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December 29, 2023


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Ajahn Brahm; “The true purpose of practicing Buddhism is to let go of everything, not to get more things like attainments to show off to your friends. When we let go of something, really let go, then it disappears. We lose it. All successful meditators are losers.”

I somewhat tend to agree with Brahm even though he does hammer the point of no-self rather dogmatically (at least in his preface). He amusingly talks of the five khandhas as claiming to be ‘me’ in that “. . . “my self was absent from the scene of the crime!” In a sense true, though I am of the opinion that in many ways, the self is always lurking around and does exert some influence.

[The five skandhas or aggregates in Buddhism make up the physical and mental existence of each person and are matter, sensations, perception, formations, and consciousness which together constitute the phenomenon ‘Me’.]

Buddhism states that there is no unchanging, permanent self and that such personal identity is delusional. My understanding of this is that yes, there is a ‘sense’ of self (an identity), ever present, though the realisation of what appears to be a self, a me, is a construct derived from the above five skandhas. I would think that whatever one thinks, says or writes must emanate to some degree from ones particular acquired personality and nature – although perhaps tempered by the realisation of no-self.

Ready made Religions

Rings a bell, Gurinder Singh Dhilion and Radha Soami Religion, not Religion lol
Gurinders still working that one out

It's makes sense not to listen to the preaching parasite Gurinder Singh Dhilions rubbish on stage as it doesn't reflect his own doings which are EXPOSED for us to all to see now, but for us to beware of such Baba who take advantage of the innocent for they're own selfish needs.

His Sons have benefited handsomely of they're corrupted father Gurinder who has cheated even family for his selfishness out of millions of dollars . They live happily in London while the world still staves and is homeless.
Shameful behaviour

They live of "Not a honest living" and Life is fair" proverb do they

Religion is the root of all evil as Gurinder Singh Dhilion shows us today and we should never follow a path of shame and riddicule

As the New Year is apon us we should all reflect at the rubbish we have accumulated over the year and bin the trash like Gurinder Singh Dhilion and Radha Soami Cult in the bin where it belongs

And move ahead into 2024 within our power and freedom

God you Bless

Well said Trez, and Happy new year all on this site that truly support freedom. May you all truly reflect on what you believe and free yourself from the limiting mindset poisons injected by religions and cults like RSSB. Gurinder singh dhillon , you will get karma served to you. People are seeing your injustice, double standards, hypocrisy, lies and your insatiable need to control everything and everyone. You are the very definition of an ego that's out of control. You and your sons live a lifestyle of rich fraudulent billionaires and can never understand the common people and their plights - how can you have compassion? You also murdered your own wife so you can try and be pardoned from court cases.
Sangat wake yourselfs up from this monster cult, stay strong, and never look back at your new found freedom - you will never regret it.

Agreed. Very wise and beautiful indeed. ❤️

We all make up our own religions anyway.
To see this is to awaken to a signficant truth.
What you choose to believe, for any reason, ultimately is what your mind filters and understands.
And that is why religions number as high as the number of people who have ever lived.
It's what you think it is, for you. And it can't be anything else. If your thinking develops, your form of the religion or philosophy develops.

That's not unique. It's universal.

If you choose to leave a spiritual belief, or choose to stay, in both cases you are choosing to accept or reject your own interpretation of something.

You might wish to make your interpretation a little more accurate. Better looking, better objectivity and open-mindedness, becoming aware of one's own prejudices and working to overcome them, these all help to bring your mind's reconstruction closer to reality.

But so long as thinking is involved, it will only be your reconstruction, in your tiny brain.

Even experience, while much more helpful, still, so long as you wish to lay over your interpretation, it's just your own version.

To be spiritually independent can happen even within a religion. Whenever you find a better understanding, you are now free of your own past version of that religion.

And how many religions do we pass through over the years as we progress, even within one single school?

First year students, second year students, graduate students. Every year, it's a different school altogether, label it as you will.

Nothing special in leaving or clinging to an idea. If you leave it, you know something you didn't. And if you choose to cling to it, that may be for new reasons, hopefully more mature reasons.

There is no blame in leaving or staying, only in standing still. We were meant to move ahead, and do so generally even without our conscious awareness. Often, only in retrospect do we see how much we have changed.

But it is still what our brain has constructed. Quote as many books as you like, try to stand on someone else's reputation if you like, but it is still your own reconstruction, both of what you believe and even what you now choose not to believe. Owning that, is a step forward.

The author writes:
"Do not read this book if you want to be a somebody. It will make you a nobody, a no-self."

No, nothing can do that except you. You will always be something. The reality is we are tiny grains of sand on a huge galactic beach, and worse still, here and gone in the blink of an eye. But may be that's not so bad. We will be gone soon enough and don't actually need to worry about that. But...

As the song goes, "If you want to be somebody else, change your mind."

It can't be done any other way. But as for disappearing, happens all the time.

We are hardly more than a recalled memory copy of a copy of several other copies of a reconstructed memory that regurgitates "Me" over and over again. Not worth the attention, nothing there to defend or cling to, but it does have practical data we need to function.

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