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November 09, 2023


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The main objections to no free will usually revolve around religious and moral reasons. What people fail to recognise is that society’s existing rules, laws and cultural behaviours are de-signed to maintain, as far as possible, law-abiding societies. The only real issue is how and what punishment to mete out to offenders.

Quite often, just helping to improve a persons’ life situation can effect a change. At the other end of the criminal scale where a person is habitually prone to unlawful or extreme anti-social behaviour, then the prevailing laws and thinking of the existing culture would still apply.

Basically, with regard to who/what has free will, we would have to postulate some sort of independent entity, a self or soul that can act or will unimpeded by biological constraints. Such an entity cannot be found, only assumed or believed.

Habitually, terms such as mind and self have assumed a pseudo-identity for themselves; The reality is that both are simply names for the countless on-going mental processes arising from the brain’s networking of neurons and synapsis.

I too am inspired to know I’m part of and not different (in the sense of being separate) from other life forms on this planet. And satisfied to know that ultimately biological nature is running the show and not some discarnate entity called ‘me’ – or groups of such entities.

To end, I have to repeat that our lives are full of choices, but choices that are determined and dependent upon the multitude of past (and continually on-going) experiences that enable us to navigate our environments to aid survival.

“Because I could not stop for Death, He Kindly stopped for me…”
-Emily Dickinson

This is what I’m talking about
⬆️ that

"Most of us have the sensation that we are something ethereal, soul-like. Our thoughts, emotions, desires, hopes, fears, perceptions, and so much else feel like they're being fashioned from immaterial consciousness."

Every idea is etherial.

Dissect all the brains in the world and you will not find a single Toyota.

Yet that is where next year's model springs from.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Nor the paper it's made of. A book is far more than that. Just like each of us. A fantastic mystery within a mystery.

Mainstream neuroscience has already rejected the view that consciousness can be reduced to chemistry alone..


And here...


Short course, reductionism, materialism nor determinism can be applied with any scientific credibility to human consciousness.


Yes, we are "more" than just neurons firing, provided that the neurons are firing.

Take away the neurons (or the cascading infrastructure of the brain) and the "you" disappears just as the characters in our dreams vanish when we wake up.

The "I" is the result of a cerebral symphony. Take away the neural orchestration and the conductor "I" vanishes.

Or, put in more medical terms, damage the brain and we have a host of different "I's"---from schizophrenia to Alzheimers to dementia to gurus claiming they are "perfect" and giving themselves self-chosen "Baba" titles.

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