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September 10, 2023


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"We can judge the appropriateness of the behavior without judging the individual as the originating cause of that behavior."

We never need to judge anyone.
But we are all responsible for what we do, to help one another, and what we see and know to be right.

If the behavior is wrong and opportunity is provided for rehabilitation, the individual carries responsibility to comply. And everyone else carries the duty to support that process.

The burden, as B. F. Skinner taught, is upon society to create the environment for rehabilitation. But the individual also carries responsibility.

That is an environment of forgiveness, rehabilitation, and support.

That may include helping the individual discover the great power for good that lay within them. To find that power, perhaps through submission to a higher power. Perhaps through prayer.

Because such has been the path for many who have done wrong, harmed others, and knew it. They had no strength to overcome. But through prayer they found that strength within, through the agent of their worship.

It may not be the only path. But it is wrong to dismiss yes blame it.

Part of raising consciousness is to see our own shortcomings and to take responsibility for them. Not to blame others.

And part of raising consciousness is to experience the complete forgiveness and love within from a higher power that lives hidden in you, until often through hardship, they reveal themselves. The strength to admit, the strength to confront and change.

If we are not the agents of our actions, then who is the agent of our victory over our past?

Therefore no one should belittle the path that another finds for themselves. The path that overcomes weakness, that gives us strength to apologize, and indeed to make amends to those we have harmed. Not excuses. Whatever that path is, it should be honored.

Especially when one suffers under the enslavement of addiction.

Rather, instead of judging others wrong, we should try to appreciate what works for them, so long as they are being honest about their own progress. And working hard to make it, and to make amends.

That is a matter of personal humility, not self-justification.

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