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December 31, 2023


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Joan Tollifson. Sounds the sort of writer I could read, in fact I checked out her outpourings section and came across this straight away: - “And remember—and this is critical, there is no such “thing” as awareness or consciousness or presence or attention or Here-Now. These are words, labels, conceptual abstractions that we use to point out certain aspects of the (actually undivided, seamless) living reali-ty. What such words point to is not a concept, but once we start talking about this living reality and using words, it’s important not to mistake the pointers (the words or the maps) for the territory and the different aspects of the territory that they help us to notice. There is no actual boundary between consciousness and awareness, or between self and not-self, or between inside and outside. No such “things” actually exist.”

And also, she posted these quotes from other writers: -

“Enlightenment is not something removed from you, a particular thing you have to get. It’s not some-thing to get an idea of or to figure out. In fact, it can’t be figured out. Nor is enlightenment some-thing hard to experience. You’re experiencing it right now, though you may be ignoring the experi-ence.” –Steve Hagen

“Having never left the house you are looking for the way home.” –Nisargadatta Maharaj

All grist to the mill for me so will have some new year reading to do.

Thanks and Happy New year all.

Cool website.

The "Outpourings" section looks very promising! Quickly browsed through a couple of those essays, for now. Bookmarked for later on.

Happy New Year Brian and team

My new year resolution, is to continue to EXPOSE the snakey evil like Gurinder Singh Dhillon and his satantic cult RSSB.

Remember the first of his satanic mantra is Jot Nirunjan , literally translated as light of kaal/satan/lucifer.

Read some more of her "Outpourings".

They make for interesting and enjoyable light reading. I don't know, yet, if they lead to anything beyond just light interesting reading, if they stand up to close scrutiny and yield any actual worth beyond merely the light interesting reading part: but regardless, I'm enjoying reading them, and will return for more later.

Have just read Joan’s first piece in her ‘outpourings’ section; - ‘How Simple Can This Be?’ where she encapsulates the ‘here and now’, enlightenment, how thought creates the self, non-duality and more. I am impressed in that her writing cuts through the hype of these topics while avoiding much of the mysteries that surround these subjects. If the rest of her ‘outpourings’ maintain similar no-frills clarity then I shall continue reading with interest

Her message is ultimately that of simplicity, although for anyone unfamiliar with such a ‘this is it’ approach may perhaps find it irrelevant. Also, I don’t think that her style/message will find much ground with those who approach them from a set religious or spiritual way of thinking or, to put it frankly, from a position which accepts the type of thinking that creates conceptual images of who/what one is as factual.

An excellent 'New Year' post Brian.

To Expose and Help Humanity to overcome the evil ways of Kaal in the year ahead and also That Loser Baba Gurinder Singh Dhilion and his Radha Soami Cult.

So that the god loving souls go back home instead of Gurinder Singh Dhilions Hell in the inner realms

Wake up before the evil Donkey Dhilion Baba takes your soul, by initiation of the Devil and the inner light of him too

Here's A Happy New year to all

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