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October 20, 2023


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“Anti-science views of conservatives led to many more COVID deaths.” (Sounds like a good read but also an invitation for ever growing conspiracy theorists).

How sad, seeing as killer diseases such as polio, smallpox, measles, rubella, diphtheria and yellow fever have been eradicated in the U.S. due to vaccination programmes while several others are almost eradicated. Very similar in the U.K.

The vaccination uptake has slowed recently, mainly due to anti-vaccine misinformation notions. Apparently, such conspiracy information is often spread by the algorithms on social media which prioritize the content that users see in their feeds. So, the more we access an is-sue the more it can lead to distorted and misleading fiction.

Sadly, misinformation seems to have become the hallmark of our societies, not only amongst the populace but (and perhaps it always has been) now widespread with world leaders – as recent events in both America and the U.K. show.

Honesty and reliability are rare amongst political leaders. I don’t know the antidote, perhaps there isn’t one. Religion and other such organisations also have political (doctrines) so who’s to trust? Yes, science tries to keep its head above such waters but even science is becoming more of a political tool.

@ Ron E.

Until recently our history, as nation, people, group and individual was presented to us in terms of ... as we say here ...nothing but good things about the dead.

We spoke of how people that came from Europe and spread all over the world brought wealth to Europe but we never spoke of .. at what cost for whom

In many of our European cities statues are to be found in honor of rulers, military elite etc Streets and squares are named after them.

But now due to the internet and the globalization the establishment is no longer able to prevent that besides the "good" also "the bad" is pointed out ...me too is a movement not alone restricted to the abuse of women, but just ONE expression of a greater movement to brink in the publish what went wrong in the past.

So it should not surprise people that this led to the establishment of the conviction within the minds and hearts of certaqin people that the establishment, not only the political but also the scientific establishment, cannot and should not be trusted.

It will take some time that people will be able again to trust the establishment. That is only possible if they can show that they as elite are only there to serve mankind and not their own interests

Covid was the biggest hoax ever foisted upon the world.

The proof of that? Covid is still here, and Covid is as deadly as ever. Right?

And yet, no more lockdowns. No more mask mandates. No more social distancing. No more hysteria about getting vaccinated. No more hyperbolic rhetoric about following directions or you're killing grandma.

What a horrible, tragic hoax. A hoax that not only needlessly cost us 2 years of our lives, but irreparably damaged millions of children by setting back their education and social development.

A hoax that was exploited by the current clueless poobahs to severely damage the economy, resulting in spiraling inflation. Trillions of dollars down the drain.

I know of no one who died from covid. I don't even know a single person who knows a single person who died of Covid.

It was all a hoax. The vaccine was a hoax too. So glad I never got jabbed.

TY. Sant64

Not very far from U
Danielle Smith,premier of Alberta, apologises for Human Rights crimes against those who chose not to have a vaccine and stood against lockdowns.https://twitter.com/search?q=alberta%20we%20were%20wrong&src=typed_query

Ask your Doctor if a drug (it is not a vaccine) with 32 pages of side effects is right for you!

@ La Madrugada

please do post a link to these 32 pages.

Please have a look on Youtube:
Long list of side effects to look out for
By Dr. John Campbell

La Madrugada (nurse)

@ Madrugada

Thank you but I am not interested in the discourses of Dr. Campbell discrediting what others had to say.

I an only interested in the 32 pages document with side effects you refered to.

Yes, I agree with your assessment and think everyone should be forced to be vaccinated or lose their job, place in University, and not be allowed into any business if:

If we didn’t have a constitution.
If we didn’t have the Nuremberg convention.
If no one sick developed immunity.
If there was no corruption.
If no one tried to hide the data for 75 years.
If it was an actual vaccine and not a treatment.
If there were no lipid nanoparticles.
If there was no such thing as Vitamin D.
If there were 10 years of safety data.
If the drug company employees actually took it themselves.
If Bill Gates was not involved.
If there was free open debate.
If Hank Aaron had not died right after getting it.
If tyranny wasn’t a consideration.
If medical passports were not under consideration.
If we all agree to have health experts decide our health decisions.

But I do have one question: If the vaccine works for you, why did you need others to take it?

@ 12 months

Do you lay down same kind of conditions when you take a plane or even step out of your door, buy a loaf of bread etc etc etc?
If not its just selective abomination.

@ 12 month

everybody and everywhere and on all levels, plans have to be made for things to continue, from a house hold to the organisation of the state.

Yes, that is done by humans according their liking, understanding and capacity.

Yes that can be done with selfish intend, t has been done in the past that way and it will be done. that way in the future.

Nothing new .. and no need of any global conspiracy theoiry

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