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December 01, 2023


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No Brian, "Christian Atheist Pastor" is not a job title. The Christian pastors in the article you cited are all on the down low about their atheism because -- as they admit in the article -- they are afraid of losing their paychecks.

Likewise, there are no Atheist Protestants, Atheist Catholics, or Atheist Muslims. Catholic and Muslim or any religion and aren't nationalities, nor are they races. The concept of race is a social construct rather than a biological reality. It's a way that societies categorize and classify people based on various physical attributes such as skin color, facial features, hair texture, and more. However, biologically speaking, there is no scientific basis for distinct human races. There's no such thing as "race," except to racists. And therefore, anyone who says they are somehow ontologically different from other people based on their race or ethnicity perhaps isn't the champion of egalitarianism they think they are. Really, anyone who wants to categorize people by skin color or ethnicity or caste or race or tribe isn't any better than those who belong to a religion where one is judged by whether they've received initiation.

Thanks for the quotes. Whenever you ask people who subscribe to such ideas of human distinction just *howI precisely, they are different from those outside their chosen group, they don't offer much of substance. Let's be frank, the difference they're celebrating is just racism. Perhaps it's benign racism, but racism is what it is nonetheless.

As for what the author says about belief in God being harmful...where is it? Oh, I forgot about the epidemic of religious men "telling their wives what to do."

I know of millions of people whose lives became radically better when they embraced the idea of a loving God who gives direction and cares about their welfare. For some strange reason, that huge part of the equation of the God question is never touched upon by atheists who are forever saying they believe in "science" but who are wholly unwilling to even consider the obvious benefits religious belief provides to many people.

>> All beliefs -- mine, theirs, Mike Pence's -- are not equal. Many are wrong. Some are harmlessly wrong<<

Some religions ban on penalties of their divine,
- the consumption of pig meat
- killing of cows etc

I suppose there is no god that is interested in what happens in his creation after creating it and having installed all sorts of natural laws to keep it going.

How came these bans in to existence?

Every-time the elite of a tribe, community or other social group finds that a certain behavior is causing harm to the group as a whole they seek shelter behind the divine in order to be sure that the response would be greater than when expressed by them ...fellow human beings ...

If the cows in India would not be declared holy and sacred by now they would not even know the WORD cow let alone the living creatures by that name. These cows over time have save many a life with their milk..

The same holds for pigs meat that easily can kill people due to trichinae

What ever ban is attributed to the divine is always related to the maintenance of the welfare of an group..

As often writes ...there is no god that is interested in who lives where and under what conditions. but it was certainly in the interests of the tribe of Abraham in search for a place to stay, that he came up with that divine command.

YES .. I do believe he had that vision or that he could have had that vision ...after all before and after him, many have come with all sorts of visions ... but ... they were always related to the survival of individuals or the group.

Religion is a cultural TOOL, and invention, like the wheel and the fire.. ...unfortunately it works only if its adherents have some degree of belief faith etc.

Atheist as a group, miss that talent in high degrees and it is statistical related to their analytical talents and command of language, etc..

With the growing access to education, that groups is growing .. in this country there are only small pockets of strict Calvinists protestants left. The fact that the Islam is at the rise has to do with identification ...they can make a stand in society by propagating their adherence to Islam ...it is all fodder for psychologists, sociologist. and cultural anthropologist.

Those that proclaim themselves atheists are not at all interested in the divine the same as so called "animal rights protagonists" most of them hate even animals and have never had one, they just use it for themselves to exorcise power.over others and make themselves SEEN, other wise just being unimportant living creatures.

Kate Cohen rightly points out the fallacious special pleading that believers and apologists employ in dealing with the God question.

While absolutely, there's no question of force-feeding a child, no question of indoctrination; but surely it's irresponsible parenting to leave the child's mind a spotless tabula rasa, to be filled in at the child's discretion? Do we then leave the question open on whether the earth is flat? Or, to limit ourselves to questions not directly addressed in scientific research papers, whether cutting open still beating hearts off of shreaking men and women and children is what ensures the sun will rise again? Or that other kinds of sacrifice, including human sacrifice, ensures good crops, and victory in wars, and success in one's day to day business? Should we leave it to the child to buy chickens and goats, and collect frogs and beetles and bugs, to sacrifice to the gods every time there's a class test, because, as I imagine, there's no science research directly showing these don't help?

And as far as comfort, again, while sensitivity is called for, sure, extreme sensitivity, empathy, and gentleness; but are we to leave the child with the consolation of frolicking and feasting eternally with her dead elders and friends and pets, if only she, and they, made sure that they died fighting without fear or remorse? Should we leave her with the comfort of the prospect of 72 virgins (or if a child too young to appreciate virginal rewards, 72 eternally lasting flavors of ice cream maybe) if only she, and they, died in service of Allah, perhaps while wearing a vest specially tailored by wise holy mullah types?

Thanks, Brian, for this series of reviews of Kohen's work. And thanks to commenters, as well, for presenting your perspective. Thinking over all of this helped clarify the issue in my mind. While obviously I was in agreement, in principle, with Cohen; but I was in some doubt as to how that might translate to de facto parenting (as opposed to the idealized abstraction of it). While obviously a great deal of care and empathy is called for, as well as latitude when it comes to decided ideas the child might hold on to despite reasonable inputs: but I'm way more in favor of "indoctrination" now, on thinking this over, when it comes to actual truth --- and no, there's no special pleading there, at least no fallacious special pleading, in as much as it is NOT "indoctrination" to teach a child that human sacrifices, or chicken sacrifices, or beetle sacrifices, or prayers, will do nothing at all to increase her grades, not in and of themselves (albeit, sure, psychological focus might; but that can reasonably be arrived at differently than organizing beetle sacrifices, or praying to fictional deities).

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