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January 26, 2024


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Cool! That 20-year-old does write uncommonly well, and he does have uncommonly profound thoughts, on both counts way more so than when I was that age.

"Words cannot describe everything"

So true, and in so many ways.

To cite one example, one that's been on my mind of late:

A nation steals the homes of millions of people, and forces the dispossessed into a slum that's almost totally controlled by the ruling apartheid state.

Every year for many years, the ruling apartheid state kills the dispossessed citizens at a rate of 5:1.

The dispossessed fight back, and in response the ruling apartheid state kills more of them at a rate of 30:1. Most of them innocent men, women, and children. And that state turns the region into a hellhole for the survivors.

In response to these crimes against humanity, some students at some universities dare to shout a political slogan that someday this apartheid region will one day be a free unified state.

That would seem to be a reasonable exercise of free speech in the U.S. of 2024? You'd think so, but oh, you'd be so wrong. According to the U.S. Congress, billionaire donors sharing the same ethnicity, and media pundits, calling for an end to Israel's genocide of Palestinians is actually calling for genocide against Israel.

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