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January 30, 2024


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Funny what the lay has tp say about science, conducting experiments and above all about ...FACTS

Given her chronic moving around she must consume very strong foffee:


Just do Zazen.
Zazen sets the mind to be mindful, centered.

Just reading stuff about mindfulness won't lead to much. One has to actually sit every day for the mind to get purchase on mindful awareness. Sitting isn't some empty ritual. Every Zen Master since before Dogen put paramount importance on sitting. And for a reason.

Guess what, sitting isn't fun. At the outset, my mind rebels at sitting, but the more the minutes pass, my outlook changes. Zen isn't like TM. TM is far easier. But while TM does deliver on stress reduction, the end result isn't the same as what one gets from Zazen. Integrated mindfulness.

If integrated mindfulness is the goal, then the method to get it is like what someone once told me about what car wax to buy. His advice: "The only one that works is the one that hurts."

@ 777

How many people have you come across from the Dutch community or otherwise, that have had the same tale to tell as you.

I do not know of any other than you

Why are you the exclusion to what seems to be the rule.

@ 777

You are like a man in the empty dessert with a stand, with speakers loudly promoting cool soft drinks.


IF there is a god
IF he made it simple
he did not make it simple for 99,999%, however much they do simran.

You experience what you experience, that is allright, but given what you write here over the years ..it is alone for you

Most people, satsangis include, can WRITE the word "love" have an intellectual understanding of it but have no experience.

So they in fact have no idea what you are talking about.

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