate from the Sound Current, which is called Shabd, by Sant Mat Masters.

When initiated in to this Sound & Light Meditation, we were instructed to spend 3/4 of first time, focusing at the 3rd Eye, looking in to the black Void, while doing “Simran”, which means Repetition of the Mantra we ALL were given, as Initiates of this lineage of Living Masters. During this time doing Simran, the very same internal visions at the 3rd Eye is duplicated in every “ successful” Meditation, by ALL Initiates of this Lineage who took the Vows and continue to do their best to keep them to their ability. The internal Signs are specs and flashes of silver white light, of various shapes, then a golden Sun or Sphere, which then forms a Silver White Moon inside, or within the Sun, ......until the Golden Sun dissolves leaving only the Moon,....until it morphs in to a swirling Silver White rotating Cloud, with a black hole in the center that either sucks you in, or you rapidly fly thru the black hole to rest in the Black Void, where all visuals and sounds cease. This is the Region of Samadhi , of Hindus, or Sach Khand of the Radhasoamis, or the I AM THAT of the Advaitists. Only Awareness remains there. But this “death” in this Void, is only temporary, while traveling there to die while living, ......until the physical body dies, and the knotted mind/soul remains in the Void until Reincarnation back in to Duality, ( to further become Missionaries of our Higher Soul Selves to balance Karmas.) during Meditation, after the 3/4 times is completed doing Simran, ( For Initiates, we ALL use the same Mantra, but for those not initiated, I suggest using your own favorite Mantras during Simran) , then comes the time to devote the last 1/4 time to doing Bahjan, or listening to the Sound. This is similar to doing “Mindful Meditation” while listening to the Sound. Using a Recliner Chair, as I do, its very easy and practical to raise my knees up far enough to support resting my elbows on my knees, instead of sitting on the ground, or floor in the Indian Squat position we were shown at Initiation. Or, using the T - Stick to support the elbows. In the Recliner, minimal change of position, or interfering with exiting Samadhi, or the Void interferes with transition from Simran to Bahjun. Once the elbows are resting on the Knees, then, the RIGHT Thumb LIGHTLY plugs the hole of the RIGHT EAR, ( experiment with how much pressure is needed to listen to the variance in Sounds). The LEFT thumb should NOT plug the left ear, but only rest on the ear flap. The reason only the right ear is plugged, is that we are instructed to listen to the sounds coming from the right of the 3rd eye first, until it centers in the middle. Now, we were told by The Great Master, Sawan Singh, in his Book, “ Spiritual Gems”, that there may be 10 different Sounds, but once the right ear is plugged, the TWO Sounds to listen for is first, the Conch, ( sounds like large sea shell, or roaring wind, or Jet engine while flying),......until the Sound of the Shabd, becomes the ringing Radiance of the Bell tone, with out any breaks in the Ringgging! Once this Rinnnngggging Sound has been reached, most Initiates continue hearing the ringing Radiance 24/7 when ever the mind is unoccupied by work, or normal duties. Last but not least, as another “ personal “Tip”, during listening to the Conch Sound, I internally, silently Hum,.....OMMMM,....until the Ringing Radiance of the Bell starts chiming, then I Internally start Humming,...Ahhhhhhhh. THEN the Visuals of people, places, and things start being visualized, inside the Astral Realms. From here, all of our experiences are different, and vary, depending on our past lives, memories, and Samsaras and Karmas. Hope this helps my Fellow Travelers in the Journey of Souls.
Here are a few more tips, for accessing the Astral Planes for new Initiates, or Meditators. It really doesn’t matter your Master or Lineage, as long as you are using the Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation Technique, focusing at the black Void at the Third Eye while doing Mantra Simran. Before the whirling Silver White Multi-pointed Diamond appears, it usually first manifests as a greyish white cloud. To increase the size and clarity of the cloud, after it appears at the Third Eye, move the cloud up to the Crown Chakra for a few seconds, then back to the center; then down towards the heart for a few seconds, then, back to the center; then to the right for a few seconds, then back to the center; then to the left and back to the center. Continue to manipulate the cloud like this several more times until it will SEEM to disappear! But don’t quit doing repetition or Simran. The cloud has not disappeared. What is happening is, YOU have entered the Cloud, and should now be watching for the Silver White Star Gate inside the Cloud. Then, as you keep focusing at the tiny black hole in the center of the Star,....either you will travel through the Star in to the Astral Plane, or it will seem to travel towards you, engulfing you. Once your in the Astral Planes, all experiences will be unique and individual ,depending on your individual Karmas.
If any Seekers here, after reading this, tries it, and is successful, please share your experiences with us, and what you saw in the Astral Planes, if possible. Radhasoami!
Regarding Sant Thakar Singh! I really think , had it not been for him, I would have never started on the Sant Mat Path. I have dozens of Lucid memories of him, that I will never forget, because he first initiated me, in to the Sant Mat Path, in person, at the University of California Auditorium in L.A. in April, 1988. I “ could” share many personal experiences with him, here,....( if Any Readers are interested ? )........, because I followed him around to many of his Southern California Satsangs, in public meeting places, such as Libraries, Auditoriums, Unitarian Churches, College Campuses, and in Oregon, at his public Auditorium Sat Sangs, and climbed the mountain to see him when he was at his Mountain Ashram in Oregon, with his U.S. Female Rep., Joannie Solomon. Thakar personally touched my forehead, several different times, massaging my Third Eye, until my Third Eye was recharged , and flashes of Light came back from loosing it between seeing him. I think Thakar lost most of his Western appeal and followers after David Lane posted his Video critiquing Thakar, exposing his abuse of a few disgruntled “ me too” females. Professor Lane’s favorite Mission has been exposing the negative baggage of Gurus such as Thakar, Sai Baba, Twitchell, and most of the others who have ever been even remotely involved with Sant Mat. Considering Dr. Lane now has even critiqued Yogananda, and his Book, “ Autobiography of a Yogi”, I wonder how many Sacred Followers will leave the Path after reading Lane’s new Book? But back to Sant Thakar, I think he deserves Credit where ever it is due, especially by those like me, who he initially put on the Path, and had it not been for him, I never would have become a Vegetarian, at the very least, or continued on the Path , or stayed on it to now. Compared to the negative baggage being exposed in Gurinder Singh’s life, as Head of RSSB, Sant Thakar Singh was an Avatar!
I wonder how Professor Lane will eventually write Gurinder Singh’s Biography, as well as Dr. Ishwar Puri’s past baggage, after they die, so they also can be critiqued by Dr. Lane! I would never be allowed to share the thoughts I have shared here, on any other forum, except this one, because Dr. Ruquist , who is the Administrator of this Forum and I have always had a special, tho, unusual relationship. It was I who introduced him to Sant Mat, and Ishwar Puri, as he has shared with others. But back to Thakar,.....He had an uncanny ability to project Lazar Beams from his eyes, directly in to the eyes of any one he made personal eye contact with, in the audiences sitting in various Auditoriums. Of course, I was also an Unbelieving Skeptic until he Lazar Beamed me while I was sitting in the audience in an Anaheim, California Auditorium, and I could actually SEE the Silver White Beam of Light projecting from his eyes to others, as he made contact with their eyes. As I was waiting for my turn, hoping he would not miss me, considering I was in the center rows of hundreds of others in the Audience, he suddenly turned his head, and made personal contact with my eyes, projecting a Silver White Cord of Light, that looked like a nylon fishing line, right in to my both eyes! He held the projection there, for about 5 seconds, which almost blew my ear drums open, with the Sound of the Ringing Bell sounding like a Police Cruiser Siren! Then, the Sound left immediately, as soon as he turned away from making eye contact with me! I was not even initiated yet,....but THAT was the very first time I was EVER exposed to the Sound of Shabd! It was addicting,....and still is,...to this day! So, the Moral of my story is,....never refuse a Gift, offered by a tainted Messenger, because that may be the only time you will ever be offered such a Gift by another in this Life Time! Jump on the Salvation Express, before it leaves the Terminal, never to return! Even if only Coach Class is available, and First Class has already been filled by the Elite! ( The Last Shall be First,...and the First shall be Last), as the Bible tells us!
Go0d Luck and God Speed!
Jim Sutherland

Note, I had posted the above Technique on Dr. Richard Ruqust’s Ishwar’s String Theory Forum ,around 2018. Sadly, Dr. Ruqust passed away in Jan 2022, and his forum is no longer operating. And of course, Dr. Ishwar Puri also passed away.

@ el

Note, typo. Ruquist passed away Jan. 2023, not 2022..
jim Sutherland

Accusations against Thakar were eye-popping. Putting it mildly, he admitted to "women problems" due to temptation "on his lower self" by devils. He was also said to embezzle money given in seva. C'est la vie.

I saw him in 2002 or 2003 in a shabby, local theatre space. As a Charan initiate I was allowed to stick around and witness initiation. Leaky as Thakar was, my experience of him was completely ordinary. No bells. No laser beams. No fair! I was still rather lusty myself back then!

Moral: the struggle is real. Bodily fibers need to reconfigure fully, or some such idea, before the liquid can seep in and stay in.

Georg, consider for yourself the vows that satsangis take, to prevent going off the beam.

More rhyme...

Dear Georg,

Thanks for your response.

A clarification: I hadn’t meant to imply that I’m doubting your word. I’m happy to provisionally take your testimony at face value, given that you do not make use of that testimony in order to preach or to proselytize, or otherwise impose on the gullibility of your audience and the trust they place on your words. That “disclaimer” paragraph of mine referred not to your testimony, but to what I’d myself said to you about Kundalini Yoga. I pointed out what Kundalini Yoga says, and how that comports with your spontaneous postures/asanas; but I didn’t want you to take that to mean that I’m recommending Kundalini Yoga, or that I’m vouching for its validity: and hence that disclaimer.

Fascinating, those further details you supply in your response to me. Appreciate your sharing all of this, and also your perfectly sane and reasonable approach towards the whole thing. Cheers.

"The gullibility of your audience."

AR, have you ever seriously practiced any form of meditation, yoga, sant mat, or kundalini yoga? That is, have you ever practiced any of the religious activities or been a member of any of the religious groups that are discussed on this forum?

Hello, sant64.

I have, yes. Still do.

@All, who are still interested, if ever, I neglected to say I was also initiated by Charan Singh, Feb. 4, 1990, 4 months before he left his body. I have posted many of my experiences here since then, which still may be archived in the RSSB comment files. But MOST important, he visited me in his full Radiant Form , told me my body needed a Med., spoke to me in English, very clearly, in his unique accent, calling me “Brother”. I challenged his advice on the Med. , and he told me to just use less. He then put his right hand on my right shoulder, as he was standing only a foot away , on my right side, in full body, dressed as he always did when giving Satsang, and then Vaporized, or vanished. This happened around 2015-16, during deep Meditation. It only happened once, but once is enough to never forget in one single life time. My initial report might still be accessed, along with the many rebuttals of the skeptics. I could care less what the skeptics and Faquir Chand think, I know, what I know, happened to me, this unworthy struggling soul. I had never visited the Dera, but after following Charan’s medical advice, was not only able to do so, in 2017, but am still here alive 5 years later.
Jim Sutherland

Dear Appreciative Reader,

The reason I contacted Brian was that I myself don't know what is currently happening. My experience in the last few months has been that members of the Sant Mat schools are not allowed to speak publicly about their experiences, making everything very nebulous (although thankfully, a few have shared). I'm simply looking for answers. And honestly, being surprised by a spiritual experience out of nowhere is not easy when you've led a more or less "normal" life before. However, my working hypothesis remains: What is happening to me has nothing to do with mystical powers but is simply a capability of our consciousness that we usually don't have access to. I just want to figure out how this works - you certainly don't need a guru for that. And just for the record, when this started, I was both eating meat and drinking alcohol.

And I also believe that you're right about the Kundalini experience. I've researched that as well, and I think it's a mix that probably wasn't even separated in earlier times before there were esoteric schools. Consciousness finds its way through the body - and then transitions into spiritual realms, which is again a nebulous expression.

@ Georg

Hearing sounds, words as "kundalini" derive their value and meaning from this or that "narrative". Outside these narratives he lose that value and meaning.

Imagine what would happened if you had lived in austria before say 1960 and you had to deal with these experiences you write about.

If however you would have lived somewhere say in India, Tibet, nepal etc in those days what would have happened then.

We, the people in the west have not developed an narrative, in which these experiences have a meaning and value ... beside the mental asylum. where people are locked up when they hear things that others do not hear

@ Georg

Have some coffee and digest this contribution in WIKIPEDIA on "Near Death Experiences" as an exemple of how they are struggling in the west with these kind of experiences for which the west has no traditional narrative: to attribute meaning and value to it.


If you do some research in the work of Dr van Lommel the dutch cardiologists you will find the resistance he had to face when he was no longer prepared to shove the stories of his patients under the carpet and even now the academicians are fighting among themselves and against one another, making those that come with explanations that do not suit them, seen as pseudo scientist to say the least

The fight has just started.

"I have, yes. Still do."

What do you practice, what have you practiced? From all your posts you come across as a committed atheist who sees meditation as a pastime of the "gullible." I don't recall you ever mentioning actually practicing a religion or meditation technique.

What do you know about Kundalini yoga?

@ georg

Maybe you heard of her. It is In German.

In her book she describes, moments of ecstasy that others would label as the rise of kundalini. She does not use the word as previous to what has happened to her she had not knowledge nor was interested in what is called "spirituality

“What do you practice, what have you practiced? From all your posts you come across as a committed atheist who sees meditation as a pastime of the "gullible." I don't recall you ever mentioning actually practicing a religion or meditation technique.

What do you know about Kundalini yoga?”

Haha, priceless! Your inquisitorial questions about my personal affairs are completely hilarious, as is the absurd sense of entitlement they betray, given that you haven’t yet arrived at a footing with me that might be described as friendly.

If you would correct the incivility of that peremptory tone, and if you can convince me of the sincerity of your intentions (which is something your past comments here do not), then I’ll be happy to answer your questions, within limits of how much personal information I’m comfortable sharing here publicly.

"Your inquisitorial questions..."

This is a forum about religion. I merely asked you what your background is in actually practicing any of the religions discussed on this forum, given your snark about gullibility.

"I’m happy to provisionally take your testimony at face value, given that you do not make use of that testimony in order to preach or to proselytize, or otherwise impose on the gullibility of your audience and the trust they place on your words." Tell me more about preemptory tones.

Me, I have personal experience with Eckankar, Thakar Singh, Darshan Singh, Charan Singh, Rajinder Singh, Catholicism, Protestantism, Kundalini yoga, Astanga yoga, Bikram yoga, Swami Satchidananda, Goenka retreats, Zen retreats. That's the short list. And I have no idea why you'd be so taken aback at my asking what your experience is, or your experience with kundalini yoga.

I also have no idea why you're offended by the term atheist. We've had go-rounds in the past where you certainly came off that way, strenuously arguing that the universe didn't have a creator.

“I merely asked you what your background is in actually practicing any of the religions discussed on this forum, given your snark about gullibility.”

There was no snark intended at my end. Nor was it considered snarky by the recipient of my message. Any snark there was in your head, is all.

And I thought as much. You asked those questions about my personal practice, not in order to constructively ask me anything to see if you might learn from it or benefit from it, nor to generally acquaint yourself with me on general friendly grounds, but to somehow hit back at what you (completely erroneously) perceived as snark.

Instead of playing these games, if you want to ask me what I meant, just ask me what I meant. If you wish to rebut something I’ve said, then just rebut it, if you’re able to. I’ve no wish to play these games, and put out my personal details (not even the limited amount that I’m comfortable sharing online), not unless I see someone sincerely willing to benefit or learn from it, or maybe simply because they’re being generally but genuinely friendly.


“Tell me more about preemptory tones.”

Wasn’t speaking with you. There was nothing uncivil or peremptory in what I’d said, neither as I intended it, nor as it was taken by the recipient of my message.


“I also have no idea why you're offended by the term atheist.”

I’m not offended by the term atheist. Not even remotely, what a completely bizarre idea. That again is more random voices playing in your head.


sant64, your commenting here does not indicate that your intentions are sincere. More than once I’ve engaged with you in good faith, only to find that you simply ignore what is said and return to peddling whatever nonsense you’d started out with, despite having no answer to the rebuttals to your position. Which is not to say you always talk nonsense, not at all, you often make a great deal of sense; but it is a fact that you don’t actually engage with people here. In fact you’ve said as much, that you’re not looking for engagement.

Which is fine. How you conduct yourself here is your business, and I’ve no issues with that, absolutely not. But for you to then turn around and ask me, and in those peremptory tones, to share my personal details, and to demand from me that engagement that you do not yourself proffer, particularly when that engagement isn’t even sincere, that is a bit much. Kind of funny, that absurd sense of one-way entitlement.

If you wish to change that, and henceforth engage differently with people here, or at any rate henceforth engage on different terms with me specifically, then that’s up to you, you can always do that. That’s what we’re here for, after all. Like I said, if you can convince me of the sincerity of your intentions, then I’m happy to do this, absolutely, always within limits of how much personal information I’m comfortable sharing online.

Hi Jim
Always so nice ti read U

“until he Lazar Beamed me while I was sitting in the audience in an Anaheim, California Auditorium, and I could actually SEE the Silver White Beam o . . . “

and about Police Sirens

Shabd Sounds
which are difficult to analyse and different but there is this general undertone 
in High frequency that is always present
in humans and all that lives which is

Even when not painful like tinnitus
a good individual judgement Is in the word “swelling”
It is not volume or pitch
but probably our attention that s wavering..

There are more indicators that it’s Shabd like
excitement, goose bumps, arousal 
and heavenly feelings at the ‘end’

Physical sounds don t do all that 
although I found out that all music or voices
 at the cosmic 432Hz scale is an analogue
 of the Quantum Entanglement unseen reality.

Gurinder said in one of the Q&A s
: “Bring it to the Eye Center”

That can be done only with the real stuff.

OK and Cheers with applejuice

Im on X as Ankhaton
 and placed some 432Hz music there
after google closed my 3000 songs containing
 because I placed this

It healed my pancreas

777. (. 87 soon )

So What’s a Master for? - It’s like delving
 uranium but only specialists can do Fusion 
instead of fission


You have seen light, heard sounds.

trying to make sense of it - now you get all mixed up with theories, beliefs etc.

you have stated that you have no interest in seeking a guru or a path.

Once you start labelling an experience as "mystical" - you are already seeking meaning.

you have had various experiences. Full Stop.

seeking meanings and you are entering the arena of beliefs.

i was initiated by Thakar Singh and saw light, immediately upon initiation.

At the time i was intrigued and became his disciple.

it wasn't till much later, thar i realised all this is just belief. The mind seeks mystical experiences - but they mean nothing.

experience happens - but the MEANING is my contribution to it - i add the meanings

we create our own meanings

we like meanings, and we are meaning making machines.

everything must have a meaning. That is the trap. Drop the meaning seeking and there is a little hope for you. Otherwise you
seek your own created truth.

what does the light / sound mean?


faqir chand is right

we create our own beliefs
and the belief becomes our prison.

we are not living life - we live our beliefs.

"Living is easy with eyes closed - misunderstanding all we see....."
- Strawberry Fields (beatles)

if you had the same experience after being initiated by a guru - you would be attributing the experiences to your guru.

All experiences happen in duality
they come, they go, nothing to write home
The drama of life continues - you have to seek - what remains?

Waking, dreaming, sleeping, the three states you experience - who is the experiencer? who watches all three?

You only have to get to the root of this:
and answer the most important question:
"WHO the fuck am I really?"

figure this out and you will disappear


@ Osho

Is that YOU on TIKTOK???

how are you friend?
yes, it's me.
i went through a lotvof drama.
mum passed away,
had a kitchen fire,
second degree burns to my feet
was under hospital care,
that was when i started the tiktok
had nothing else to do

just a bit of entertainment

nice to hear from you

@ Osho

Thank you.

It seems that you are on the advaita path.

A while ago I read here and there what Nisargadatta had to say and also his predecessors. As they mentioned time and again the DASBODHA of Shri Ramdas I took a little notice of what was available. It was remarkable that his teachings, as far as the practice is concerned, is almost identical with the teachings and practices of Sant Mat, as far as I do understand them, in terms of the relation with a guru and how to deal with him..I have come to believe that sanmat as it is now is just a "child"of the teachings of Ramdas.

Ramdas differentiated between two ways to walk the path that of the bird and the ant. The path of the ant is the path of mantra meditation.

But now I have lost all interest. and tend to believe that one has to be an born Indian to really grasp these teachings and successful practice it. The Core of the Ramdas teachings is to be found in guru Bhakti

Hey, Osho Robbins. Good to see you in these parts again!

Too bad about the fire thing. All good now, I hope?
(And about your mother as well, obviously. We'd spoken of that last time you were here.)

Haven't watched that video of yours, have you a transcript or a written discussion/description? (Only if it's already available readily, please don't go to any trouble over it.)

Hi AR,
hope you are well, buddy.
been a while since i commented, and nice to see you are all having fun here.

if you can't access tiktok, no worries, as i am transferring to youtube soon

Osho! Welcome back!

Hi Umami,
i hope you are well.
thanks for the welcome back.

‘we are not living life - we live our beliefs.’
Great post Osho.
Nice to hear from you.
Aye beliefs = drama
If you’re in contact with dear Manjit pass on my best wishes.

@Tim Rimmer,
Hey Tim, I hope you are well.

we live our beliefs, not life !

but we don't realise how much our beliefs filter our experience of life

this one is interesting also


Osho , the only who was slept
by Gurinder :-) )
said :
if you had the same experience after being initiated by a guru - you would be attributing the experiences to your guru.

U can compare to my case and I explained it here 10 yrs ago
I did some Ramacharaka Hatha Yoga breath exercises
and drowned in a black ocean, sunk miles in a kind black glue-like liquid
I did swear never to try meditation again
After Inntiation in 1976 it was the opposite until today


Hi Osho
I'm not a 'tiktoker'
Is it on YouTube?

We certainly have beliefs about everything!
Uncovering/recognising such thinking can free us up so we can live life more in the present and ultimately let life live us, or so it seems to me.

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