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October 02, 2023


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Here are two interpretations of consciousness and awareness: -

‘Consciousness can be thought of as a dualistic, embodied, and embedded cognitive process, whereas awareness is a nondual and nonlocal process.’

And, ‘Consciousness and awareness are often used as synonyms, but they have different meanings. Consciousness is the state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, feel, or be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns. Awareness is more fundamental than consciousness, as it can exist without consciousness, but not vice versa.’

I think we need to include the mind in all this. In Psychology Today Jacob Sage M.D. Post-ed January 31, 2011. “As a neurologist, I contend that consciousness is nothing more than the ability of our brain to acquire information (which is the state of being awake) AND all the content that the information contains AND the ability to get all that information into and out of memory. The key word is "ALL". If you have all that, you are conscious of the blue sky and the red sun. Nothing more is needed to be conscious of that beautiful sky. My contention is that the brain can do all that, and, therefore, a functioning brain is identical to a conscious mind.”

All living organisms demonstrate the ability to be aware – even a simple cell is aware enough to respond to other cells, to light and dark etc. – but are they conscious? Some refer to them as being ‘minimally conscious’, though awareness seems more accurate for cells. In this sense trees and flowers are aware – they are comprised of cells that interact, reproduce and generally respond to their environment.

Animals certainly have an awareness of ‘me’ and ‘not me’, otherwise they could not survive in what is generally a hostile environment. Perhaps the difference is they do not (like us) form mental constructs around their feelings that they recognise as being a ‘me’ alone that is being affected.

So, is this it? In not forming mental constructs are we experiencing a mind that is quiet, a mind that is not overlaying what is being sensed with its ‘store’ of contents? Or, as J. Krishnamurti often pointed to – ‘choiceless awareness’. I can envisage that such choiceless awareness can be the same as pure consciousness where in such moments there is just natural awareness, awareness that is untainted by the contents of consciousness.

Still reading Breer I see. I wonder what other child molesters have to say about pure consciousness.

SantMat64, if you'd read this post, you'd see there's zero mention of the two years Breer spent in jail. Yes, that appears to have been on a charge of sexual abuse of a relative who was under 18 at the time, a charge that he seems to deny in one of his books (I saw seems, since his second book has Breer speaking in the voice of a fictional character).

When I read a book, I pay attention to the ideas and content, not the author's personal life. No one is perfect. People still follow the guru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas even though he's been entangled to financial fraud and other possible crimes.

Donald Trump has four criminal indictments and one civil case determined he was guilty of sexual abuse/rape. Another civil case has found that his company committed financial fraud. Yet many millions of people still admire and support Trump. Given your dislike of people who commit sexual abuse, I assume you also heartily condemn Trump. Good for you. I do too, but that's just one reason for me.

I can be conscious (aware) of something, but only in a limited way. Being completely aware of everything there is to know about that thing, would make me fully conscious, or if you will, having pure consciousness. It‘s just hair splitting and semantics Brian.


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Consciousness is the state of being aware. Nothing more. It is not a thing of itself, but a quality attributed to awareness.

You can become more aware or less.

Things like strong emotions, lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride, jealousy, ecstacy and pain can all create inbalance which reduces both objectivity and awareness.

Pure consciousness may just be a condition of a more peaceful mind, balanced mind, less attached mind.

So long as we see from a single point of view, we can raise our viewpoint, see the whole, become aware of more, but all from that single viewer position.

That never disappears. It's us.

I think that when anyone has an experience of greater understanding, or awareness, they describe it as a special condition. But it is human nature to grow, and to have such experiences. It shouldn't separate us, but bring is closer to our true destiny as more complete human beings. Striving to see, to understand without distraction this moment, we just need to stay close to the moment, and to the compassion for all life that naturally overwhelms us as we become more aware of the condition of our fellow human beings and all life.

good explanation of consciousness
and why it's confusing fir people

consciousness is not personal
what have you smuggled in with it?

watch this

Hi Gyan

The confusion of the speaker in this video is captured in his sentence, "when you understand consciousness is beyond body and mind..."

He presumes consciousness is a thing. That would be like saying gravity is a thing. Both are qualities shaped by the material they are connected to. They have no existence without the matter they are qualities of, though as distinct qualities that can only be understood by experience of that quality.

The difference between one "consciousness and another" is not, as the speaker claims, identification with the physical body. One is a quality of the other.

It is the actual single point of view of the individual. Since they have a specific awareness from one place and time. That awareness can be raised but it is always individual. You can be perceiving from any different level but the perceiver perceives as one single point. This is where the speaker makes a classic error in thinking, by considering the body as a thing separate from thinking and perceiving, while those two are qualities of the body. Transcending the body spiritually is simply perceiving from a finer more universal perspective from within the same body. It isn't becoming anything different than what you are..an individual with many layers connected to the whole. That never changes. You can see from a different perspective, you can raise our point of view, but the sanctity of the individual is always there.

Consciousness isn't a thing. It's a quality of awareness, an attribute of the body.

Hi Gyan
The speaker in the video describes chityanam as the central light from which all thought emerges.

This is a mistake. Chita is just mind stuff, the finer material that shapes and reshapes thoughts. It looks like a living creature. You are not that. Like your lungs or kidneys it is part of the finer body, but still just an attribute of body. The source of thinking isn't the viewer, but another layer to be transcended.

i am just a student o this swami,
he seems to know, and goes into great detail
what you say also makes sense.

in this video


at 1h 53 mins someone asks a question about spiritual practice
very interesting answer

Hi Gyan

At that place the speaker says "If you have learned through Vedanta that Lord is everywhere..."

But we don't learn this through religion. Lord makes us aware of it through one channel or another, can be religion, philosophy or none of those. Lord is behind all religions and who can say which is best? Best for us, individually is our individual belief as it matures. Lord made that. As Lord is making us.

Teachings help but they are culture bound. Reality is another awakening.


23 mins in
he addresses the scientific solution to consciousness vs the vedantic
very interesting


spira giving his version

does everyone just have their own understanding?

Never heard of “Breer” before but I like what he said here. What does “pure consciousness being the foundation of all have to do with enlightenment?”

Quite simple. Consciousness does not change. What consciousness is aware of, is what change. It (consciousness) remains exactly as it always was, supremely unaffected by what appears to it. A body appears, gets old, gets sick, and dies and yet the consciousness that witnessed this never changed even slightly.

So, how does this end suffering?
What does not change cannot be harmed. What cannot be harmed has no fear, worry, or anxiety. Thus realizing consciousness is the foundation of all, and you are only that, permanently ends all possibility of suffering if you reason it through.

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